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    Rate the song above you!

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    TFT Tournament #2

    I'm in.
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    TFT Tournament #2

    Since some of you guys wanted TFT event again between us. So here it goes. I didn't decide what rewards are yet, but I am thinking of giving RP for the 1st rank this time, but its not sure at all. For now lets see who is interested to join. We will play in EUW. So make sure you have an account there and its all good to go. We will play on Saturday 11th of July. Enough time for all of us to see this topic and make up our mind. It will at 19:00. Click here to convert to local time. I have highlighted the important information. Please make sure to read it.
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    Player blocking and ramming on race

    update proxy_sa 2020-07-04 14-58-44-167.mp4 proxy_sa 2020-07-04 15-08-00-295.mp4
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