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  2. Screenshot + Video Thread

    Guten Tag! Hello! Privet! Listened to some good Deep House Vocal music, while this map came for my first time. I think, it kind of fits in well. Zeeeeeek Music: RY X Berlin Remix 121
  3. Free Games/Good deals on Steam/Origin/Uplay/PS/Xbox/Etc.

    No way! Saw that game being played on a friend's X-box 360 a while back; through it looked really cool. Thanks Santiii733
  4. Yesterday
  5. Maximum PING (MIX)

    l o u d p i n g
  6. Free Games/Good deals on Steam/Origin/Uplay/PS/Xbox/Etc.

  7. MTA Christmas event!

    Not u.... He had to change it because u chosen these maps first.
  8. MTA Christmas event!

    ow lol i did not see i will edit it!
  9. MTA Christmas event!

    Read rule #5. These maps are chosen for the exact same order.
  10. Rate the song above you!

    2/10 Sorry fstyle3, it's just that this to me is like toothache.
  11. H҉A҉X

  12. MTA Christmas event!

    CTF as we all want it! though I will choose Map for day 1: Marathon Map for day 2: Marathon 2 Map for day 3: Marathon 3 day four?: Ultra Marathon
  13. MTA Christmas event!

    Map for day 1: [CTF] Invasion Map for day 2: [CTF] Baby Park Map for day 3: [CTF] SF
  14. Sky's Moderator Application

    lolwut #hatersgonnahate
  15. Screenshot + Video Thread

    You are when u gave me a rhino haha
  16. Screenshot + Video Thread

    I'm not even in the pics :/
  17. Last week
  18. Screenshot + Video Thread

    Fun time! @DubStep @Noam @Stig @MADKILLER @Selim
  19. Rate the song above you!

  20. Maximum PING (MIX)

    Let's get that, MrGreen is a server dedicated to European players, and the rest that explodes... I wonder if it was on the contrary, whether the server was hosted in Indonesia or here in Latin America, I am absolutely sure that all Europeans would ask to increase the ping limit saying that it would not affect the game. But the way is to be content to play the night since we have no other choice.
  21. MTA Christmas event!

    Name: KneeLz Map for day 1: DD Survive it v2 Map for day 2: DD Survive it v2 Map for day 3: DD Survive it v2
  22. Hahah sure, I'm away from MM job lol
  23. this fag boyka deleting my answers because he know im right lmao, nobody likes you.

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      lol poor boycunt, don't be too rude he's just a kid

    3. AleksCore


      I am not mad at people with autistic diseases and I recommend you to don't be mad too

    4. SkyBlue


      this fagget makes me want to punch his pussy ass bitch face, he likes to talk normaly and when suddenly you instult him joking or something he cryes and start making public his problems, like if someone gives a fuck, actually this status update makes more sense than his fucking life.

  24. Maximum PING (MIX)

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