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    Screenshot + Video Thread

    And the drinking horse saga continues.
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    Donation tutorial

    A lot of people kept asking me how to donate so here it is for all of you: First of all you, Create/Login Paypal account: And now you need to fill your card info in your Paypal account, go to Profile > Add/Edit Credit Card > Add Card: After you fill in the blanks go to http://mrgreengaming.com/greencoins.phpand press on Buy GreenCoins and support Mr. Green (Make sure your logged in) Now choose the Payment method you like and how much you would like to donate and server you most play on, After your done press Continue: Last step now and all you need to do after pressing Continue, press on the Paypal logo and it will take you to another Site/Page. You will need to login to your Paypal account. Then press Donate (The Cost of money you chosen) EUR Now. Note: If you still need any help ask and i will help you for sure
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    It looks like fun! I'll try it out.
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    A mix server map for once, need to keep my reputation of dislikes high! RTF-Flipandfinish.rar
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    The return of the SkillShop

    I think that the crate shop buying system only really works well with wave-based zombie survival...
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    A New Dawn Of Green 2.0

    For some reason I lost my grave digger suit + have my stalker suit (somehow) but can't de select or even see I have it in the menu I also lost my rambo suit too :C
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    Borz admin application

    thanks Sp3c94 ^^
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