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  2. After Cenation! Danation!!! Goooo!!!!!!!
  3. <Reserved space>
  4. Created By Race Members Dan (Owner) ByeBye OLDMANLOGAN Donovan Mateus-Z
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  6. I guess u didn't read the name of the topic ie: Guess the movie. But since u posted it, Show is Miami Vice "Brother's Keeper" would be the pilot which could be consider the movie of the show since it was 2 hours long.
  7. lol, that song is playin so much on the radio here(or has)... 6/10
  9. I do not know what he is saying but if this insult, then its not his first time to do it.
  10. Please do something with this guy he is alwys insult in turkish language
  11. Added: The highway section in Los Santos International Airport.
  12. 6/10
  13. whats with the fuckin fb badabing idk/10
  14. ban request section check :angry:



      yoshi is a busy yokel so ask @Bierbuikje instead

  15. Hello. Another block case that almost always does this. Please help. Greetings
  16. Yesterday
  17. its so funny how you say we are here to have fun, while you are full of hate against me. Does that mean I should ban you again? I saw what you said in mix today when I was discord and I still didn't do anything, but I am telling you. I am watching you and if you stay with this behavior I will ban you again. I will mute sandy.
  18. you better not watch that tom cruise movie then. (i shall not mention its name).
  19. Yea was a good movie back in the early 80's lol.
  20. wake up guys its not sandy fault , this guy (steam) is rly annoying his using his binds to anoy players and insult them using , he dont know how to speak english but the only words he know is CRY KID RETArd and other bad words , u can see some of his bind in the ss , and this is one of them , and before u do sothing to sandy try to warn this guy about his bad behiver , and tell to him to stop reporting everything cuz thats rly annoying , we are here to have fun .
  21. This is not the first time he insults players in Portuguese
  22. PT-BR - macaco = racism
  23. Biggest piece of shit I"ve ever seen, and I'm not even talking about the newest version either. Oh well, I guess fantasy movies from the 80s have just become incredibly outdated.
  24. if you associate the word monkey with race, youre racist.
  25. Player Sandy doing racism... calado macaco = Shut up monkey I just hope they do something...
  26. As @Moh said, but the most important thing you should have a good internet to download them fastly
  27. Nope, you need to download 1 by 1 unfortunately.
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