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  1. Probably just The Elder Scrolls Online stuff
  2. Microsoft is up tonight 10 PM UK time (11 PM CEST). Join us on Discord.
  3. Hi guys, Due to inactivity @Flipper has decided to stop as a Manager for the MTA servers and go on as admin. I want to personally thank him for his effort and wish him the best. - Ywa
  4. Added PC Gaming Show and updated Bethesda time.
  5. Hey! This weekend all major game publishers will hold a E3 press conference showing their upcoming games. These can be watched online on Twitch for example. During most presentations I'll be in the Mr. Green Discord channel to talk and speculate about what's being presented. It would be cool if others show up as well! EA: Saturday, June 10 at 8 PM BST Microsoft: Sunday, June 11 at 10 PM BST (up next) Bethesda: Monday, June 12 at 5 AM BST PC Gaming Show: Monday, June 12 at 6 AM BST Ubisoft: Monday, June 12 at 9 PM BST Sony: Tuesday, June 13 at 2 AM BST Devolver Digital: TBA Current BST time Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/ge88KfF Thanks and take care.
  6. Everything is per month, apart from the balance. Although that one started at 0. Simply changing to 6 month or 1 year payments won't change much.
  7. In order to make this community more transparent I'll publish financial reports starting now. Let me know what your thoughts are. Please keep in mind that taxes and such are not included. This is just what comes in and what goes out. Total income: €104.40 Total expenses: €90.75 Previous balance: €0.00 Current balance: €13.65 (positive) Income sources: €104.40 - PayPal (GreenCoins payments) Expenses: €90.75 - Dedicated Server, monthly payment (Xeon E3-1270v3, 32GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, 500GB HDD)
  8. @r0cK so where is it? :challenger:

    1. r0cK



    2. Maher


      dayyyum r0cky :hippie:

  9. I'll look into this bug
  10. There's only a video?
  11. Over a decade ago I saw someone on a forum nicknamed 'Aiwa'. And since I'm pretty good at copying I decided to go with 'Ywa', which is still pronounced as 'Aiwa' (my opinion).
  12. I agree that not everything should be taken seriously in a game. However, this is big time racism which is plain wrong. Can an admin permaban him? Thanks.
  13. ???

    That one is very old and probably buggy as hell (since it's made for an older GMod version). @Clavus might still have it.
  14. ???

    I'm fine with open-sourcing. There's already a ZS version open-source made by Duby. Infected Wars is open-source, and our MTA resources/scripts are open-source as well. Old ZS version will be put up online soon. If people pick it up I can put the fixed version up on the server.
  15. Congrats!