About Mr. Green
The real story behind the myth


Mr. Green is a gaming community currently consisting of few thousands members. Originally it started out as a small Grand Theft Auto multiplayer community with mainly Dutch members, run by the TopCrew (Ywa, Kraay and Summerbase). During this time most of the current members joined. Besides GTA multiplayer, a variety of other small gameservers were hosted, including a Counter-Strike 1.6 server.

One of these gameserver experiments included a server for the recently commercialized Garry's Mod, a modification of the critically acclaimed game Half-Life 2, that turned into a commercial product because of its success. It was this server that brought Ywa in contact with ClavusElite. The GMod server was running the Zombie Survival gamemode, in which humans have to survive the ongoing onslaught of zombies.


After some time Clavus developed his own gamemode named Infected Wars, which enjoyed moderate succes. It went through a small revival recently and people are still waiting for Clavus to get off his lazy ass to code another update for it. On the forum front things changed too, with the resignation of Summerbase as TopCrew and Clavus fullfilling the new vacancy. Shortly after that the Left4Green forum was created, replacing the English Forums on Mr. Green that were too hard to find for foreigners anyway.

In 2008 the servers finally had a opportunity to grow, which lead Mr. Green to spread out to other games like Counter-Strike: Source and newer games like Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead, quickly gaining popularity there too. We hope to expand even further in the future!

- the TopCrew

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