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  4. Chikennugget1

    ZS Redeemed Edition 20/11/20 Demo Feedback

    Hey, thanks !! For your first point, I also remember this system being used on Stoned Potatoes ZS, but I don't think it's really needed. Before adding the assist system, zombies were always winning so I'd rather not add more advantages for them until it's becoming a necessity.I don't exclude the idea of adding dynamic spawning, but for now this isn't on the table. For the filters, you can disable them totally or partially with the F4 menu, though I reckon that there should be tooltips or icons telling where the option menu is, I will work on this in the future. I'm
  5. JohnHammond

    ZS Redeemed Edition 20/11/20 Demo Feedback

    Firstly, very nice to see this gamemode come back, it was and probably still is my favourite game and the sole reason i bought garrysmod to begin with. I pirated the game on PacSteam before buying it, and if I'm not mistaking, Mr Green had the only no-steam server so it was probably the first server I ever played. Anywho, heres my feedback after trying the demo on sunday: - Zombies should be able to spawn anywhere as long as out of sight of humans, if anyone remember killas zombie survival in the past, they had it and it made being zombie easier when less people were playing. It also
  6. jillesstijn64

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    Don't know if I have time to play a lot, but the map looks really interesting, IGN: jillesstijn64 -Added
  7. Cena


    @GonzalezoI removed your forum ban. I will remove your ban ingname later today. I need your serial.
  8. this was awesome, cant wait for the servers to go live
  9. 1:25 Look at me and @Lejorahin the back with 12hp lmao
  10. A little clip of this weekend's demo We had a peak of 28 players yesterday, that was awesome !!! 2140768039_zsdemopublic.mp4
  11. I concur, Deluvas' version (L4G) was my favourite, but pre-Deluvas' version (Classic) is still leagues ahead of modern ZS, my personal favourite perks/classes to play were Medic and Berserker back then, listening to Shadows screaming in the microphone was psychotic, chaotic yet funny. I just hope I can experience both versions, still looking forward to the L4G version being revived, but definitely Classic being revived has made me smile during these weekends, even if they were just demos. Can't wait to see the full thing once both are properly worked on! Definitely excited for both. I do reall
  12. Whilst this was also my favourite iteration to play (I never played zs pre Deluvas days), I would definitely have to interject maybe the balance wasn't perfect! The classes were fairly balanced for sure and they had great synergy, can certainly remember sticking together with power classes like Damien's commando or the berserkers who'd always need topping off. But certain upgrades in the green coin shop combined with some classes could potentially make you very hard to kill, compared to a new player anyway. Medic's healing rate in particular was very strange, you'd heal 1 health per 1 ki
  13. Any help is welcome, but keep in mind that I will design the direction the game will take (which means if I say no Howler, there will be no Howler ) Don't want to sound like a dictator or such, but nobody cared or tried to revive ZS 2009 for a decade. It took me some time to restore the game, and what has been playable so far was just the base. I have projects for it in the future
  14. I would like to contribute to the existing code by refreshing the feel of the game. Perhaps attempt on improving some mechanics while maintaining the arcade style gameplay.
  15. It's a matter of tastes. Some people would prefer the old-school vanilla gameplay while others may prefer the one with classes. Deluvas did indeed a good job with that one, but I've always wanted to play the version pre-Deluvas again, so I made it and I perfectly understand that it may not appeal to everyone. It's a niche game after all.
  16. Lejorah

    Damien's admin application

    I don't think declining this would be a good idea, since you would only help us with your experience and knowledge. Henceforth, welcome back Damien.
  17. Damien

    Community ownership

    I know we have talked only briefly before, but I really appreciate the work that you have done to sustain mr.green and the fact that you actually went ahead and done what you had actually told me in our conversation, which is to get the gmod servers back up with coders that know how ZS is supposed to be like. In a similar vein I had to let go of the gmod servers as a manager, but sometimes you know that the best thing to do is to let someone else take over and move your baby even more forwards. Hope to see you around in the community @Cena And good luck @AfuSensi in running this amazing c
  18. Damien

    Damien's admin application

    Game: Garrysmod Server: Zombie Survival (Deluvas Version/Waves/Whatever you want to call it) Age: 29 Country of origin: The Netherlands Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Damien1991/ Discord name **: damien1991#2603 In-game name: Damien Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I can write an extensive post about all the things related to zombie survival and the many years I have spent om the MR.GREEN zs server from 2009 onwards. From getting all the achievements in ZS to buying everything in the
  19. Playing this version of ZS made me realize how empty it was compared to the classes version that deluvas had created. I still hold my opinion i have had for a long time. The version deluvas made was and still is the best iteration of zombie survival that was created to me. It has a very good balance overall and gives people with different playstyles a concrete choice. I cannot see myself playing the very old version, but I would once in a while drop into the version with the human classes and cading. This is not to discredit the work that has been gone into it though, it is amazing that
  20. Don't worry it will be back soon! Keep a look at the forum once in a while and our Discord for updates!
  21. 10 years I've waited, and I miss it by a day. God damn.
  22. [Updated 25th Nov*] Epic Games.. Elite Dangerous is free (normally £19.99). Offer ends 26th November. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/elite-dangerous/home The World Next Door is also free (normally £7.99). Ends 26th November. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/the-world-next-door/home Humble Bundle.. Humble Fall VR Bundle. Ends 27th November. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/fall-vr. Humble Software Bundle: AI-Powered Photo Editor with Luminar 4. Ends 2nd December. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/aipowered-
  23. Hope it'll be implemented, I think cading is all in all a positive thing for ZS (even if the cading system isn't super complex) and honestly I agree, the Killing Floor perk system in ZS actually felt very natural as implemented in Mr. Green's ZS, as in for the mini turret on the shoulder, I don't remember such thing, I only really played Mr. Green's from 2010 to 2011-ish for the most part.
  24. I might be wrong about the cading! More info will come soon people! The lvl perks was the thing that got me hyped actually, I remember the mini turret you had on your shoulder i worked so hard for that as a little kid
  25. I thought bosses wouldn't be a thing in the secondary server considering how bosses were one of the factors that took away the fun in ZS as a whole (not just in this server), but I guess they could be bearable with a few adjustments. (If they're in the end added at all) However with the main server demo I must say I am fairly pleased with the results thus far, sure, it still needs work here and there. But for the most part, I am liking how it has turned out and I hope others feel in a similar manner too. One thing I really miss is having human classes/perks as it was the case back in 2010-ish.
  26. Haha just hopped on this morning and nobody is around, crazy to see some familiar faces in this thread. I got the notification from the Steam group and will definitely have to join you all tonight when things heat up. I thought I was a vet at first, but I didn't join the scene until there were classes, weapon crates and cading, loved kiting around as a medic with the guaranteed magnum spawn I'd bought as my first upgrade in the shop. Glad to see there'll be 2 servers to accommodate for those who were more used to the cading playstyle, I just hope it wont split the player base too much and a he
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