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  1. Cena

    May Financial report

    I usually do 3 months in a time for financial reports, but May was a different month. It deserves to have its own topic! During May 2021 we generated the most monthly income for the past 3 years. Which is €163.91 The increase we have this month is mainly because of Gmod ZS players. @Chikennugget1 launched a demo for our server which lasted a week or so and the financial support we got from ZS players was amazing. Which means imo that Nugget did a great job. I hope our ZS server becomes successful as it was in the old days under his development. Thank you all for everyone who s
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  2. The main idea is from B!BeR_Do$ The SKC 1988 FORMULA LEAGUE is a Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Formula League which contains 16 original 1988 Formula 1 race tracks. You will race with a custom handling Formula 1 car with the original liveries of 15 teams. The best teams and racers will be rewarded with prizes. The prize pool currently contains 150 €. (YES, 150 EUROS) June 6 - August 22 Sign up phase - need to join SKC Discord to sign up August 6-8 Public test day. Multiple training sessions and a full race event on a non-league map. August 27-29
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  3. Firstly, I will ignore the fact that you did not follow the template or instructions to be found here: (especially because the post was moved here) Secondly, your appeal is denied. The reason being that when you first applied to be whitelisted for the server you agreed to follow the rules. One of which were to never grief anyone. Enforcing this rule strictly is required to be able to maintain the kind of trust between players that we have on the server. If we let you back in, your previous history on the server will make other players scared that you might grief their items too. In addi
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