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  1. Gameserver: MTA MIX/Race Age:21 Country of origin: TURKEY Link to Steam Community profile *: N/A Discord name **: N/A Ingame name: qReW Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello, My name is İlyas, and my goal as Map Assistant or moderator, firstly my goal is to become a moderator. Especially when there are minor problems at night, when the manager is not in the game. Example; Sometimes, player "PİNG" and "FPS" does not change, Normal as well "Timeout" is issued and discarded from the server. But sometimes it doesn't. And that player, he always finishes 1st When it's nighttime, most of the executives aren't in the game and this is really a big problem. I noticed one more thing, Turk administrator not have for "MİX", There's only one in the race, that person Mr Semert. I spend at least 5 6 hours each day in the game, and since 2010 almost i've played like 10-15 different server I know all the modes very well , especially DM/OLDSCHOOLDM/RTF and RACE/NTS We all know that Turkish players don't understand words, and some aggressive players insult, spam, block, and they do things like that. I believe everyone knows, there are a large number of Turkish players, and they keep coming. Beginner players, compared to older players, are more difficult to control. Maybe Turkish administrator, he can control aggressive players. I will treat all players fair, and I will bring the peace that Mr. Green seeks, (I trust myself :D). There are hard ones in the maps my prepared. There are simple ones. Some of the maps I've made, too much appreciation took. Some of them were literally awful. But in the last three to four months, I am making very good and fun maps. For Mr. Green, I know the level of map that might be appropriate. I'm going to do this job successfully, don't doubt it. -qReW
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  2. Ywa

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Hi guys! After over 12 years it's time for me to step down from the Mr. Green community I've founded. The past couple of years I was unable to give the community what it needed. Mostly because MTA doesn't really have my interest anymore. I've enjoyed running the servers. I made friends in this community. It was a great run. @Cena will be taking over my spot and will run the community starting the new year. I've come to known him as someone that really cares about the community and MTA servers. While not everyone may applaud this, I do have faith in him.
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  3. Game Server=Mix Country=Turkey Age=26 Game Name=Skyline Discord Name=Skyline Hi all My name is Burhan. I have played this server for six years. I am from Turkey and I live in İstanbul. I am Machine Operator. I always online in this server. Especially in the evenings. All know some guys just insulting in the game and I see this problem. If I will be mod I will stop them. Because they miss people enjoyment and in the evening usually admins be offline. So I want to be mod for this. Regards. Skyline
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  4. Cena

    Ownership Jan-Jun 2019

    I would like to thank everyone who helped me for the first 6 months of my ownership of Mr. Green. Thanks to everyone who helped developing the servers and the website/forum. Also thanks to everyone who helped by donating and supported me. I didn't expect to get much support from donations. Specifically with low amount of players. You guys are awesome. On average we had around 30 euros or more each month extra after paying the 55 euros for server fees. Which is great in the long term. I did make savings out of it and spent it in server development. I promise to do my best and improve Mr. Green as much as I can. I am always thinking of ideas to make everyone of you enjoy. Also don't forget to thank our developers. They did all the hard work which is coding. I was only managing. Without them nothing would have been improved. Thanks once more for everyone's support and enjoy with Mr. Green. Thank you for supporting this community. Great first 6 months! Lets make the next 6 months even better!!!
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  5. Gameserver: MTA racing server Age: 22 Country of origin: Germany Link to Steam Community profile *: Undisclosed Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Not gonna type all my information down here. Instead I made this little video with my cell phone. It´s time for a change!
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  6. Cena

    Ownership Jan-Dec 2019

    Introduction Hello everyone. I would like to give you an overview with the community and whats going on with it and of course let me listen to your opinions. Just like what I did last June (Click here) when I had this community's ownership for 6 months. It is almost 1 year now (1st of Jan 2019 till 31 Dec 2019). A lot of things and changes have happened and still we will do much more in the future! Events I believe its safe to say 2019 was one of the most active years Mr. Green ever had. Lots of giveaways and events hosted by me or by our community members. I promise there will be much more in the future. Stick around and we will have lots of more fun together! Financial situation Firstly I would like to thank each and everyone one of you. You all have supported this community by just joining our servers. You joining our servers and playing few hours a day is enough motivation for me to keep this community alive as much as I can. We had a great one year regarding financial situation. Mr. Green paypal balance is still positive as of today and it will remain positive till March 2020 (Thats in case 0 donations from today till March 2020). So huge thanks to everyone supporting this community financially! Development Also we should thank @AfuSensi for his countless time trying to improve the gaming experience ingame and his countless hours spent on creating our website. Also we shouldn't forget @Mihoje for his countless time trying to improve the gaming experience ingame as well! Huge thanks to them. However, both of them will be inactive and we don't know for how long, so development regarding servers will be much slower and not as fast as before when we had them active. We have also created a racing team in MTA for our community! Team manager is @Haxardous so huge thanks to him for raising our community name in the racing community! The future of Mr. Green We are still working into improving our servers and expanding our community in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Which if it work out. The community would gain a lot more players. I also do have some plans as well, but no promises/confirmation yet. I will announce them when I am sure about them. I do not see this community dying at all. I just won't let that happen. I will also start investing more into the community very soon. I have this community as a hobby and I wouldn't want to see it die. Mr. Green have been part of me when I was a kid playing here daily. __________________________________________________________________________ This is it! If you have any word or opinion you would like to say. Please say it below, but keep it clean and neat! Have a good day everyone!
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  7. Ywa

    Game Servers

    Mr. Green Game Servers MTASA Race Multi Theft Auto is a free multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Our race server has been around for a long time featuring many different maps. Download Game: MTASA.com IP address: race.mrgreengaming.com Managers: @Cena Developers: @SDK @Bierbuikje Admins: @jack123 @MoshPit @Bob_Taylor @Stig @Santiii733 @Maher MTASA Race Mix The Race Mix server is different to the regular Race server in that it has multiple gamemodes apart from regular racing. Gamemodes like Destruction Derby, Capture The Flag and Shooter. It's definitely worth a play. Download Game: MTASA.com IP address: racemix.mrgreengaming.com Managers: @Cena Developers: @SDK @Bierbuikje Admins: @jack123 @MoshPit @Bob_Taylor @Stig @Santiii733 @SkyNET @Maher GMod Zombie Survival Download Game: Garry's Mod IP address: zs.mrgreengaming.com Managers: None Developers: None Admins: None GMod Slave of GMod Dive into 20+ levels of disgusting abomination that Garry's Mod was turned into. YouTubers, greedy people, psychopaths, stupid server owners and other horrifying ♥♥♥♥. Features 8 playable characters. Download Game: Garry's Mod IP address: sog.mrgreengaming.com Manager: @NECROSSIN Admins: None GMod Darkest Days A mix of HL2DM, Bioshock and some other games. In short: melee, magic, guns and gore. Originally was made few years ago and since then this gamemode have been changing through all these years. Download Game: Garry's Mod IP address: dd.mrgreengaming.com Manager: @NECROSSIN Admins: None Killing Floor 2 A generic server used for KF2 match-making. Download Game: Killing Floor 2 IP address: kf.mrgreengaming.com Managers: @Duby @Ywa Admins: None
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  8. Pokemoon

    Mod application

    Gameserver: Mix Age:21 Country of origin: Latvia Link to Steam Community profile *: PanditoMan Discord name **: PanditoMan#2894 Ingame name: MR|PanditoMan123 Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hi guys, my name is Agris. I have been playing MTA MRGREENGAMING server in particular for roughly 3 years. i play in server everyday. I want a be mod because I'll do justice . i just want to have fun and be do justice . I know that sometimes i insult some player but i try keep down myself . I will try stop guys who try make insult other . i can help server to grow up in next years and become a good Mod. i spend lot of time in server For all years what i spend in server i make myself good friends and i enjoy play whit them. Wish you good days and be happy on Game. Happy new Year
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  9. Introduction Hello everyone. So as most of you know. I have been owner of this community for a year and 6 months already and I like to make such topic every 6 months to keep everyone updated generally. A lot of have changed within the community. We will still keep changing and hopefully to the better. This community is still on and running thanks to all of you. You are the reason why Mr. Green still exists. Events We have had many giveaways and events during the time of my ownership and thanks to many of our players who have organized an event by themselves. I hope I see them doing it more frequently in the future to keep the players excited and engaged. I will hopefully assist you guys with hosting events more. If you guys have any suggestions about hosting events just feel free to say it in a topic below. Financial situation Regardless of our small player base, but we are having a great financial support by our members. I am very thankful for that. I will post Mr. Green Financial Report 2020 in the next couple of days. I even have managed to save a good amount of our donations into developing our community as much as possible. Read the "Development" section below, I have some good news. Development I should mention the people who are spending their free time into developing our website and servers. Great thanks to: @AfuSensi @LuCkEr- @Haxardous @Mihoje These 4 people did spend so much time for Mr. Green during my ownership. Some are more active than others, but they all contributed. Without them I wouldn't be able to run Mr. Green by myself. There are 3 other developers who are busy doing some nice stuff for our community, but we are still in the early stage. I will announce when we make a significant progress, so stay tuned guys. The future of Mr. Green We are still working into improving our servers and expanding our community. If all goes according to plan, then we should have a noticeable player base increase. __________________________________________________________________________ This is it! If you have any word or opinion you would like to say. Please say it below, but keep it clean and neat! Have a good day everyone!
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  10. Hello guys, So there it is, another part of MTA Racing Tutorials. This tutorial covers such topics as avoiding slowroads, taking the best lines possible, cuts and much more I hope you find a good use for these tips. Enjoy
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  11. Hi fellow Greenies ! You may know it, but Lejorah and Lucker are working on a new version of ZS which is a continuity of the 2012 Mr Green ZS. On my side, I've been working on another project too ! Thanks to Deluvas (RIP mate), I had access to the 2010 version of ZS. From there, I have been working on a complete re-coding of a 2008-2009-styled Zombie Survival : Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition by Mr.Green This is a work-in-progress project, so it isn't finished as of today (18/09/20), but you can find below some information and a first small gameplay footage (don't mind the AI players, they're dumb ). https://streamable.com/m2cno6 What makes ZS:RE different from the current Zombie Survival forks ? For a long time, ZS has turned from a timer-based game to a wave-based one. Also, cading has taken a proeminent role. Players basically had to make the best barricade possible and survive 6 waves of enemies. They had to buy guns through a shop or crates. Zombie classes were unlocked at each wave. I'm not saying that this is a bad mod or anything, but I have always dreamed of replaying the ZS we had around 2008-2009. The one that felt easier, had a faster pace and felt like an arcade game. A game of Redeemed Edition runs like the ones you could play around 2008-2009 : You spawn as a human, you have to survive for 20 mins and you get new guns by killing zombies. Someone is chosen to be a zombie and from there starts the game Barricading still exists, but it's a minor aspect. You're encouraged to run and gun when possible Zombie classes are unlocked through infliction. That means that if a % of players has been killed at some time, new classes are available for use. How many zombie classes are there ? There are 8 classes that you can play : Zombie, Headcrab, Fast Headcrab, Wraith, Fast Zombie, Poison Headcrab, Poison Zombie, Chem Zombie. I don't plan to add new classes in the near future, but maybe variations of existing classes. How do I get new weapons ? As a human, you get new weapons by killing zombies. Just like the good old time You start with a pistol (USP-45 / P-228) and a melee weapon (knife/crowbar). Each X kills you are a granted a new weapon, which is more powerful than the previous one you had. You keep all the weapons you have, and you can also pick up the ones left by your dead teammates. How does redeeming works ? As a zombie, after killing 8 humans (or 6 with the Fast Redeem upgrade) you can either redeem automatically or by pressing F2. You can choose if you want to enable the auto-redeem in the options. Will there be things to unlock ? For now, this isn't implemented but I'm planning to add in-game achievements to unlock (original ones that were here 10 years ago + new ones). I'd also like to add titles tied to these achievements and maybe nameplates or player icons that you can get in a similar fashion. Ultimately, I'd also like to add unlockable skins for zombies but this is just an idea at the moment, nothing has been decided yet. Will there be a Green Shop ? Yes. You will be able to buy hats, upgrades, and - given that I have implemented them - namesplates/player icons. Can I propkill humans ? Yes, you can throw tires / plastic cans / whatever at humans and get some easy brains When will ZS : RE be available ? I can't give you a release date yet, because there are still some stuff to do. For now the game is playable-ish but is missing some key features, a backend, and needs some fixes regarding animations. I'm hoping to release an alpha/demo at the end of october, but this isn't a guaranteed date. I can't work at full-time on this due to IRL work. I will post updates in this thread when I have some news to give, so stay tuned !
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  12. Gameserver: Mrgreen Race Server Age:24 Country of origin:Poland Discord name **:Mateoryt#4769 Ingame name:Mateoryt Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello everybody My adventure with this server started in 2007/2008 when was young kid but then played on more other servers not only here. In 2012 decide stay constatly on mrgreen because i meet fantastic community with fantastic people which some play to this day. actually im member of clan NET where compete with clans on race gamemode and i think we are top1 in the ranking. On server lead for fun clan Polish Paradise where collecting players from Poland that create polish community of this server( even on mix server).recently i started add new maps on server thats wasnt boring on mrgreen.In 2019 i was member of mrgreen racing team when with other admins, moderators and players with mrgreen community played clan wars. I think you should me choose as admin because im player which is active every day on server. Im friendly person and i think i have good contact with 99% constant players and admins . always try create something on server watch my project "Polish Paradise". I want that server still developing sometimes make streams on twitch and invite players from other servers. Promise I will guard server against toxic players which destroy fun of game. Im mature player and i think i fit ideal on admin Thank you for reading and i will wait for your decision
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  13. Welcome back everyone MrGreen will be celebrating its 11th anniversary on saturday 16th of september 2017 ♦ This party will be similar to the events we used to do in Race and Mix, only with a few little changes. To see when the event will start, click here. ♦ 1) You can choose any map/mode (RACE, NTS, NTS/DD, RTF, CTF or SH) you want. 2) Only two (2) maps per player are allowed during the whole event. 3) You can invite as many friends you can >> more people = more fun. 4) Tell all your friends to vote for a map on this topic as well. ♦ THERE WILL BE DOUBLE GCs REWARDED, EVERYTHING YOU WIN WILL BE DOUBLED x2 ALL PERKS WILL BE 50% OFF AS WELL. ♦
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  14. Hello everyone, As you may know, i will be taking over @Cena's role and will be leading the community. Under Cena's leadership we have been planning and working on some great things to improve and grow this community, all of which will continue as planned. I'm looking forward for us to work togheter on making Mr. Green Gaming the community it deserves to be. I want to thank @Cena for his work in keeping Mr. Green Gaming alive, and wish him good luck and fortitude in his future endeavors. Hopefully you'll stick around! As some members may not know our current plans, here's a list: Current projects Some things to look out for in the near future: - Zombie Survival: Read the announcement topic and keep an eye out for news in the ZS forums section and in our discord server. - MTA:SA Multi Gamemode server Will be feature rich, and hopefully a true competitor to our peers. Some things planned are tournament/clan wars support, deeper player progression, smoother gameplay experience and of course, rooms/arenas. This has been in the planning for quite some time, but i first needed to handle more pressing matters before we could start. More on this will be announced soon. - Website / Infrastructure changes New website. It will have dashboards and better integration with our gameservers and other services. New backend API. Separated from the website, so we won't have problems with restarts and greencoins transactions/logins. - Better TruckersMP integration As I am not a TruckersMP player, I am going to need some guidence on this. - GC/VIP Payment options In the near future we will be using a payment gateway. What this means is that members will have more payment options, such as paysafecard, SEPA and many other international and local providers There are some exciting unannounced projects in the works of which you will hear more of when the time comes. We are also looking to expand in to other games. Feel free to suggest. Forums changes As discord took over most of the community's communication, I still see value in our forums. As such, i have a few ideas to improve our forums. - Ideas/suggestions per gameservers This will be a lot better than getting your suggestions and ideas from discord, which would often get overlooked because of other messages. Server managers/staff will be able to move suggestions and ideas to an accepted/declined section - News and announcements per gameservers Subforums in game forums would make it more organized to look up news and announcements. It will also post to discord directly, which will promote the use of the forums. - Ban requests/protests per gameservers. - Layout changes Since the update our layout has been borked. This should be fixed. We should also provide dark mode. - Team forums Teams should have a subforum where they can discuss amongst theirselves. We can use the forum's club feature for this. Events Events are a fun way for us to engage with each other. Thats why i'm welcoming any community members with great ideas willing to run them. Last but not least, I'd like to thank our devs for building our community, our staff for putting in the effort keeping our community enjoyable, the donators that help fund our community and our players that keep the community alive.
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  15. Game : Multi Theft Auto MTA Server: Mrgreen Race server Age: 25 Country of origin: Poland Discord name **: Mateoryt#4769 In-game name: Mateoryt Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello everybody My name is Mateusz i have 25 years old and live in Poland near big city called Wroclaw. I started played on Mrgreen when was young and had 11 years old in 2007/2008 but then it wasnt my constant server and played in this time too on zombie mode or mini misions. When back to MTA in 2012 after 1 year break I checked how change this server with this time and there meet jack123 who gave me reason that stay on this server,then meet more people with old polish community and good remember this time. On mrgreen had breaks from this server but always back because people which played here are very nice and they arent toxic as on other servers. In 2016 back on this server and assume my first 4fun clan Polish dziki then it was for me something new because I musted find people which would create this clan and not failed on my people but this clan survived to end of 2017 then i had next break.On this server back in 2019 , it was my last break and again created next 4fun clan called Polish Paradise which take to this day and is big polish community on Mrgreen. In may 2020 applicated on admin and from founders I got moderator rights How evaluate my work as moderator: I trying be fair in relation with players and always firstly warned them if they was toxic or blocked other people or maked something which is not allowed. As moderator know rules mrgreen server always can talk with players which had problem with other players or they are new and dont understand everythink which option are available here. with other moderators admins and developers always want have good contact and work together that server was free from toxic people and playing on server was nice ,relaxing and fun. I uploaded more intersting new maps on server mainly old from other servers which somebody forgot uploads here and 99% maps was accepted from map managers I think have aspirations that be admin because I am every day on server ( excluding tournamets which i played ) have good contact with constant players and ofc moderators admins developers. I am nice person which like solve conflicts, didnt make new. I will happy if you choose me as admin because will first polish admin on race server. Now on mrgreen play more players from poland and thats why this server need Polish admin which can react on break rules. i think that ended write my app and see ya in game
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  16. Game : Mta San Andreas Server : Race & Mix Age : 18 Country : Poland Gamename : DzinyMaster Description : Hello I have always wanted to be a moderator and would like to use the command like when you see that the player Escape Run Block camping and spamming I may be able to K Mute Ban VoteKick Kick Blocker I swear I'll be a good moderator when I see something I'll try to be a polite moderator
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  17. just watch.. i dont think this is allowed?
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  18. KoM - Kings Of Mix - Terms/Rules and Recruitment When you're either a member or a recruit of KoM clan on MrGreenGaming - MIX server, you agree with the rules & terms. Basic rules; do not insult, spam, teamkill... You're aware of wearing only KoM tag and do not clan jump. Clan jumpers will be kicked from main team. Don't block other players, we don't want to be seen as a bad clan. Members must be active, that doesn't mean you have to be playing everyday ingame; if you haven't been active for 5 months without any specified reason you will be automatically kicked from the clan. Main language of the clan is English, whoever wants to talk with anyone else in particular in another language, use private chat (F3). Any questions about the clan and other problems, should be discussed on main KoM thread to let members/leaders understand what's happening. If you want to leave the clan, you must talk about it with any leader or manager. (Kreator, Accident, neox, Rami.) If you're not using the tag, we'll assume you're already out from the clan. Any infringement of the rules will be used against you and those could affect your reputation and end up being kicked. Member recruitment If you're interested into joining our clan, please, complete the application form shown below. In-game nickname: Age: Country of origin: How long have you been playing on MrGreen: Past MIX clans (if you've ever been in one): Tell us why do you want to join our clan: Applications will be revised by leaders/managers and they will pick up new members. Regards, The KoM team.
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  19. KneeLzy

    ClanWar 2 Scoreboard

    Results: Scoreboard: Name | Points | Clan | Amount of games 1. Dubby | 153 | Kings Of Mix | 8 2. Cena | 140 | Cenation | 7 3. KneeLzy | 140 | Revolution | 8 4. Witcher | 139 | Revolution | 8 5. Laca | 116 | Kings Of Mix | 8 6. Selim | 115 | Revolution | 8 7. 330i | 113 | Assist Of Skills | 7 8. Mekuar | 106 | Revolution | 8 9. Mercury | 100 | Kings Of Mix | 7 10. AssNtitties | 98 | Assist Of Skills | 6 11. Roukas | 96 | Cenation | 6 12. Leriat | 94 | Genesis | 7 13. Zullolo | 93 | FaP | 6 14. Stig | 92 | Team Yoshi | 6 15. Anthony | 88 | FaP | 6 16. YeBuddy | 88 | Assist Of Skills | 7 17. Mateus | 84 | FaP | 7 18. Pekipeki4 | 81 | Rising Phoenix | 5 19. Noam | 80 | Genesis | 7 20. Civan | 76 | Rising Phoenix | 4 21. RNQ | 74 | Assist Of Skills | 4 22. [EFO]Ray29rus | 64 | Assist Of Skills | 5 23. Yoshi | 60 | Team Yoshi | 7 24. Goldberg | 64 | Kings Of Mix | 7 25. Lowis | 52 | FaP | 4 26. Hitman | 51 | Cenation | 5 27. Natsu | 49 | Genesis | 7 28. P0l | 49 | Rising Phoenix | 5 29. NickYahoo | 44 | Team Yoshi | 4 30. Taner | 43 | Rising Phoenix | 4 31. Maina | 42 | Assist Of Skills | 5 32. ChickenButt | 39 | Kings Of Mix | 5 33. Nibje | 38 | Rising Phoenix | 6 34. Jesus | 37 | Team Yoshi | 4 35. Nee | 37 | Team Yoshi | 4 36. Cock | 35 | FaP | 6 37. Sounas | 32 | Cenation | 3 38. Skyline | 30 | Revolution | 5 39. Steam | 30 | Genesis | 2 40. Flo | 24 | Cenation | 5 41. F1MADKILLER | 21 | Team Yoshi | 3 42. Stern | 21 | Cenation | 4 43. Bond | 20 | Cenation | 2 44. Jap | 18 | Kings Of Mix | 1 45. Skynet | 18 | Rising Phoenix | 3 46. Pegux | 11 | Genesis | 3 47. Nacho | 10 | Genesis | 3 48. NotJhin | 9 | FaP | 3 49. Fast&Furious | 8 | Team Yoshi | 2 50. SCHWARZ | 8 | FaP | 2 51. Ulas | 8 | Happy on Forever | 2 52. AmD | 7 | Happy on Forever | 1 53. Stoner | 5 | Happy on Forever | 1 54. Racer | 4 | Happy on Forever | 1 55. Dron | 3 | Assist Of Skills | 1 56. Tjess | 3 | Happy on Forever | 1 57. Klaun | 2 | Happy on Forever | 1 58. Guizada | 1 | Rising Phoenix | 1 59. Mtalord | 1 | Happy on Forever | 1 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Points table Clan name | Wins | Loses | Total points | Place Kings Of Mix | 7 | 1 | 569 | Revolution | 6 | 2 | 537 | Assist Of Skills | 6 | 1 | 482 | Cenation | 3 | 4 | 384 | FaP | 1 | 6 | 368 | 5th Rising Phoenix | 3 | 3 | 330 | 6th Team Yoshi | 1 | 6 | 309 | 7th Genesis | 2 | 5 | 224 | 8th Happy On Forever | 0 | 3 | 79 | 9th ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-08-31 | 6:00 PM Cenation VS FaP Cenation: Win Fap: Lose Cena: 5+5+5+5+3+3+5 points | Total: 31 Roukas: 2+3+5+3+4 points | Total: 17 Sounas: 4+3+5+3+5 points | Total: 20 Hitman: 2+1+1 points | Total: 4 Stern: 1 points | Total: 1 With a total of 73 points for CnT __________________________________________ Mateus: 4+5+5 points | Total: 14 Anthony: 3+5+5 points | Total: 13 Zullolo: 1+2+3+3 points | Total: 9 Cock: 1+1+1 points | Total: 3 SCHWARZENEGGER: 1+1 points | Total: 2 With a total of 41 points for FaP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-01 | 6:00 PM Rising Phoenix VS FaP Rising Phoenix: Win FaP: Lose Taner: 5+1+5+5 points | Total: 16 pekipeki4: 3+5+4+5+5 points | Total: 22 p0l: 1+3+1+1 points | Total: 6 Nibje: 5+1+3 points | Total: 9 Skynet: 5 points | Total: 5 With a total of 58 points for RP _____________________________________ Anthony: 4+3+1+3+4 points | Total: 15 Lowis: 2+5+3+3+5+2+5+1 points | Total: 26 Mateus: 1+3 points | Total: 4 Zullolo: 2+1+5+3 points | Total: 11 Cock: 1 point | Total: 1 With a total of 57 points for FaP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-01 | 10:00 PM Revolution VS Genesis Revolution: Win Genesis: Lose Skyline: 5+1 points | Total: 6 Witcher: 4+5+5+1+3+5 points | Total: 23 Kneelz: 2+5+3+1+5+4 points | Total: 20 Mekuar: 5+3+5+5 points | Total: 18 Selim: 3+3+4+3 points | Total: 13 With a total of 80 points for RV ____________________________ Leriat: 3+2+2+1+5 points | Total: 13 Nacho: 1+5 points | Total: 6 Natsu: 1+3 points | Total: 4 Noam: 1+1 points | Total: 2 Pegux: 1 point | Total: 1 With a total of 26 points for Genesis ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-02 | 6:00 PM Cenation VS Rising Phoenix Cenation: Win Rising Phoenix: Lose P0l: 5+5+2+1 points | Total: 13 Nibje: 1+3+5+3 points | Total: 12 Skynet: 1+5 points | Total: 6 Taner: 5+3 points | Total: 8 pekipeki: 5+1 points | Total: 6 With a total of 45 points for RP ____________________________ Hitman: 4+3+3+2+3 points | Total: 15 Bond: 3+1+3+3 points | Total: 10 Roukas: 2+5+5+5 points | Total: 17 Flo: 5+4+1+1 points | Total: 11 Cena: 1+1+4+5+5 points | Total: 16 With a total of 69 points for CnT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-02 | 8:00 PM Team Yoshi VS Assist Of Skills Team Yoshi: Lose Assist Of Skills: Win stig: 5+2+3+5+5 points | Total: 20 Jesus: 4+4+3 points | Total: 11 Yoshi: 5+1+1 points | Total: 7 With a total of 38 points for Team Yoshi __________________________ RNQ: 3+1+3+5+3 points | Total: 15 YeBuddy: 2+3+3+5 points | Total: 13 AssNtittes: 1+5+5+1+2+1 points | Total: 15 330i: 3+5+4 points | Total: 12 Maina: 1+5+1+5 points | Total: 12 With a total of 67 points for AoS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-02 | 9:00 PM Team Yoshi VS Kings Of Mix Team Yoshi: Lose Kings Of Mix: Win Jesus: 5+5+1 points | Total: 11 Stig: 4+3+3 points | Total: 10 Yoshi: 2+5 pints | Total: 7 Fast&Furious: 1+5 points | Total: 6 With a total of 34 points for Team Yoshi ___________________________________ Dub: 4+3+5+5+5+5 points | Total: 27 Jap: 3+3+5+1+3+3 points | Total: 18 Mercury: 2+1+1+5+2+3 points | Total: 14 Laca: 1+5+5+1+1+4+1 points | Total: 18 Goldberg: 3 points | Total: 3 With a total of 80 points for KoM ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-02 | 10:00 PM Assist Of Skills VS Revolution Assist Of Skills: Win Revolution: Lose [EFO[Ray29rus: 5+4+5+5 points | Total: 19 YeBuddy: 3+1+1+5 points | Total: 10 AssNtittes: 5+3+1+5 points | Total: 14 330i: 3+3+5+3+1+5+1 points | Total: 21 DroN: 2+1 points | Total: 3 With a total of 67 points for AoS ___________________________________ Witcher: 2+5+5+2 points | Total: 14 Kneelz: 4+5+1 points | Total: 10 Selim: 1+3+3+3+5 points | Total: 15 Mekuar: 1+4+3 points | Total: 8 With a total of 47 points for RV ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Week 2 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-07 | 06:00 PM Revolution VS Happy on Forever Revolution: Win Happy on Forever: Lose Kneelzy: 5+5+1+5+5+5+5 points | Total: 31 Selim: 4+3+3+2+1+2+5+1 points | Total: 21 Witcher: 3+4+5+5+1+1 points | Total: 19 Mekuar: 2+5+1+3+3 points | Total: 14 Skyline: 1+3+5+4+3 points | Total: 16 With a total of 102 points for RV __________________________________ Racer: 1+3 points | Total: 4 Stoner: 5 points | Total: 5 mtalord: 1 points | Total: 1 Ulas: 3 points | Total: 3 With a total of 13 points for HoF ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-07 | 08:00 PM Cenation VS Team Yoshi Cenation: Win Team Yoshi: Lose Roukas: 5+3+5+3+4+1 points | Total: 21 Cena: 4+5+3+1+3+5+5+5 points | Total: 31 Hitman: 3+5+5+1 points | Total: 14 Flo: 1+2 points | Total: 3 Sounas: 5+1 points | Total: 6 With a total of 75 points for CnT ___________________________________ NickYahoo: 2+1+3 points | Total: 6 Yoshi: 1+3+3 points | Total: 7 Stig: 5+1+3+1+2+5 points | Total: 17 Mad: 4+5 points | Total: 9 With a total of 39 points for Team Yoshi ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-07 | 08:00 PM Rising Phoenix VS Genesis Rising Phoenix: Win Genesis: Lose Nibje: 2+5+1+1 points | Total: 9 p0l: 5+5+3+4+3 points | Total: 20 Pekipeki: 4+5+5+5 points | Total: 19 Civan: 3+3+5+4+3+5+1 points | Total: 24 Guiz: 1 point | Total: 1 With a total of 73 points for RP ________________________________ Leriat: 5+5+2+5 points | Total: 17 Nacho: point | Total: 1 Natsu: 1+3+2+1+1 points | Total: 8 Noam: 5+1+3+3 points | Total: 12 pegux: 1 point | Total: 1 With a total of 41 points for Genesis ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-08 | 08:00 PM Cenation VS Revolution Cenation: Lose Revolution: Win Roukas: 5+5+1 points | Total: 11 Hitman: 4+2 points | Total: 6 Flo: 2 points | Total: 2 Cena: 3+5 points | Total: 8 Stern: 3+3 points | Total: 6 With a total of 33 points for CnT _____________________________ Witcher: 3+4+1+5+1+1 points | Total: 15 Kneelz: 1+5+5+5+2+3+3 points | Total: 24 Mekuar: 3+1+5+3+5+3 points | Total: 20 Selim: 1+1+5+4+5 points | Total: 16 Skyline: 1+5 points | Total: 6 With a total of 81 points for RV ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-08 | 08:00 PM Kings Of Mix VS Genesis Kings Of Mix: Win Genesis: Lose ChickenButt: 3+4+4+1+2 points | Total: 14 Laca: 1+5+5+1+3 points | Total: 15 Goldberg: 5+2+3+3+5 points | Total: 18 Dubstep: 5+3+1+5+5 points | Total: 19 Mercury: 3+5+5 points | Total: 13 With a total of 79 points for KoM _________________________________ Noam: 3+1+3+3 points | Total: 10 Natsu: 5+2+5 points | Total: 12 Leriat: 1+1 points | Total: 2 Pegux: 1+5 points | Total: 6 Steam: 1+4 points | Total: 5 With a total of 35 points for Genesis ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-09 | 06:00 PM Assist Of Skills VS FaP Assist Of Skills: Win FaP: Lose RNQ: 5+3+3+3+3+3 points | Total: 20 assntittes: 4+1+5+4+5+5+1 points | Total: 25 Maina: 1 point | Total: 1 330i: 5+1+1+5+5+5 points | Total: 22 Yebuddy: 2+3+5+1 points | Total: 11 With a total of 79 points for AoS __________________________________________ Mateusz: 3+5+2 points | Total: 10 SCHWARZENEGGER: 1+2+3 points | Total: 6 Antnony: 5+3 points | Total: 8 Lowis: 5+4 points | Total: 9 NotJhin: 1+1 points | Total: 2 With a total of 35 points for FaP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-09 | 08:00 PM Assist Of Skills VS Kings Of Mix Assist Of Skills: Lose Kings Of Mix: Win 330i: 5+3+5+1 points | Total: 14 Ray29rus: 2+3+3+3 points | Total: 11 Maina: 1 point | Total: 1 AssNtittes: 5+5 points | Total: 10 YeBuddy: 1+2 points | Total: 3 With a total of 39 points for AoS ____________________________ Goldberg: 4+5+5 points | Total: 14 Laca: 3+4+3+5 points | Total: 15 Dubstep: 5+1+5+1+3+5 points | Total: 20 Chickenbutt: 1+2+1+3 points | Total: 7 Mercury: 5+1+4+1 points | Total: 11 With a total of 67 points for KoM ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-09 | 10:00 PM Genesis VS Team Yoshi Genesis: Win Team Yoshi: Lose Noam: 5+5+1+5+5 points | Total: 21 Nacho: 3 points | Total: 3 Peg: 3 points | Total: 3 Natsu: 1+3+1+5 points | Total: 10 Leriat: 5+4+5+5+1+3 points | Total: 23 With a total of 60 points for Genesis ___________________________________ Stig: 4+3+1+4+3+1 points | Total: 16 Yahoo: 5+1+3+5 points | Total: 14 Nee: 3+1 points | Total: 4 Mad: 2+3 points | Total: 5 Yoshi: 1+5+2+5+2 points | Total: 15 With a total of 54 points for Team Yoshi ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-09 | 11:00 PM Rising Phoenix VS Happy on Forever Rising Phoenix: Win Happy on Forever: Lose Taner: 5+5+5+5+5 points | Total: 25 p0l: 3+5+3+2+3+3+1+1 points | Total: 21 pekipeki: 2+5+5+5+1+1+5+3 points | Total: 27 Nibje: 3+1+5+3+1 points | Total: 13 Civan: 1+1+4+5 points | Total: 11 With a total of 97 points for RP ____________________________________________________ AmD: 4+3 points | Total: 7 Ulas: 1+4 points | Total: 5 Tjess: 3 points | Total: 3 Kluan: 2 points | Total: 2 With a total of 17 points for HoF ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Week 3 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-14 | 6:00 PM Cenation VS Assist Of Skills Cenation: Lose Assist Of Skills: Win Cena: 5+1+5+5 points | Total: 16 BoNd: 2+3+5 points | Total: 10 Hitman: 5+5+1+1 points | Total: 12 Flo: 2+1 points | Total: 3 Stern: 3+3 points | Total: 6 With a total of 47 points for CnT _______________________________________ YeBuddy: 4+1+5+1+1 points | Total: 12 RNQ: 3+5+5+3 points | Total: 16 Ray29rus: 1+5+4 points | Total: 10 Maina: 1+4+3+5 points | Total: 13 330i: 3+3+2 points | Total: 8 With a total of 59 points for AoS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-15 | 6:00 PM Cenation VS Kings Of Mix Cenation: Lose Kings Of Mix: Win Cena: 5+1+4+3+5+5 points | Total: 23 Roukas: 4+3+3+1+1+2+1 points | Total: 15 Sounas: 5+1 points | Total: 6 With a total of 44 points for CnT ___________________________________________ Mercury: 3+5+1+3+1+3+3 points | Total: 19 Laca: 2+5+5+2+5+4 points | Total: 23 Dubby: 1+1+3+5+5+3+5+5 points | Total: 28 With a total of 70 points for KoM ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-15 | 7:00 PM Revolution VS FaP Revolution: Win FaP: Lose Mekuar: 5+5+1+1+5+5 points | Total: 22 Kneelz: 4+5+2+5+1 points | Total: 17 Selim: 5+4+2 points | Total: 11 Witcher: 5+5+5+3 points | Total: 18 With a total of 68 points for RV _________________________________________ Mateusz: 3+1+3 points | Total: 7 Zullolo: 2+3+3 points | Total: 8 Lowis: 1+1+1+3+1 points | Total: 7 Anthony: 5+4+3 points | Total: 12 Cock: 3 points | Total: 3 With a total of 37 points for FaP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-15 | 10:00 PM Assist Of Skills VS Genesis Assist Of Skills: Win Genesis: Lose 330i: 5+2+5+5+1 points | Total: 18 RaY29rus: 2+3+1+1+3+1 points | Total: 11 YeBuddy: 1+3+5+5+1 points | Total: 15 RNQ: 1+3+5+5+4+5 points | Total: 23 AssNtittes: 5+3+3 points | Total: 11 With a total of 78 points for AoS _________________________________________ Noam: 4+4+2+5 points | Total: 15 Lerait: 3+5+5+1+3 points | Total: 17 Natsu: 1+3 points | Total: 4 With a total of 36 points for Genesis ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-16 | 6:00 PM Kings Of Mix VS FaP Kings Of Mix: Win FaP: Lose Mercury: 5+3+5+5+1+5 points | Total: 24 Laca: 2+1+5+5+4 points | Total: 17 Dubby: 1+5+3+2+5 points | Total: 16 Chicken: 1+1 points | Total: 2 With a total of 59 points for KoM ___________________________________________ Zullolo: 4+5+5+1+3 points | Total: 18 Lowis: 5+2+3 points | Total: 10 Anthony: 4+3+1+1 points | Total: 9 Cock: 3+1+5 points | Total: 9 Mateus: 3+3+3 points | Total: 9 With a total of 55 points for FaP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-16 | 8:00 PM Revolution VS Team Yoshi Revolution: Win Team Yoshi: Lose Kneelz: 5+5+1+1+3+5 points | Total: 20 Selim: 4+5+5+5+3 points | Total: 22 Mekuar: 2+3+1+4+5 points | Total: 15 Withcer: 3+5+4+5+5 points | Total: 22 With a total of 79 points for RV _________________________________________ Yoshi: 1+1+1+5 points | Total: 8 Nee: 3+2+1 points | Total: 6 Stig: 5+1+3+1+3 points | Total: 13 NickYahoo: 3+3 points | Total: 6 Fast&Furious: 2 points | Total: 2 With a total of 35 points for Team Yoshi ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Week 4 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-22 | 6:00 PM FaP VS Genesis Fap: Win Genesis: Lose Mateus: 4+1+5+5+5+1+5+3 points | Total: 29 Zullolo: 3+5+3+5+3+5+5 points | Total: 29 Anthony: 5+5+1+4+5+3 points | Total: 23 Cock: 2+3+1+1 points | Total: 7 With a total of 88 points for FaP ______________________________________________ Pepito: 3+3+2+3 points | Total: 11 Natsu: 1+1+4 points | Total: 6 Leriat: 5 points | Total: 5 Noam: 2+1+1 points | Total: 4 With a total of 26 points for Genesis ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-22 | 8:00 PM Kings Of Mix VS Revolution Kings Of Mix: Win Revolution: Lose Mercury: 2+5+2+5+3+1 points | Total: 18 Goldberg: 5+1+1+1+3+5 points | Total: 16 Laca: 3+5+5+3 points | Total: 16 Dubby: 3+5+3+2 points | Total: 13 With a total of 63 points for KoM ______________________________________________ KneeLzy: 4+5+4 points | Total: 13 Skyline: 5+5 points | Total: 10 Selim: 1+3+3+1 points | Total: 8 Mekuar: 1+4+1 points | Total: 6 Witcher: 5+1 points | Total: 6 With a total of 46 points for RV ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-22 | 11:00 PM FaP VS Team Yoshi FaP: Lose Team Yoshi: Win Zullolo: 4+1+3+5+5 points | Total: 18 Cock: 1+3+3+1+4 points | Total: 12 Mateus: 5+1+5 points | Total: 11 Anthony: 3+5 points | Total: 8 MrJhin: 5+1+1 points | Total: 7 With a total of 56 points for Fap ______________________________________________ NickYahoo: 3+5+5+2+3 points | Total: 18 Jesus: 2+4+5+2+3 points | Total: 16 Nee: 1+5+3 points | Total: 9 Yoshi: 3+5 points | Total: 8 Mad: 5+1+1 points | Total: 7 With a total of 58 points for Team Yoshi ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-23 | 7:00 PM Rising Phoenix VS Assist Of Skills Rising Phoenix: Lose Assist Of Skills: Win Civan: 5+2 points | Total: 7 Taner: 1+5 points | Total: 6 Nibje: 3 points | Total: 3 Skynet: 3 points | Total: 3 P0l: 1+1 points | Total: 2 With a total of 21 points for RP __________________________________________________ YeBuddy: 4+3+1+4+5+3+1+3 points | Total: 24 AssNtitties: 1+5+2+5+4+5+1 points | Total: 23 330i: 5+5+3+5 points | Total: 18 Maina: 2+3+1+1+3+5 points | Total: 15 Ray29rus: 3+5+5 points | Total: 13 With a total of 93 points for AoS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-23 | 8:00 PM Rising Phoenix VS Revolution Rising Phoenix: Lose Revolution: Win Civan: 3+3+5+3+1 points | Total: 15 Peki: 2+5+1+5+2 points | Total: 15 P0l: 5+3 points | Total: 8 Skynet: 3+1 points | Total: 4 Nibje: 1+1 points | Total: 2 With a total of 44 points for RP __________________________________________________ Witcher: 5+1+4+5+5+3 points | Total: 23 Kneelz: 2+5+3+5 points | Total: 15 Selim: 4+4+1 points | Total: 9 Skyline: 5+3 points | Total: 8 Mekuar: 1+5+1 points | Total: 7 With a total of 62 points for RV ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-23 | 9:00 PM Genesis VS Cenation Genesis: Win Cenation: Lose Steam: 1+3+5+4+5+4+3 points | Total: 25 Leriat: 3+5+3+3+3 points | Total: 17 Noam: 2+2+2+5+5 points | Total: 16 Natsu: 1+1+1+1+1 points | Total: 5 With a total of 63 points for Genesis __________________________________________________ Cena: 4+5+1+5 points | Total: 15 Roukas: 5+1+3+1+5 points | Total: 15 Stern: 5+3 points | Total: 8 Flo: 5 points | Total: 5 With a total of 43 points for CnT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Week 5 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-29 | 10:00 PM Team Yoshi VS Rising Phoenix Team Yoshi: Lose Rising Phoenix: Win Nee: 5+2+1+5+5 points | Total: 18 Jesus: 4+3+1+1 points | Total: 9 Stig: 3+5+3+5 points | Total: 16 Yoshi: 1+4+3 points | Total: 8 With a total of 51 points for Team Yoshi ______________________________________________ Pekipeki: 1+2+5+5+3+3 points | Total: 19 Civan: 5+4+5+1+5 points | Total: 20 Taner: 3+5+1+3+1 points | Total: 13 Nibje: 1+2 points | Total: 3 With a total of 55 points for RP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Semi Finals ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2018-09-30 | 08:00 PM Revolution VS Kings Of Mix Revolution: Win Kings Of Mix: Lose Witcher: 1+5+5+1+2+5 points | Total: 19 Kneelz: 5+5+1+1+3+1+5 points | Total: 21 Selim: 5+3+4+5+4 points | Total: 21 Mekuar: 1+1+3+2+5 points | Total: 12 With a total of 73 points for RV ____________________________________________ Dubby: 5+2+5+5+1+3+3+1+3 points | Total: 28 Chicken: 4+3+4+3+1 points | Total: 15 Laca: 3+3+5+1 points | Total: 12 Goldberg: 2+3+5+5 points | Total: 15 Mercury: 1 point | Total: 1 With a total of 71 points for KoM Source: @Cena @Dubby Map Makers: @NITROX @-Shadow-
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  20. r0cK

    Admin application

    Gameserver: MrGreengaming MIX Age: 21 Country of origin: Belgium Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thisisjustforatest/ Discord name **: r0cK Ingame name: KoM|r0cK Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I am 21 years old and live in Belgium, my main language is Dutch When I was 8 years old I started using a computer and discovered gaming I have 4 brothers aged 19 - 20 - 28 and 29 years old Currently I'm working in 5 shifts, including weekend so my online time is very much variable Playing Multi Theft Auto since 2009 and not knowing how to BMX superjump till 2017, thanks MrGreen (goldberg ) for teaching me. As you might know I was a die hard roleplayer before I joined the Mr. Green community. Since 2 years I quit roleplay to fully enjoy MrGreengaming as beside MTA I don't really play any other games. Now and then I joined MrGreengaming when I was bored roleplaying, but back in September 2015 I started playing MrGreen on a daily/weekly base. Quickly after my daily activities I decided to make my moderator application. 1 year later my application was accepted and now another 8 months later I would like to apply for administrator. There's a few reasons why I would like to join for the administrator team in this community. First of all I would like to tell you about my experiences being an administrator, moderator and gamemaster. Taking you back into my MTA history, like I mentioned before I was a die hard mta roleplayer, playing roleplay for about 5-6 years, few hours a day what led into big wealth and connections ingame. After some time I decided to apply for the admin team in the biggest roleplay community at that time, playercount over 150 players at the same moment. I began down the ladder as a gamemaster. A gamemaster has to teach people how to roleplay and how to use their commands. In short you had to explain them the whole game, which could take some hours. Therefore we had to create learn classes to teach these new people how to rp. After another year I applied for administrator and after some time I ended up in the lead administrator team which was a huge task at that moment. At some point one of my tasks was organizing events, this was always roleplay related. I was the head of the city department and had to break my head to make the server fun and come up with ideas for server events. This is something I would like to do here in Mr.Greengaming as well. Lately @Moh came up with ideas to create an event on the MIX server which most people liked a lot. At these times the server could fill up to 50+ players which is also good for the Mr.Green community. Therefore it was a honor helping Mo[H] with the preparations for this event. Talking about my English. I know my grammar is not always 100% and my sentences might be not correct but this is just what I've been taught myself during my journey through the roleplay life. While reading this you might be thinking what this all has to do with my administrator app here on Mr.Greengaming. It's quite simple, I just want to give you an in depth story of my MTA history and my experiences. Back to 2017, Mr.Greengaming popular in its form, attracting a few dozens of players everyday. this is the place you might find me 90% of my gaming time. As of today 3rd of May 2017 I am applying for administrator and continue to keep an eye on the Mr.Green community in it's current form. If you have any questions regarding my application or have questions in common, feel free to post below or send me a message on the forums. You can also find me on steam which is always connected with my MTA. Thank you for your consideration, r0cK
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  21. Game: Multi Theft Auto Server: Race and Mix Age: 24 (May 1996) Country of origin: Belarus Discord name **: Military#6983 In-game name: Military Hello everybody! My name is Oleg and i'm from Belarus, you might heard about this country. I play on Mr.Green for 10 years already and applying this app would be the great present for anniversary XD As an oldtimer i know how the things here works or how they shouldn't work. I love this place and want to keep it cozy and comfortable. I can also control russian speaking part of community because it's a big one and has too much specific guys. And in the end, i guess you know a lot about me and what person i am. Sincerely yours, Military.
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  22. Hello guys, so this is our financial report for the first 6 months of 2020. Thanks to everyone who contributed with every cent of their own. It really matters a lot to me and shows me that we still have players who don't wanna see this community dying. Most of the work with the community have been done thanks to @AfuSensi, but lets not forget our other developers who also helped us out and still helping us (@LuCkEr- @Mihoje @Haxardous). Also our server managers who are contributing a lot as well (@GoldBerg and @Lejorah). Hopefully the other half of 2020 will be better financially. Enjoy your summer vacation everyone! Month Income Server Expenses Other Expenses Jan-20 € 78.28 € 55.00 € - Feb-20 € 48.03 € 55.00 € - Mar-20 € 143.97 € 55.00 € 23.78 Apr-20 € 92.25 € 55.00 € 70.00 May-20 € 59.83 € 55.00 € 30.00 Jun-20 € 128.68 € 55.00 € 43.26 Total: €551.04 €330 €167.04 Remaining: €54 Other expenses could be forum renewal, developers payments, server advertising and anything similar to that. Don't forget that we finished 2019 with €167.90 and I already paid for July 2020, so our current balance is: €166.90 while July is paid for already. Thanks to everyone one more time!
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  23. Cena

    Mr. Green Youtube channel

    Hello and good evening, Ywa and I have made an official YouTube account for Mr. Green. We will be uploading Mr. Green related videos only, which includes any kind of games. Players will be able to contribute as well and request their videos to be uploaded. Ofc, we will give them credits for their work (Mentioning the real video owner's name and stuff similar to that). You can subscribe already if you want. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQNgQEN9iBdnTSbI_nuF71g If you have any suggestion or ideas on improving our channel. Please leave a comment below. Thanks for your attention.
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  24. mr green lol.mp4
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  25. Hello Mr. Green! Look at your man. Now back to me. I'm sitting in a ghost car. What is this? This is a script I made, inspired by DiRT 3, that draws a dynamic racing line near the player to help him choose the right curves and right speed. It could be both used to improve your own times based on your own ghost, and to see how the top racers drive based on the top 1 ghost. How? Don't be fooled, it uses only race ghost data. The script has no idea about the map, its just displaying the path of the ghost in a very cool and interactive way. The rest is math and magic. It would be cool to add this to Mr. Green as a feature.
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  26. 12 points
  27. Game: Mix & Race Age: 21 Country of origin: Albania Discord name **: Danger_She_Wrote #2967 In-game name:Sandro Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I have been with Mr Green for around 8 years. I spend almost 8-10 hours every day on the servers, sometimes AFK but I check it through discord and if I cannot do anything I talk to online moderators/admins to take action. I play every day and I’m trying my best to keep the balance of both servers by punishing insulters and many rulebreakers. In this Pandemic situation that everything is closed, I have more time to spend in this server by monitoring my activity 24/7 . This means that I can help in doing the occasional server admin things, you know mutting spammers , banning cheaters etc. I know how all that works and in the past I have shown that I used those powers only when needed. I usually play more during night time , when most of admins are away and there are some times when new players join and don't know how to register + there are those naughty players who change their name to insult the others and mute command can't do anything for them. P.S. -GK doesn't make you a bad person
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  28. want unmute rules readed accepted keeped ok i know i want unmute discord mta but I should stick to the rules I would apologize for everything if it weren't for writing [Admin] tag I already have it Mute at 3000 Days but he shouldn't break the rules but he wanted to stick to them what do you have to say I should forgive everyone players admins moderators developers an apology should be accepted I would have to confess if I hadn't Running Camping SH and Spamming And More should get unmute in mta discord
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  29. Game: MTA Server: Race Age: 22 (27-05-1998) Country of origin: The Netherlands Discord Name: Nick_026#5663 In-game Name: Nick_026 Hello there! Some of you may not know me very well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick, 22 years old. Currently I'm studying to become a Web Developer in my 2nd year, 3rd year starting February. I've been a moderator on the race server for a few months now and I like it thus far. Although I noticed quite some people complaining about maps. I've noticed an absence of Map Managers actively deleting horrible maps that never should've seen the light of day. Even Dubby doesn't have the will to delete maps on the race server. Link to Dubby's message This is the reason why I'm applying to become a map manager for the race server. To delete horrible & glitched maps. Sometimes when a glitched map appears more than half of the population leaves the server. This is just sad and can be solved. Of course a map manager needs to evaluate new maps for the server. This is something I can see myself doing. I always like it when an Admin decides to test a map when I'm on the server. I always like to give honest feedback. I know that H@rD$tYleRZ! applied to become map manager as well. I wouldn't mind sharing this position with them. I wish them the best of luck. If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to leave a message. I'll get to you as fast as I can. Kind regards, Nick
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  30. Hey guys, I know it have been years since we had our Zombie Survival server in Gmod, but guess what. Thanks to @Lejorah and @LuCkEr-. We are able to work on it again and re-host our server. We are willing to release the server this summer! This is a teaser video! Have a look into it and wait for us. We will do our best to ensure that our server will be back and better than before. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us and will be coming when we release the server. Thanks to @Meme for the video!
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  31. Knul

    Knul admin application

    Gameserver: Race & Mix Age: 20 Country of origin: Belgium Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/reddevilknul/ Discord name **: Knul#6803 Ingame name: Knul Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be moderator: Hello everybody! I've been a member since 2011. I know a lot about the servers and I am active as well. I mostly play on Race server, but I also play on MIX from time to time. I noticed there are mostly admins online on MIX. Race has a lot of spammers/blockers and other type of players that do not obey the rules. I am sure I can be helpful in those cases. It has been 9 years since I first started playing. I was a little kid, so MTA is really a huge part of my gaming youth. And I know time does not really matter, but I think that is a valuable argument, it shows that I never left the community and really want to make it more pleasant! I also try to be as polite as possible. In my eyes, the players/community members like me or at least don't hate me. I speak English, Dutch, French, and German. Communication is also very important, I have helped out quite some players who didn't know what to do because some admins were absent and/or their English wasn't good enough to explain it clearly. No offence to the staff though! I also donated a few times to support this community. Mr. Green Gaming has always been in my heart, and I always dreamed of making the server even more amusing than it already was! If there is anything more specific you would like to know about me, feel free to DM me here or on Discord. Something I also wanted to mention: I am a music producer. I can make a song in any genre you would want me to. Maybe if the server wanted some new sounds or something that has to do with audio, I'd be very happy to help out! Thank you in advance and sincerely yours, Knul
    11 points
  32. Cena

    CTF, DL and MH

    Hello guys. Thank you all for voting and writing down what you think. I have made 2 changes (It will be implemented soon/later today so just wait for it). The changes are: I have updated the map rotation. Removed DL and MH from the rotation, so you will only play the following: NTS CTF SH DD RTF DL and MH maps are still available in F6 and the prices of each maps are now 500 GCs (so 250 GCs) after winning. The 50% discount for winners. In case for any weird reason a player wants to buy DL or MH. They can then. I hope everyone is happy about this! Enjoy the Mix server guys.
    11 points
  33. Hazy

    Shooter Sunday

    NEW EVENT : ============================================================================================= OLD!! Dear Mr.Green Legends, Shadow and myself are hosting a mini SH Event, all shadow maps, all mega/superjump (you decide) Would you like to participate in this Event? Leave a reaction with your name and your preference for either Super- or Megajump. Example : "Hazy, Megajump" Act fast, we only have 15 free spots. When : Sunday 26-04-2020 | 20:00 (GMT+2). Click here to convert to local time Maps to be played : [Shooter]-Shadow-ft-Haze-LastHope [Shooter]-Shadow-Zenit [Shooter]-ShadowTheHurricaneHunter [Shooter]-Shadow-ft-SandySweet-BattleOfSoldiers [Shooter]-Shadow-ft-Shyloo-ButterSugarCream [Shooter]-Shadow-InfiniteLife [Shooter]-Shadow-ft-Laura-Infierno [Shooter]-Shadow-Genesis [Shooter]-Shadow-BattleOfColors (New map, never uploaded) Happy dayzzzzz
    11 points
  34. Gameserver: Mix Age: 18 Country of origin: Poland Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122645270/ Discord name **: ★Michaelo★#3194 Ingame name: KoM|DubStep Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be moderator: Hey, my name is Michał. I'm 18 years old and I live in Poland. Currently on a 2nd year of a Technical school (IT Profile). I'm interested in cars, games and technology (mostly computer and mobile related stuff). In my free time I'm mostly listening to music, playing some games, chatting or helping my parents I started playing on Mrgreen Race in December 2013, then switched to a mix bit later. My current account was made in 2014 after server crash (I lost my first acc). I met many many nice people there which made me stay there for so long. I think i would fit as an moderator because it's always good to someone who would help server to be better. I see a lot of badly behaving players (insulting, spamming, camping, blocking), while no admin/mod is online. Right now I can only warn them on a chat, but they won't understand that anyway. I think I would be pretty helpful, also in those situations when admins are "blind" on some behaviour even when they have been told to do something. I'm also always trying to be pretty active and to not be AFK for the whole playtime Sincerely, DubStep
    11 points
  35. Hello Sorry I'm only seeing this post so late. I want to say I'm honored and humbled by all the positive reactions in this topic You guys are in my heart. Hope to see you soon
    11 points
  36. 11 points
  37. Please ban theese players for repeatedly blocking me. Its not first time you can check forum story or my videos. Have a nice day P.S: They blocking me for buying Never The Same map. I like this map and i can buy what i want... Video dont lie @Berg
    10 points
  38. Game: MTA San Andreas Server: Mr.Green Servers Age: 21 Country: Turkey Link to Steam Community profile*: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hsynyvs08 Dispute name **: Hemix Game name: Hemix A little something about yourself and why you think you're fit: First, Hello, mr.green players. I'm very active in the Server. There are times when there are no administrators and modes, and there are players who break the peace . I want to be in charge to stop them. As a moderator, I want to look at the server (if administrators are not playing) as a moderator . My English level is fine, and I've never had a fight with anyone or had bad verbal content before. I want you to choose me as mod. I would like to thank. By Hemix
    10 points
  39. Ywa

    GCs payment update

    We're one step closer to 'giving' real money for earned GCs to Mr. Green players. I've talked with the accountant and legally we're all good! It looks like we'll be able to process payments to European bank accounts (supporting SEPA/IBAN) and all PayPal accounts! - Ywa
    10 points
  40. Hi fellow survivors ! I'm happy to announce that a public demo weekend for Zombie Survival : Redeemed Demo is planned for the following dates : Friday, November 20th at 19:00:00 GMT time to Sunday, November 22nd 23:59:59 In the mean time, a private test demo is planned this week to make a few adjustments / optimizations. Server IP is : Please note that the following content won't be part of the demo : - Greenshop - Achievements - Unlockable content - General Menu (aka F1 / help menu, thought there might be a placeholder menu for the demo) If you join the game during the demo weekend, you will be able to earn Greencoins that will be added to your account when the final mod will be released ! Participants will also get an exclusive in-game title that will be awarded on release ! Make sure to join the Mr Green Gaming Discord to have fun with us during that weekend ! More details will be added in this topic in the next days ! See you during the zombie apocalypse ! Here is a little clip taken during this weekend's private demo (first link doesnt work, watch the other one) : 413117622_zsdemoprivate.mp4
    10 points
  41. Berg

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    Terms/Rules and Recruitment When you're either a member or a recruit of KoM clan on MrGreenGaming - MIX server, you agree with the rules & terms. Basic rules; do not insult, spam, teamkill... You're aware of wearing only KoM tag and do not clan jump. Clan jumpers will be kicked from main team. Don't block other players, we don't want to be seen as a bad clan. Members must be active, that doesn't mean you have to be playing everyday ingame; if you haven't been active for 5 months without any specified reason you will be automatically kicked from the clan. Main language of the clan is English, whoever wants to talk with anyone else in particular in another language, use private chat (F3). Any questions about the clan and other problems, should be discussed on main KoM thread to let members/leaders understand what's happening. If you want to leave the clan, you must talk about it with any leader or manager. (Goldberg, Chickenbutt, neox.) If you're not using the tag, we'll assume you're already out from the clan. Any infringement of the rules will be used against you and those could affect your reputation and end up being kicked. Member recruitment If you're interested into joining our clan, please, complete the application form shown below. In-game nickname: Age: Country of origin: How long have you been playing on MrGreen: Past MIX clans (if you've ever been in one): Tell us why do you want to join our clan: Screenshot of your stats (F10 ingame) Applications will be revised by leaders/managers and they will pick up new members. Regards, The KoM team. Active members: (24) Name: Join date: Country: Goldberg - 04/28-2014 Accident - 04/28-2014 neox - 12/15-2015 /////AMG - 05/10-2014 Zuikis - 10/20-2015 wonas - 10/20-2015 Dubstep - 04/28-2014 Eazy-e - 12/15-2014 jededo - 11/25-2015 De@d_M@n - 04/28-2014 r0ck - 11/23-2015 InterFace - 12/13-2015 Chrisser - 04/18-2015 Sandro - 05/11-2015 #Flap - 12/16-2015 Stanley - 07/01-2015 ThEsYs - 09/05-2016 Camper - 11/27-2016 Shaky - 02/09-2017 Anton - 02/20-2017 Kohl - 02/21-2017 Maher - 04/01-2017 NEMO - 06/22-2017 Jap - 01/07-2018 On hold members: (2) Borz (Jordan) Hybrid (Poland) Kicked players and former members: (34) Henry_Pwned (Estonia) Aluna (Lithuania) Leny (Poland) MrMatrix (Sweden) EdoCadovski (Croatia) Mantas (Lithuania) Ruff (Estonia) Boyka (Romania) OrdinaryLove (Poland) Crash (Turkey) J.R (Netherlands) DaniJ&G (Venezuela) MasTTer# (Ecuador) Hunk/Personalizado (Mexico) GrannySweet (Estonia) Nixe (Turkey) Saxaza (Finland) Xzibit (Poland) Flipper (Croatia) Mihawk_ (Germany) Rami (Saudi Arabia) Satanist (Brazil) F1MADKILLER (United Kingdom) Matiasz (Poland) ~Danizz (Italy) YourCousin (Portugal) Waco (Slovakia) SiberasLT (Lithuania) Renegade (Italy) Kneelz (Lithuania) Cena (United Arab Emirates) behemoth (Brazil) Stig (Kuwait) Akeno (Turkey)
    10 points
  42. CenationLeaders

    Cenation "CnT|"

    CLAN RULES: 1. Always wear your tag 2. Never ram, block, kill a clan member on purpose (we are a team) 3. No fighting other clan members 4.If you permanently change your name in game tell us in the clan topic so i can update the member list (try not to change it too often please) 5.If you leave the clan without announcing or got kicked because of a rule break, you will not be accepted back. 6.Once accepted you may give your opinion on other clan applications, but the decision will ultimately rest with the leader(s). 7. YOU MUST NAME YOUR FIRSTBORN CHILD AFTER ME ! REQUIREMENTS: 1- You need at least 1,000+ hours playtime. 2- Last punishment should be older than 15 days. (ban, mute, blocker) 3- You need to be active. 4- Don't waste your time applying, if you are Blacklisted. 5- Your English must be at least average and understandable. 6- You should have at least 750 wins in Never The Same (NTS) 7- You should have at least 450 wins in Reach The Flag (RTF) . 8- You should have at least 600 wins in Destruction Derby (DD) 9- You should have at least 450 Flags captured in CTF. 10- You should have at least 500 wins in Shooter (SH) and 5000+ kills Exceptions can be made! APPLICATION FORM: (NOTE: Once you apply to join CnT and are waiting for a decision, you are not allowed join or ask for another clan, or your application gets declined) ~ 1.1: Your account name: 1.2: Nationality: 1.3: Age: 1.4: Gender: 1.5: How many hours a week do you play: 1.6: Total playtime hours: 1.7: Your time zone (GMT+): 1.8: Why do you want to join CnT (At least 40+ words): 1.9: Do you have any friends in CnT (If yes write their names): 2.0: Previous clans: 2.1: Have you got banned before?: 2.2: If yes, why?: 2.3: Favorite Game Mode: 2.4: How good is your english?: 2.5: Screenshot of your stats (link): Current Members : 36 Cena (Founder) Haze :Dan KBWY Rami Goph iry 0rangeghost Pig Ahmed Nibje Kneelz B0$$ :BYEBYE CLU3KID Stig Pizdy Mclovin Galla M10 Bond Thugking Husiekk Selim P0L AlieN Meme trhrd pekipeki4 Capo Purple Witcher Moses Sandro (Albania) Rami (Saudi Arabia) Rayan (Saudi Arabia) Kicked and Former CnT members: (Total: 11) Afro (Poland) PROCENT (Latvia) Stroth (Netherlands) Auriz (Lithuania) F1MADKILLER (United Kingdom) RealBosnia (Germany) Jikay (Germany) AndreW (Russian Federation) Tommy (Russian Federation) Personalizado (Mexico) Henry2Pwned (Estonia) Laca
    10 points
  43. So after seeing what is going on in the community for a while, I have something to say, mainly about bans and poor admin behavior. I post this to protest for Ras, SandySweet, and anyone ever banned from Mr. Green. Why are you guys doing this?! This makes me really sad seeing the most old, entertaining and cool community members being banned after playing and being loyal to greens for years!!! for the worst idiotic reasons ever!! Come on, you are killing the community with this shit! SandySweet, a loyal and a very old community member that played on Mr. Green for more than 7 years was banned just because some dumb brainless admins are triggered by "noob" and "stupid" and ban for provoking, are you really that dumb? provoking?! And all other bans for people just for talking shit in chat, how can you be serious towards people who talk shit in a completely non-serious game? Why can't you just ignore and move the fuck on? The situation is out of control? A temporarily mute will solve your problem, even if for the third time! You don't ban players, especially community players that have been around since day one, just to satisfy your ego! An admin doesn't like a player? Better not ban him you dick, either ignore him or TEMPORARILY mute him if you're too sensitive, and he might hurt your feelings over an online-game's chat. This is a game for gods sake, it's meant to be fun, and you'll meet all kinds of people; funny and sarcastic, loud and bad mouthers, talkative and silent people. All of them is what makes this community so great and extremely fun! Ban players only if they do real legit damage to the community and it's servers, whether it's hacking any property of Mr. Green, or using ACTUAL hacks and cheats for advantages in gameplay! Are you so bothered that Ras is 1% faster than you on a straight GOING-DOWN map? How dumb could one get? Not like he's emptied room for you guys to set toptimes on the server, that would be real advantage if it is CONFIRMED that he uses some kind of hacks! But you tell me, 5 maps 2 toptimes is worth banning a player that's been around for years? And is active more than any of you? Also gives the server laughs and chills with his extremely sarcastic and fun way of talking that he does? I find this person genius and funny, and I admit I tend to play more on greens when he's around! Plus, he might be innocent of all this, I mean who would risk fucking up his PC for speed advantage in a MTA:SA map? This is a bug in MTA that's been around for years, ever since I started playing back in 2007, shit happens sometimes and a player can go 0.87% faster than you on a 3km long drag race, such a big deal! He has one or two toptimes that you think are not fair? Delete them, not the player! Trust me I played with them for tens of hours, and their primary intention is not shooting all of your toptimes down, not even on straight going down maps, no! They just like to have fun like we do.. Now, you, the admin that is doing all of this, do you have any idea what are you doing? You're killing the entire community one by one, just to show-off your amazing superpower capability of banning other players and ruining all the fun! I think people like those admins should be perma-revoked until he behaves accordingly. Being an admin doesn't mean you can do anything, there should be strict rules and limits, you should never ban anyone just for feeding up your scummy ego. Also, think about it, it's not the toptimes that make greens great and alive, it's the players, the community, people who have been around for years now, and if this is how green stays, the end will be very soon, unless something is done about it. I'm pointing at the top staff, because the people they chose to take care of the server, are doing the exact opposite. You want my opinion? Let there be new rules, new systems, and take protests and ban appeals more seriously. If you want this community to live on, lift all of the bans, make it a fresh start, treat players accordingly, bad behavior? Temp mute! Player insults player? OR you have a laugh at it and move on, or you /IGNORE him because that's what this command is made for! Player talks shit to admin? No, you don't ban him, you do the same because you're no different you fuck, either ignore or laugh. (gets too serious? temp mute!). Let's have a fresh start for the sake of this community, I'm really worried because I love being around greens, and I want to help make it greater, not the opposite. It's time for you to step in, sleeping top-staff.
    10 points
  44. Ywa

    Change your forum display name

    From now on everyone can change their forum login/display name once every 31 days. This can be done by editing your profile. Please note that from now on, everyone can also view the display name history from all other users. This is to prevent confusion when people change their nicknames often.
    10 points
  45. r0cK

    Admin applly !!

    Hi Children I would like to reply on your statement here as I feel attacked by your harsh words and I might not be the only active admin who feels this way, First of all I would like to say your right on the most part you wrote here. There are a lot wannabee admins/mods to get the "power" and feel big in-game. Second I'm sad you didn't mention Cena in your statement as he also tries to do a lot for Mr-Green with the events, making new topics to make Mr-Green more popular he even tried bringing MrGreen to ETS. I've done some lottery's a little while ago to promote Mr-Green and attract more players, donated hundreds of dollars to Mr-Green to improve it - but that's all being forgotten by time seems like. SDK, Kali, Bin, Aleks, YWA and Bier all have a knowledge of scripting, the current admins do not have such knowledge. But does that make us all bad admins and mods? I just wanted to share my opinions and feels about this as the most admins try to make Mr-Green fun and playable. Maybe there's just a lack of good scripters but once more that doesn't make any other admin or mod a bad one. Thanks for your time Kind regards r0cK
    10 points
  46. Cena

    ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Accepted as mod.
    10 points
  47. About Us: "We can`t change the whole world, but we can change those who are close to us". The world is becoming more tolerant, but some things, like online games or social networks affect the attitude of people to other people of another country. And we think that this can be changed if the players see that people from different countries are together and interact with each other, even with the help of games. We also believe that this should ultimately lead us to mutual understanding and friendship between players from different countries. The problem of racism and stereotypes exists. It is little expressed, but it exists. It's great that other teams are also international. We are trying to convey this and using the name of the team, and our goal is to collect a large number of people from different countries. National Storm will try to slightly change the server for the better. Rules and how to join the project: - Standard rules from the server - Do not kill or harm team members. - Assist team members whenever possible - Do not insult other players - You can tell your idea of using the server with NS To join, write in a private message (F3) to the founder (Pig) about your desire or write here. ... NatStorm Members (23): Owner Pig Member Galla Member Roba Member Orbit Member KaioKen Member Rott Member Nixon Member DroN Member Tjess Member 4D4M Member DabQueen Member Raze Member Sergusha Member Lad Member ArtemisTiny Member Blade Member Axeel Member Redstarnike Member Warrior Member Punk Member Welz Member Kokovai Member 0rangeGhost Member LMNrSt Ex-members: Member JansseJr Member Aquezle Member Johnny Member Sony Member Purple *Forgive me for my English
    10 points
  48. NITROX

    NITRO - Admin App

    Gameserver: MTA MIX/Race Age: 19 Country of origin: BRAZIL Link to Steam Community profile *: /SoryAnderson Discord name **: NITRO Ingame name: #NITRO Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Firstly, I have the power, because I'm #Style... Hello, My name is Sory (Yes, I have a strange name and I'm happy about it), and my goal as Adm or mod, it could help a little more our mta servers, because I realize that night (here in South America) are hardly found online Administrators in the game, and that's troubling, because when we need help the only one who can call is the Santiii733 (our faithful companion of all RTFs), but often he is busy or not online and we have no one to save us power of Blockers, the bugged players, and the players who enter the mta server just to cause fights and discussions unnecessary, and how much we need that an adm skip a bugged map , or to restart a resource that is not working correctly? Everyone has a life outside of the mta and this is more than correct for them, but we need more help at night because during the day I always have many Adms onlie in the game, but the night we don't have anyone to help us, and so I pray this opportunity, so I can show you how I can still help by MrGreen , I usually play always at night, and on Sundays I play during the day, I can speak in Spanish, English, and Portuguese (PT-BR and PT-PT), I like to help people, I made friendships true on this server over the years (some enmities too unfortunately), I only ask a opportunity to make the mta more happy and peaceful at night no problems, no fights, no bugs, and without overloading the Santiii733 that is our representative of South America, because it was he who gave me the idea of making this application here on the forum. That's about all I have to say, thank you for reading my topic until the end, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a good game
    10 points
  49. mr.reese

    bye bye mrgreen

    Yo guys, I have to say bye bye to you and everyone who i liked and everyone who liked me. I played here about for years and i really liked the mix server it's an original server in the mta history. So i got ban yesterday because of racism. I know in this way was unacceptable and i think that was totally rightful i'm not here to ask to unban me i just want to say a few words about me and the server. Actually i planned that i will write down everything what i think about the server but now i decided to keep it to myself. I don't want another haters or wars. So i just want to say goodbye to everyone. bye bye and have a nice life.
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  50. Cena

    Mix Event Results

    Hello guys, Yesterday we had an event in Mix server and it lasted for 5 hours for 30 maps. The average amount of players we had was 46 players. Max was 56 players in server and in the end we went down to ~36 after 4-5 hours of playing choosen maps by the players. I personally had fun and from what I can tell, others did have fun too. For those who missed yesterday's event or who joined the event for 1-2 hours. Would you like from me to host another event in the end of this month? If yes then vote above ^ and if no vote also xD. According to the votes, I will speak with @Flipper/ @BlueYoshi97 for permission to do it again. Thanks for everyone who joined us and I hope you all enjoyed ^^
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