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  2. I can taste the salt !
  3. You just hate me because i always 1-shot you in shooter and thats the only reason. I don't even talk on mix most of the time, just accept the fact that you'll never beat me at any mode possible and it'll be easier for you
  4. OK admins I would accept my fault and u can give me mute for that situation But look on the above topic. He is spoiling the gaming experience of almost all average players . He ain't mature enough. So admins please before the decision please remind all past activities of this stupid. Regards
  5. ^as you can see he keeps calling me idiot and tells me to shut the FUCK up, meanwhile i call him habibi.. see im the victim here
  6. Server:MixMap name: [SH]Maina--Waste LifeReason: Auto-repair is too damn fast, people with lag just cant be killed no matter how many times u shoot him, except if u get a direct hit.... on his screen.
  7. These are the proof of yesterday chat
  8. Today
  9. Gtfo idiot u are not a professional player Pro players don't behave like u. By the way if u have so many problem with mix player why do you play in mix hah ?? Go play Mario idiot.
  10. Last time I banned him for 3 months then he behaved so Grander BEHAVE! or I am sure another lengthy ban and respect admins decison @Gonzalezo to keep you muted on discord
  11. OK check it I said only one hater dislike my map because u are the only idiot who doesn't know how to open map editor and always do dislike okk
  12. This is the perfect topic for all the frustrated mix noobs who can't stand the fact that the top racer came to their territory and wrecks all of them to the ground. You got your five minutes here my dear noobkies. Let it out!
  13. Don't unmute he. He insult always all on discord and never is learn. 10 times he is muted but admins always unmute why admins do this?
  14. Should be banned, always cause problems, and still have players, who defend these people, regrettable... Besides being racist... você é macaco = You are monkey
  15. I suggest an admin checks discord logs from yesterday too, he insulted me when i said i disliked his map. It also hurt my feelings but i'm too scared and delicate to make a drama out of it.
  16. Unmute me on discord
  17. Four times i was create subjects about him blocks and admins only marked him (he will be banned) The behavior of admins is very funny. When i blocked someone they banned me for week. LOL change admins!
  18. Ban him! He always block and insults!!!
  19. I would punish him, but he keeps saying I'm a "drama" admin. I will let other admin decide about it and let see what he will say then ^^
  20. He deserves only ban
  21. he has already been punished, i have already seen him insulting several other players
  22. hello guys. Today i was playing on the server and that idiot sweetsandy was insult me i think sweetsandy is totally useless for mix server because he breaks all the rules of community and insult every player in mix server i dont know what is the problem of this guy this is not first time he insulted me. In my opinion he should be ban. Do something hard for this guy. thanks
  23. i hope to help
  24. Helpful! I hope they learn from you and create easily Also would be better if pinned for the who haves to create a account
  25. i see some new players asking how to create an account, it gets kinda boring to teach almost all the time. now just show this topic..
  26. Someone did a topic like this months ago, but can't find it. Anyway, thanks for your effort ^^
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