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  1. I'll look into this bug
  2. There's only a video?
  3. Over a decade ago I saw someone on a forum nicknamed 'Aiwa'. And since I'm pretty good at copying I decided to go with 'Ywa', which is still pronounced as 'Aiwa' (my opinion).
  4. I agree that not everything should be taken seriously in a game. However, this is big time racism which is plain wrong. Can an admin permaban him? Thanks.
  5. ???

    That one is very old and probably buggy as hell (since it's made for an older GMod version). @Clavus might still have it.
  6. ???

    I'm fine with open-sourcing. There's already a ZS version open-source made by Duby. Infected Wars is open-source, and our MTA resources/scripts are open-source as well. Old ZS version will be put up online soon. If people pick it up I can put the fixed version up on the server.
  7. Congrats!
  8. ???

    Anyways. I can try to dig up older ZS version (but which one/what period?), open-source it and then hope the community fixes & improves it. I promise I won't veto.
  9. ???

    I really dislike the tone you're setting @Braindawg. I mean, in the end we all want the best for the gameserver. Even I do. Just a few facts that apply to Mr. Green (and myself) for the last 2 years or so: - It barely makes any money. I put in more money a month than I get back from donations. Which is fine for now, it's just a hobby anyways. - Because I have other stuff in life now I tried to put more control in the hands of the community itself (the 'Managers'). They basically decide about everything related to that gameserver. I have only veto'd small stuff a couple times. - I'm fully aware I didn't do everything perfect. But all decisions have always been in the best interest of the community. And guess what. I'm just a person as well. People make bad calls from time to time. It's part of life. "what compotent/caring community owner drives away the main dev for a gamemode by adding fucking microtransactions". I can't recall driving anyone away because I wanted micro-transactions. Actually, Duby was working on a whole new ZS, but I can't recall demanding 'GC support' before it getting released. I just asked/'demanded' that it would be a stable gamemode before replacing it with the old one. tl;dr: Mr. Green didn't make millions. I'm fine with most ideas to improve the community. Just be realistic.
  10. Both MTA servers were having technical problems due to a DDoS attack. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  11. That's a good idea actually. Make the max time depend on what time is 'normal'.
  12. What does define a race then? Do you have map name for me which is a DM and you want to get removed? I'll give it a play.
  13. Are we talking about DM maps that we've added checkpoints to? Cus I do think those belong on race. If they only have 1 checkpoint or so: sure. Totally different.
  14. Happy New Year, man! You are the best for being one of the founders of this community and for keeping it alive! Cheers! Hype!

  15. Everyone received their GCs! Enjoy the new year folks.