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    Insults/ provokes

    the reported player will be muted for 0.0008333333 centuries from all MrGreenGaming platforms, if he tried to avoid the mute by any way within any MrGreenGaming platform he will be banned for the rest of the penalty, if he continued provoking after his punishment he will be banned for 3 to 6 months or permanently. one month, solved.
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    Insults/ provokes

    Your ingame name: Filipy, Kneelz, VenomouS The player's name who you are reporting: Panzer Which server you are requesting this: Mta/Mix The reason why this player should get banned: Hey guys. This is player named Filipy. I wanted to discuss little bit about Panzer. Its not fair that Panzer still is not banned. He provokes, insults all the time. I got muted today just because i insulted. Yes i agree to be punished but he showed Mekuar only proof of me insulting but he didnt show the full chat, Yes I know insulting is bad but I wouldn't do it for no reason. I have 2 people already who have a lot of screenshots of him provoking and insulting in turkish language, etc. Panzer never learns. He deserves a bigger punishment because now it is just not fair.
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    GPU problem? pls help me

    Had similar problem few months ago, while playing game, first i got black lines over screen and after that green screen only. Tried replacing HDMI same result, even tried other monitor but it was the same green screen, tried connecting monitor to motherboard it worked fine, so i bought new GPU and everything is fine now
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    unbann request

    Your ingame name : THEMoroccanJOB Date of your ban : month ago What game/server are you banned from : MIx server Who banned you (only if you know who) : Jap and Berg Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): wrong plane control made explode in front of Berg.. i said sorry it wasnt expected but got banned .. Reason why we should unban you : everyone knows i have no issues with any other players .. cause they never provok me..only my rule is provok who provok me... and they never stop doing it ...now this time i will never talk to them in game ... if they provok me i will reply to them ofc.. cause provoking is not allowed even if you are admin. If banned on MTA, post your IP :
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    NiceMikes' administrator appliciation

    You are useless mod Big no!
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    GPU problem? pls help me

    Thats your Graphic Card reese.
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    GPU problem? pls help me

    I’m not an expert in this. But to me it seems like a problem with the monitor. Have you tried using a different one to see if it happens there aswell?
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