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    Thanks to everyone!

    I would like to thank everyone who helped me for the first 6 months of my ownership of Mr. Green. Thanks to everyone who helped developing the servers and the website/forum. Also thanks to everyone who helped by donating and supported me. I didn't expect to get much support from donations. Specifically with low amount of players. You guys are awesome. On average we had around 30 euros or more each month extra after paying the 55 euros for server fees. Which is great in the long term. I did make savings out of it and spent it in server development. I promise to do my best and improve Mr. Green as much as I can. I am always thinking of ideas to make everyone of you enjoy. Also don't forget to thank our developers. They did all the hard work which is coding. I was only managing. Without them nothing would have been improved. Thanks once more for everyone's support and enjoy with Mr. Green. Thank you for supporting this community. Great first 6 months! Lets make the next 6 months even better!!!
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    One year

    Introduction Hello everyone. I would like to give you an overview with the community and whats going on with it and of course let me listen to your opinions. Just like what I did last June (Click here) when I had this community's ownership for 6 months. It is almost 1 year now (1st of Jan 2019 till 31 Dec 2019). A lot of things and changes have happened and still we will do much more in the future! Events I believe its safe to say 2019 was one of the most active years Mr. Green ever had. Lots of giveaways and events hosted by me or by our community members. I promise there will be much more in the future. Stick around and we will have lots of more fun together! Financial situation Firstly I would like to thank each and everyone one of you. You all have supported this community by just joining our servers. You joining our servers and playing few hours a day is enough motivation for me to keep this community alive as much as I can. We had a great one year regarding financial situation. Mr. Green paypal balance is still positive as of today and it will remain positive till March 2020 (Thats in case 0 donations from today till March 2020). So huge thanks to everyone supporting this community financially! Development Also we should thank @AfuSensi for his countless time trying to improve the gaming experience ingame and his countless hours spent on creating our website. Also we shouldn't forget @Mihoje for his countless time trying to improve the gaming experience ingame as well! Huge thanks to them. However, both of them will be inactive and we don't know for how long, so development regarding servers will be much slower and not as fast as before when we had them active. We have also created a racing team in MTA for our community! Team manager is @Haxardous so huge thanks to him for raising our community name in the racing community! The future of Mr. Green We are still working into improving our servers and expanding our community in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Which if it work out. The community would gain a lot more players. I also do have some plans as well, but no promises/confirmation yet. I will announce them when I am sure about them. I do not see this community dying at all. I just won't let that happen. I will also start investing more into the community very soon. I have this community as a hobby and I wouldn't want to see it die. Mr. Green have been part of me when I was a kid playing here daily. __________________________________________________________________________ This is it! If you have any word or opinion you would like to say. Please say it below, but keep it clean and neat! Have a good day everyone!
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    Mod application

    Gameserver: Mix Age:21 Country of origin: Latvia Link to Steam Community profile *: PanditoMan Discord name **: PanditoMan#2894 Ingame name: MR|PanditoMan123 Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hi guys, my name is Agris. I have been playing MTA MRGREENGAMING server in particular for roughly 3 years. i play in server everyday. I want a be mod because I'll do justice . i just want to have fun and be do justice . I know that sometimes i insult some player but i try keep down myself . I will try stop guys who try make insult other . i can help server to grow up in next years and become a good Mod. i spend lot of time in server For all years what i spend in server i make myself good friends and i enjoy play whit them. Wish you good days and be happy on Game. Happy new Year
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    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    mr green lol.mp4
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    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    Kings of Mix vs No Good Racing results: Smegma: 5+5+5+4+3+3+1+3 points Witchy: 3+3+1+5+1+1 points Coldberg: 1+4+3+7+1+4+3 points Berg: 3+2+5+2+5+5 points Selim: 5+3+7+5+7 points Total: 115 points ________________________________________ HardGay: 2 points Semert: 1 points GayForEwan: 1 points Outland: 1 points Total: 5 points ________________________________________________________________________________ Infinity vs FapGods results: Filipy: 5+3+7+5+1+3+7+4 points Kneelzy: 3+4+3+4+1+5+2 points Mekuar: 1+7+5+1+5+5+3+5+5 points BoyKa: 2+1+3+1 points Ravel: 1+5+2+3+3 points Total: 115 points _______________________________________ Lariss: 3+1 points Panzer: 1 points Total 5 points ________________________________________________________________________________ Cenation vs Mother Russia results: gromghost777: 5+1+5+5+5+5 points Cena: 4+1+1+1+4+7 points mr.reese: 1+5+1+3+1 points pekipeki4: 3+5+4+5+3+1+1+5 points Total: 82 points ______________________________________ Flo123: 3+3+7+3+3 points TheMoroccanJOB: 2 points PanditoMan123: 7+2 points helloCREEP: 3+3 points Jack123: 2 points Total: 38 points ________________________________________________________________________________
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    #1 Race Tournament

    Hello and welcome to the first Mr. Green Gaming race tournament. Since we had a lot of mix tournaments already, I decided to make a race one as well. There will be no registration fee (Hooray, I guess) Everyone can suggest 1-2 maps (In case 1 isn't there on the event server) No "Destiny" maps (Feel free to hate me now) No blocking allowed No cheating (That's pretty obvious lol) At least 8 people should join We will play 10 maps (8 suggested by people + 2 random ones) We will play it on 29th November 2019 at 20:00 CET (Check your local time) 1st place: 20 000 GC + 14 days of VIP 2nd place: 15 000 GC + 10 days of VIP 3rd place: 10 000 GC + 7 days of VIP 4th place: 5 000 GC + 5 days of VIP I really shouldn't spend my time at these useless graphics but
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    I Wanna be Mod

    Age : 14 Game Server : Mix Country : Turkey Nickname in Game : P@NZER Discord User Name : Panzer#5531 I want a be mod because I'll do justice . i just want to have fun and be do justice . I know I'm broken with a few people.You forgive me .I hope i will become a moderator , and I want to add something more , if I become a moderator, I will make sweepstakes . Wish you good days and be happy on Game . And schools may not be much in the game when opened, but I can do whatever I can during the holidays , I love to helpful , I will do anything to help you .
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    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    AoS vs KoM Finals: AoS: Ray - 1+1+3+5+3+1 Buddy - 3+4 Ass - 5+3+4+5+1 RNQ - 4+1+5+2+5 Forzet - 3+5+1 Result: 65 points ------------------------------------------------------------------------ KoM: Dubby - 3+5+5+5 Laca - 1+3+5 Goldberg - 5+1+2+3 Jap - 5 Selim - 2+1+3 Result: 49 points
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    New website

    Hello everyone, @KaliBwoy have been working on a new site for some time now. It is finally available now and everyone can visit and use it. mrgreengaming.com. What is available right now? Over there you will be able to donate GreenCoins or VIP. You will be able to see Leaderboard, stats and Tops. (Map upload is coming soon). A home page which shows our monthly donation goal and last 3 announcements made. You can also join the MTA servers by clicking on the MTA icon on either the Home page or MTA. It also shows how much GreenCoins you have and how many days of VIP (Home page). If you encounter any bug please let us know so we can fix it. What are we working on regarding the site? GreenCoins transfer between accounts Clans bank. Which means clan members will be able to deposit GreenCoins and if the clan needs to be renewed, it will auto renew if it have enough GreenCoins. (Also transaction history so you know who deposited and who didn't.) If you have more suggestions to be added let us know! Have a good day everyone.
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    Pictures of thyself

    Jamaica powa
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    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFByMNj4jTY 10:31
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    Assist of Skills

    FEW RULES: Don't be toxic. Play fair dont ram/block. If player is not active for more than 1 Month with no information then he will kicked out of team. use of AoS| tag is necessary.not using tag will result in kick and ban from team. Use of english in team chat is necessary. Insult of any team mate in team chat will result in instant ban from team MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 200+ hour gameplay 100+ win each game mode 10+ top1 to top 5 Post screenshot of your stats and your ingame name Contact us in game or contact us via discord Member List: Maina (FOUNDER/OWNER) AssNtittieS (CO-OWNER) Forzet (CO-OWNER) Civan (RECRUITER) Kami RNQ ravi26 (THE COOLER HITMAN) [uDka]LeroyJenkins Twix Myr Mahany [EFO]RaY29rus oniaZ JaegeR NITRO Kicked/Banned players: Predator Quick Hitman
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    Christmas event!

    We will have a quick tournament on 28 of Dec 2019. Everyone will need to post below his name and the map he wants to get played. Any gamemode you want is fine, but remember only ONE map you can suggest to be added. Please tell your friends about this so we can have as much as possible of players playing. The more players the fun! Teaming will be not allowed. If you get caught teaming with someone you and your team mate will get disqualified! It will start on 28 of Dec 2019 at 19:00. Click on the time to convert to your local time! _________________________________________________________________________________ Rewards will be as the following: 1st: 10,000 GCs + 5 days of VIP 2nd: 5,000 GCS + 3 days of VIP 3rd: 3,000 GCs + 1 day of VIP _________________________________________________________________________________ Good luck everyone and have fun!
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    Koolaid Admin Application

    Gameserver: Race Age: 21 Country of origin: Latvia Link to Steam Community profile *: ---- Discord name **: koolaid#5538 Ingame name: koolaid Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hi guys, my name is koolaid and I have been playing MTA and this server in particular for roughly 2.5 years. I would like to apply for the position of administrator as I find myself to be playing on this server most of my free time, have been fulfilling the role of a moderator since around May, trying to instill some form of order on the server while also allowing for myself and others to feel free and have fun. Another reason I believe to be a good fit for the position is because of the issue of there being quite many moderators actively playing on the server, but rather few admins, so as an active player I feel like I would be a good addition to the already existing staff team. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop a comment below. See you guys in game
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    Hello!In the second part of the complete racing guide you'll learn some useful ways all around San Andreas.
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    A small tribute to Deluvas

    Fellow greenies, I'm bearer of bad news because I have learned that Deluvas passed-away in January. Not sure if there are many old ZS players left here, but you probably do know him if you are one of them. Deluvas was a good ZS players, but also an admin, a developer on Mr Green ZS and a good friend to some of us. I made this topic so you can leave a small word or anything for him, it will probably remain here, in this dying subforum but as he was part of our community I think he deserves a little something. To me he was a really cool guy, I had fun playing with him and all the EU gang 10 years ago, this is sad that he is not here anymore. He was easily among the best players at some point. May he eat 6 brains so he can get redeem and get some kills with the Comeback bonus !
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    Mekuar's Moderator Application

    Gameserver: MIX Age: 18 Country of origin: Turkey Discord name: Mekuar#7432 Ingame nick: Mekuar Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be moderator: Hi there, my name is Mert and I'm 18 years old. I live in Antalya/Turkey I want to talk about my MTA history briefly. Exactly 5 years ago I began play this game in freeoram servers. A little later it came boring and I decided to find new server after this I found mrgreen. According to me it is the best community in my choices,and I registered in 2017. I've been here about two years and I still playing. Actually I had no idea that I could play more than 2 years. Also I met plenty of nice people in the server which made me stay here for 2 years. First of all , I never don't discriminate to between people, Im a fair person imo. Im witnessing a lot of stuckers or blockers when Im playing. I can punish the rule breakers and help Turkish players who gets struggled with the language barrier (there's a lot of Turkish players that doesn't understand the rules in English, I can guide them in Turkish since Turkish is my native language) .. Also i can handle reports at forum. I like to help people and I always try to be calm about everything, already most people know it. Beside I'm good at making paintjobs according to my friends. I've made so many paintjobs for my friends and others and I will continue to make pjs (It's really entertaining for me). I see myself as a fully capable person to take over this role as I have a really good experience in MTA. I can take care of server, keeping it clean, smoothly going and in the meanwhile giving a helping hand to whoever needs it. It's kinda annoying when someone is asking for help and no one cares about it. I don't provoke other players or make them to hate me or something. I'm loyal and friendly fella who's trying to spread nutella not mud. As a part of this community, I’ve learned so many things about this server and from admins and some old players who have enough experience about it and I think It’s time to share my experiences which I gained in few years with others. If I’d to be honest, I don't like to praise myself at all but the thing that I’m sure about myself is being kind and honest with others. Thanks for your attention Sincerely, Mekuar.
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    Lets see who are the real racist

    My comments were a response to that Panzer kid continuously calling me a 'cow-worshiper' for an entire week last month. I did not want to make a big deal out of it so I did not take the Screenshots. I did get muted by Stig for one day after those comments. I do have Screenshots of that kid harassing me on Discord through calls
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    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Very short clip for you guys
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    MTA Endurance Racing Event

    Welcome to 'MTA Endurance Racing'. MTA Endurance Racing is a new event organised by Stroth. This event consists of four endurance races and all the races will take place in 2020. The duration of an endurance event to finish is about 30-60 minutes. Drivers have to finish all the checkpoints with different sportscar vehicles. The first driver to cross the finish line wins the race. Drivers can get points by setting the best finish times. The player with the most points after the last endurance race will be the winner of the event. This event will be recorded for YouTube 'Street Outlaws' channel. Race Calendar Race 1 - Friday 3 January 2020 - 20:00 CET (Amsterdam Time) Race 2 - To be announced. Race 3 - To be announced. Race 4 - To be announced. Rules * Cheats, mods and any programs that give you an advantage are forbidden. * FPS limit: 50 * All the endurance race maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them. * Players should be disqualified for substitution. Server Server Name: MTA Endurance Racing | www.stroth.nl Server Address: mtasa:// No password needed. For more info (driver standings, race calendar) visit www.stroth.nl Registration for this event is not necessary, there are max. 50 slots available! Questions can be asked on the Discord app ( username = Stroth#3081 ).
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    let rammers get punished.

    I think it really depends on the situation. Ramming out of nowhere just to be annoying should be punishable. Ramming while overtaking or accidentally in corners for example shouldn't be punishable Of course this could create a lot of cases that won't get solved because everyone thinks differently
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    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    Infinity vs Assist of Skills results: AssNTittes: 5+7+1+5+5+5+3 points RNQ: 3+5+5 points Hitman: 2+3+4 points Civan: 3+3+3+5+1 points Saffy: 1+5+7+1+1+1+3+7 points Tota: 94 points _______________________________ Mekuar: 4+4+3+1 points Kneelzy: 1+3 points Filipy: 2 points Sky: 1+2 points Boyka: 5 points Total: 26 points ___________________________________________________________________________ Cenation vs No Good Racing results: gromghost777: 5+7+5+2+7+7+5+2 points Cena: 4+5+3+4+1+5+1 points pekipeki4: 1+3+3+1+3+3+3 points suckaer: 5+5+4 points Total: 94 points _________________________________ Nick_026: 3+1+5+5 points Laris: 2+1 points AX: 1+3+1 points HardIveko: 3 points GayForEwan: 1 points Total: 26 points ___________________________________________________________________________ Cenation vs FaP results: pekipeki4: 4+5+1+1 points Cena: 2+5+5+7+4+4+5 points gromghost777: 3+1+3+7+5+3+1+7 points suckaer: 2 points Total: 75 points ________________________________________________ Kash: 5+3 points Panzer: 3+1+3+1 points Cockenegger: 1+3+3 points FaP|Kreator: 2+5+5+5 points Tear: 1+1+3 points Total: 45 points ___________________________________________________________________________ FaP vs Mother Russia Results: Cockenegger: 5+3+3 points FaP|Kreator: 2+1+2 points Panzer: 5+1 points Kash: 1+2 points Tear: 5 points Tota: 30 points ________________________________ helloCREEP: 4+5+3+1 points Stig: 3+4+5+4+7+1+3 points PanditoMan: 1+3+1+1+3+5+5 points TheMoroccanJOB: 7+1+5+3+5+3 points Total: 83 points Current standings:
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    Gameserver:Race Age:22 Country of origin:Turkey Discord name **: Semert#0153 Ingame name:Semert Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I am playing on mr green since 2011 and i have been a MOD for two years. I can write a lof of things here but they already know me well who playing on the race server. So that's all.
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    Christmas and New year's discounts!

    Hello everyone, since Christmas is soon and 2020 is coming! Prices ingame and donations will be reduced! Ingame: There will be 50% discounts on Maps and GC perks! There will be x2 GCs reward ingame! These will be on effect during these days: 24, 25, 26, 31 Dec and 1st of Jan 2020. Donations: VIP donation will be for every 1 euro: 6 days + 1,000 GCs. So if you donate 5 euros you will get 30 days + 5,000 GCs! GreenCoins will be 1 euro for 2,000 GCs. Double the current price! These will be on effect starting from today till 1st of Jan 2020! IMPORTANT: MAXIMUM DONATION WILL BE SET TO 10 EUROS! IF YOU WANT TO DONATE MORE THEN THE OLD RATE APPLIES! Enjoy your holidays everyone!!
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    Pictures of thyself

    the fuck you looking at?
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    #1 Race Tournament

    GG to everyone that participated, congrats to the winners and big thanks to Ass and Matoosh for taking care of that tournament. I'm sorry that not everything went as it was planned from the beginning, but because my laptop died out of nowhere, I couldn't really host anything myself. I hope that the next tournament will be even better than this one (I will do as much as I can to be sure of that) Greetings!
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    Mr. Green 13th Anniversary discounts

    Hello everyone, on 16th of Sep Mr. Green will complete its 13th anniversary. Therefore, we will have some few discounts regarding GC donations and VIP donations. Also some ingame discounts up to 50% off and much more. Starting from the 13th of Sep till 19th of Sep. We will have VIP and GC donations discounts. The new rates will be during that time are: For every 1 euro of GC donation will get you 2,000 GCs (x2 the current rate) Minimum donation will be 2 euros. If you donate an amount of 10-14 euros, you will receive your GCs + 5,000 GCs as a bonus. If you donate an amount of 15 euros or higher, you will receive your GCs + 10,000 GCs as a bonus. For every 1 euro of VIP donation will get you 7 days (2 more days over the current rate). Minimum donation will be 2 euros. If you donate an amount of 10-14 euros, you will receive VIP days + 10 extra bonus days of VIP. If you donate an amount of 15 euros or higher, you will receive VIP days + 25 extra bonus days of VIP. The donations will be limited to 20 euros. These rates will be available for every user 1 time only. You can not donate more than once for these rates. Once you donate with the new rates, the old rates (which is the current one) will apply to you. _________________________________________________________________________ During 16th of Sep, starting from 00:00 till 23:59 (1 whole day). GCs earning ingame will be x2 and 50% discounts on a lot of things in the GC Shop ingame (F6). Map event will be held as well. A topic about that will be made and we will announce it in the #announcement channel in our discord. If you have any suggestions let us know. I hope you enjoy the game and the new rates. Maybe we can manage some other stuff, but no promises yet.
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    Village Races 2 by mta-racing.com

    Good afternoon. We are glad to see you here! I’d like to intro duce you my 11th racing tournament named Village Races 2. You are going to drive through the remotest corners of San Andreas State countryside with a wide variety of vehicles. No supercars, rednecks have their own perspectives on racing competitions. Sign up and feel the atmosphere of country races along with other participants. P.S.: Turn on country music and let’s go! Description: Limit of participants - no limit (Description written for 64 players) 64 players are divided into 8 groups of 8 participants, in each group 1 round of 4 racing maps. For each race players get points, the first four players with the highest points pass to the next round. If the players score the same amount of points, they go for extra map to get into next round. Tournament Info: Multiplayer: Multi Theft Auto 1.5.7 (MTA) Ghostmode: On Registration for the tournament will be open September 3, 2019, and closed September 12, 2019; All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them. Date and time: Saturday 14 September - 16:00 CEST (1 Round) Sunday 15 September - 16:00 CEST (Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final) Server: mtasa:// Rules: Un sporting behavior - cursing, insults,threats, flood, abnormal behavior (punishment: disqualification); Fake players (punishment: disqualification); Use: cheats, trainers, mods, and any programs that give you an advantage below others (punishment: disqualification); FPS Limit - Maximum 60, but any player can use 50 FPS. Connection problems: If a player lose the connection (Timeout) during the first 12 seconds of the race, pause is allowed and the race will be restarted after rejoining the player to the server. If Timeout (connection Loss) happens after 12 seconds - the race is going on. Groups are playing according to the schedule, but it is possible to re-schedule the match to another time by agreement of all group participants and then you must tell your decision to the organization. Registration | Discussion | FAQ
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    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    If any of you make a post after THIS post in this topic with some bullshit spam. They will get forum ban. It is "CLAN" War. Not some sort of pvp event, so it requires more of a team play + shit happens. Also this is MIX. Where luck plays a huge role into this. You don't always win. Just have some good sport conduct.... Anyway, If you guys want to talk more about who is better, go make a different topic and enjoy arguging there. Stop spamming this topic with nonsense.
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    Hi guys ----------------------------------- I'm going to tell now you about an intrigue. ----------------------------------- There was conversation between I and boyka. Boyka took only part of the conversation and sent it to the Mekuar and qrew muted 3 hours by Mekuar but at the beginning of that conversation , boyka incited to qrew and boyka insulted the Turks , qrew then responded after got mute by Mekuar Now I'm going to show you a few photos and tell me where justice is. I'll show you a few screenshots and you decide where justice is concerned he's making fun of us. The first proveke, there was more heavy insults there before the speech, but forgot to take a screenshots phrases make me so heavy here. This picture, just before got a mute and boyka did provoke with said stupid Turkish . then I swore. OK I swear crime but insulted my race I could not keep myself. Boyka cropped his own curses from the picture and sent my curses only , threw me 3 hours mute without question I could not even answer. Then I threw him these ss and 30 min threw the mute to BoyKa , when I asked why he did this to me he said it was your the 3rd or 4th error so I threw it so short. where as it was my first mistake. ----------------------------------- Now I would like to tell you about Venomous(Ulaş) and its collaborators Civan and Mekuar. Venomous is really irritable, harshly cursing everyone who comes in front of it. Even if you did him a favor, he never respects you. Mekuar and Civan does not punish him for being him friend, gives very little punishment "friendships completely emerge". Mekuar and Civan reward him and have fun laughing. ---------------------------------------- 1.ScreenShot Venomous blocked me many times on race and I couldn't stand what are you doing, you bitch? He told me fuck your pussy , what an idiot you are stupid , fuck your head insults like . Him crank Civan is threw a 30 mins mute to me . I swore he but he had 3 sentences insults to me . Civan cut off me again . Where is the JUSTICE ? ---------------------------------------- 2.ScreenShot He even curses Stig, Stig just the Afk, and without reason ---------------------------------------- 3.ScreenShot I asked Venomous for his phone number and told him I wanted to meet. On the side, Mekuar said to me, "You can't even talk about drinking Marihuana weed, you're talking empty." trying to provoke me. The reason Mekuar says this is to incite Venomous on me and to make me swear and mute. ---------------------------------------- 4.ScreenShot Bingo, GODNESS (Venomous) said to me, "I don't give my phone number for idiot like you?" I said, "Fuck the marijuana, be a man, so act like a man." I understood that they were trying to set me up with a caliper. Then he said, "Fuck off here , ilyas." While all of this was being spoken, Mekuar didn't break the silence, because he was his swearing friend, couldn't mute him. Justice requires it. ---------------------------------------- 5.ScreenShot He said "noob" on an ordinary shooter map after i killed him. I said. "Who are you saying?" Venomous said to me, "No one spoke to you, cunt pussy children ," and apologized to Mekuar. As you can imagine, he was supposed to throw the mute at me, but he didn't. did not threw the mute to VenomouS , because friends are there for these days. This is the first rule of justice. ---------------------------------------- 6.ScreenShot It was only an hour and I killed him again. He called me "pussy boy." Mekuar was there again, he didn't do anything again. ---------------------------------------- 7.ScreenShot Again cursing, "I fuck your mother's hairy pussy," "Go get the fuck," he said. ---------------------------------------- 8.ScreenShot He continued cursing, "Fuck off, shit." He said, "I'il play this game to fuck your mother." Mekuar was there again, ignoring him actions . ---------------------------------------- 9.ScreenShot After so much profanity, Venomous got only 3 mins mute . This is proof of how incapable the Mekuar is. ---------------------------------------- 10.ScreenShot After i got 1 day mute by Mekuar, I play the game only. Knowing that I am muted , he speaks about to me in him conversation with AKENO. "Ask your mother, your mother knows me well"The reason for saying that, I was punished 1 day for the screen shot. He was very proud. ----------------------------------- I'm going to tell you, I'm complaining that Mekuar is making a mod for the Turks. Except their own friends, Everyone tortured from 2nd grade human. 1 day to my curses, but him friend curses just got 3 mins mute . I ask you where justice is in this? ----------------------------------- I've been playing at Mrgreen for about 7 years. Who knows my acting. I made peace with everyone I had fought with old players during my adolescence, I realized my mistake and apologized to all of them, they forgave me. But unfortunately, Mekuar Civan and Venomous are younger than me, but they can make fun and swear as they want, and nobody knows about it, so they don't get punished. I call from here to Cena, please cancel Mekuar mod , he doesn't deserve this duty. Punish Venomous for heavy incitement and abuse.Punish Civan for not doing his duty I believe that in this server, there are still crumbs of justice! Justice will win! Thank you for your time and wish you a good day. -qrew ----------------------------------- Thank you so much for translations; - By.P@NZER
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    Unban Request

    MR Green Gaming Amsterdam, Netherlands Respected Mr green community, I am typing to you today to apologize for my poor behavior in game. As I know I insulted a lot of people out there in Mr green and I really want to sorry to all Turks (except one) that I insulted your leader. I want to ensure you that it won’t happen again in future. And want to apologize to all players if I was rude to you and did some sort of insult. These are just not my words I will try to implement them. In the future I promise to make better choices. I know saying these things wont change my previous sin. I gave some days in observing myself and will try my best to change my behavior. Thank you for your time and please accept my apology. Sincerely, H!TM@N
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    Unban Request

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    Thanks to everyone!

    Thanks for the positive things, appreciated! Thanks goes to the developer team not only me. They did the hard work. Regarding the negative points. 1- We do not have enough suggestions from race admins or race players. Most of our admins are mix players as well and mix players are more helpful with their support, they tell us what they want. Race players mostly are quiet, which makes it more challenging for us to know what they want. 2- I also did ask Race players several times what would they want for VIP. I got literally no answers, so nothing again I could do. Again same as the the 1st point. Race players are just quiet and not helpful enough. 3- The amount of players did decrease a little, but it have been increased again after some time. I assume players were just taking a break. Even if they weren't taking a break and really left, then its something I can't help, but as I said, it have been increased! 4- VIP didn't replace Music player, we are going to upload new global music player which will be much better than the old one. Kali have went into a holiday and mainly everything stopped during his vacation. 5- I know clans needs more updates, the clan roles and clan bank account is on our list. You can check our Trello to see what we are working on and what we have on our list to work on in the (near) future. I hope I made things clear for you. Thanks for your time pointing Positive and Negative things out. We will work on improving ourselves! Also remember we don't have that huge amount of developers and they have their own life too to spend, so their time is really appreciated into improving this community!
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    Thanks to everyone!

    Congratulations! Time passed so fast. Let me rate the last few months.Only from my view. Positive things: -A lot of bugs has been fixed,mostly those that are ruined the gameplay and some functions (just like the hydra glitch in my case or the no name bug at f6/teams) -You are a person who cares about the community,listen others' advice and really trying for improve the server itself.(#suggestions,#support channel on Discord) And you're highly active which is a plus point. -Some cool new functions (for example hiding players at the beginning of the race, Leaderboards and Tops online,transfer gcs) -Nice team of developers,and they do their job very well,and they seem reliable. -I see some improvement of moderator and admin system. -You created VIP system,which is a new way to exchange donations.As I can see,it's working,a good amount of money has been donated.And you even announce some discounts. -You still don't give up(regardless from some negative opinions) and want to make things better. -MrGreen stayed a nice community with lots of good guys. Negative things: -Looks like you (and your team) keep focus more at the Mix server and state the Race server as the less important one. I refer for the Mix Tournament for example.Race server still needs some improvement,I mean there isn't really map quality control. -The VIP system has some disadvantages.It has some cool features,but as I told before,I think it's most likely for Mix players.Should has some functions that are worth to buy it. -It's a taboo topic,but the amount of players has been decreased visibly,I don't know why.As I experience,some of my Hungarian teammates became inactive or play another games. -VIP replaced Music player -Clan system is outdated.It has only one leader,and if he or she becomes inactive or banned, the clan most likely be dead,because others cant invite members,so the team or clan will get a major handicap. The only change I have seen about the clans is the price of renewing,it become more expensive.And let's be honest,it isn't really an improve.So I would suggest more roles (just like multiple owners or semi-owners etc.) +Tip:Get some DDOS protection. I wish you the best for the future!
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    Mr Green GTA V Racing Server

    We are already willing to work on FiveM and host a race server there for Mr. Green. We will start with Race and NTS gamemodes and we will see what else we can do. I thought about it some weeks/months ago. There was not enough race servers in FiveM and since Race is what we do in MTA. I said we should take advantage of that.
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    Ban Cena

    1. Name of the person (exact username) who should be banned: Cena2. What server: Race/MIX3. Reason why he/she should be banned: Abusing admin powers, banning for no reason. He got mad cuz he lost CW and all his dreams got ruined. Proof: Cena ban yourself XD
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    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    Round 1 will be at : Kings of Mix vs No Good Racing Friday 31 Jan 19:00 (Click to convert to your local time). The other 2 clanwars are 1 hour after the first one. Infinity vs FapGods Friday 31 Jan 20:00 Cenation vs Mother Russia Friday 31 Jan 21:00 __________________________________________________________________ Round 2 will be at: FapGods vs Cenation Saturday 1 Feb 19:00 (Click to convert to your local time). The other 2 clanwars are 1 hour after the first one. No Good Racing vs Infinity Saturday 1 Feb 20:00 Assist of Skills vs Kings of Mix Saturday 1 Feb 21:00 __________________________________________________________________ Round 3 will be at: Infinity vs Assist of Skills Sunday 2 Feb 19:00 (Click to convert to your local time). The other 2 clanwars are 1 hour after the first one. Cenation vs No Good Racing Sunday 2 Feb 20:00 Mother Russia vs FapGods Sunday 2 Feb 21:00 __________________________________________________________________ Round 4 will be at: No Good Racing vs Mother Russia Friday 7 Feb 19:00 (Click to convert to your local time). The other 2 clanwars are 1 hour after the first one. Assist of Skills vs Cenation Friday 7 Feb 20:00 Kings of Mix vs Infinity Friday 7 Feb 21:00 __________________________________________________________________ Round 5 will be at: Cenation vs Kings of Mix Saturday 8 Feb 19:00 (Click to convert to your local time). The other 2 clanwars are 1 hour after the first one. Mother Russia vs Assist of Skills 8 Feb 20:00 FapGods vs No Good Racing 8 Feb 21:00 __________________________________________________________________ Round 6 will be at: Assist of Skills vs FapGods Sunday 9 Feb 19:00 (Click to convert to your local time). The other 2 clanwars are 1 hour after the first one. Kings of Mix vs Mother Russia Sunday 9 Feb 20:00 Infinity vs Cenation Sunday 9 Feb 21:00 __________________________________________________________________ Round 7 will be at: Mother Russia vs Infinity Friday 14 Feb 19:00 (Click to convert to your local time). The other 2 clanwars are 1 hour after the first one. FapGods vs Kings of Mix Friday 14 Feb 20:00 No Good Racing vs Assist of Skills Friday 14 Feb 21:00 __________________________________________________________________ Its gonna be a long clan-war. Each clan will play vs the other clan ones. The top 4 clans will advance to the semi finals stage. The other 4 will be obviously eliminated. These timings are FIXED and will NOT change under any circumstances. Good luck to everyone. Everything is clear, but if you want to ask something then do it below, please not in PM. I get tons of PMs and its hard to reply to everyone which means I could ignore you accidentally.
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    Finally, got myself a Laptop. Time to play. Tomorrow, just like the good'ol days!
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    Map Event

    There will be a map event on 16th of Sep with double gcs reward + 50% of discount in GC shop (F6). So for this day, everyone can suggest a map. The maps that will be suggested will start from 00:00 on 16th of Sep. If we have enough maps suggested. It will keep going till 23:59 of the same day. Each player can suggest multiple maps, but preferably 2-5 maps max. Good luck and enjoy that day!
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    Mix Clan War tournament #3

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    Oki its locked, no more posting. I will take my time reading all of this and see whats best solution
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    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    Aos vs TH results: Aos: 44 points ray 5+3+2 Forzet 3+5+5+3 YeBuddy 1+3+4 civan 3+5+1 Hitman +1 TH: 32 points gromghost 5+5+3+5 qrew 1+5+4+1 Koshka +1 Akeno 0 Zullo 2+
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