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  3. dude, wtf? you actually post a good song. 7/10
  4. Little fighter 2
  5. Correct.
  6. You didn't answer my question you just stated the obvious thing, why are you acting stupid?
  7. Sure, let a higher rank staff answer you if that will make u feel comfortable xD pathetic....
  8. Apparently i do, since maina was neither blocking nor being racist, and you still punished him like he did so.. my question still stands, maybe from some higher rank staff?
  9. Just don't block and you won't get punished. Nothing else you need to know.
  10. I just came across this topic and as much as i can understand the mute (¿1 week?)...why blocker mode? Not that i care cause it's not my business, but i'm curious about your policy so i know what behaviour to avoid to no get such punishment, thanks
  11. Yesterday
  12. thats wrong it does have a intergrated one without it you would not see anything on the screen
  13. since im guessin thats correct:
  14. Yep but no videocard i guess. This laptop is for working as well (for doing projects and etc)
  15. Should run mta at 2gb if nothing else is running but might lag a little
  16. Old post lel
  17. My brother just voted now but he probaly wont play cause we have 1 pc haha. I have a laptop so hopefully it will run mta (2gb ram sux) Tomorrow he will give a map name hopefully!
  18. Though one!
  19. Note for some players: Players who are you using more than one account to vote, will be uncounted.
  20. Let you guess this
  21. 4/10
  22. Damn yeah!!!
  23. Reminds me of Wolfenstein. So if it was released in 2003 then it must be Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  24. hm. 6/10 i guess. dude on the bass killing it!
  25. Siema cotam

    1. sweetsandy


      U mnie niewiele a coś ty za jeden?

  26. That's absolutely true, as for now 5:00PM GMT is in the winning lead, but I see 9:00PM GMT is catching up which means if 9:00PM GMT wins the vote less players will join for the event.
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