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    Kash racism, toxic

    Your ingame name: Bring The player's name who you are reporting: Kash Which server are you requesting this?: Mr. Green-race The reason why this player should get banned: he only being toxic and racist.
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    Ban Haraz - Lagger

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    Mr.Green Gaming THEME v.3

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    Show your desktop background!

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    Kash racism, toxic

    I will give a 14 day ban.
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    moderator app

    Gameserver: Mix Age: 17 (2003 June 15) Country of origin: Lithuania Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198833160563 Discord name **: missyou.#2169 Ingame name: AoS|missyou, miss. Hello, my name is Edgar i am from Lithuania country, me 17 y.o, now study in Vilnius College to IT area, i know a lot languages(russian, lithuanian, polish, english), in free time doing repairing and upgrading my motorcycle, mostly building with my father. I have a lot time of time to play in this server, moderator is primarily a responsibility to people, and i am ready to take on this responsibility. play in this server since 2016, registered in 2018, i got to know a lot of good people, with whom i now find a common language.
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    Witchy Administrator Appliciation

    good luck jajco
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    Show your desktop background!

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    Kash racism, toxic

    everybody provokes me.
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    moderator app

    Good luck
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    Screenshot + Video Thread

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    moderator app

    Good luck boi
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    Thanks for help @minowux . I think im pretty much finished with the map, but i dont know what name should i give it i dont have any idea lol..
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    Punishment Unfairly

    You were not explaining the event. You were insulting even tho I told you to stop and I ignored you for some time. Be a man and accept your punishment. Don't go in-game and insult me and act innocent...
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    Show your desktop background!

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    You can use https://www.mp3smaller.com/ to compress your songs(lower file size), 80kbps is good enough, talking with experience. Also if you want to download a song from youtube, i use this: https://www.flv2mp3.by/tr16/ If your song volume is too low in map, you can use http://www.kanssoftware.com/download_tr.htm , 1.5 - 4.5 dB normalizing is enough. In my opinion map being so plain is not a problem, just dont make it annoying and people would be grateful.You will start making better maps as you keep doing them. For suggestion i would say start simple and make something new for your next maps since mta map editor is kinda cancer, wouldnt be good if you would say screw this and quit. Good luck.
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    Witchy Administrator Appliciation

    Good luck byku
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    Witchy Administrator Appliciation

    Good Luck Witchyy
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    Share your paintjobs :)

    My new Red Bull paint jobs.
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    Now and again, a guest may basically regard your admonition never to call your line again; however this possibly happens when the guest commits an error in calling your line. Be that as it may, when such calls are purposeful and steady; at that point it is the ideal opportunity for a portable number follow. As a matter of fact, a portion of these calls are from phone salespeople and individuals whose goals are innocuous; yet would you be able to trust or depend on your impulse alone? Possibly you have been experiencing this sort of circumstance for quite a while, and you need to receive in return; at that point presently is the opportune time! buy mobile database Scanning for portable numbers can be such an exercise in futility; particularly in the event that you are leading your inquiry in an inappropriate spot. All things considered, you can't discover cell numbers on an open catalog since they are not recorded. In this way, an open registry or record ought not be among the arrangements of spots to consider when searching for unlisted numbers. Employing a private examiner might be pricey; however it is certainly a superior alternative when contrasted and utilizing an open registry. Be that as it may, in the event that you need a snappy one, and furthermore need to abstain from spending a fortune recruiting a private agent; at that point there is something different you can utilize. This method is known as the converse mobile phone number query; it is a help that requires a PC and a web association. With a little measure of cash; you can get to quality data at an expense that is more sensible than what a private examiner would charge to locate an obscure guest. This time around, there is no compelling reason to hold up two or three days or weeks before you get a full report containing the name and address of the guest. On the off chance that you need to utilize an opposite PDA number query for your portable number follow; at that point you need a one-time enrollment. Participation may keep going for one year in the event that you pick the one-year enrollment alternative; in any case, you may choose the compensation as-you-search choice, which lapses when you complete your pursuit. In any case, the two alternatives are fit for giving the accompanying data: first and last name; old and late location; family foundation data; sexual orientation data; birth record; family foundation document; map; sex wrongdoer document; parole document; and so forth. Subsequent to embeddings the phone number of the obscure guest into the hunt field; you might not need to stand by in excess of a couple of moments if your web association is quick.
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    moderator app

    Good luck miss
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    NiceMikes' administrator appliciation

    Gameserver: Mix (Rather both) Age: 21 Country of origin: Latvia Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/chapalv/ Discord name **: chapa#3315 Ingame name: KoM|NiceMike Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I'm 21 years old, in 3 months I'll be 22. I study Information Technology at Latvian University of Life Scienses and Technologies. In my spare time I no-life at the server, hang out with my friends or help my best friend with his rallycross car. The reason why I want to be a administrator is because I've been spending quite alot of time online now and since it's almost summer, I presume that's how it's going to be for the rest of the summer and hopefully afterwards. As far as I think, I'm very mature and can also joke if needed. I've noticed that at some points of the day, the server lacks administrators and I would happily fill those points by being online and making sure that no rulebreaking whatsoever is happening. I promise that I'll look into every situation as closely as possible before making a decision. I want to be an administrator to make this a better environment for the players, not to punish everyone as soon as they do something bad. First comes learning and if that doesn't work, then it's time for some punishment - that's my motto to which I will follow everytime I'll encounter a rulebreaking moment which will need my final decision on!
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