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  1. Mr. Green Whatpulse team

    WhatPulse tracks your clicks, key hits etc.
  2. I'm happy to announce that @Cena will be the new MTASA Server Manager for both Mix and regular Race. He has already done a tremendous amount of community work and I expect he'll continue doing so. Keep in mind that a second MTA manager might be added at a later point. Although I'm not too sure about that yet. - Ywa
  3. Forum logo

    It still doesn't feel right. I would prefer a logo where the icon is fully visible and where the text color is somewhat different than the icon itself. It's too much green now.

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    2. r0cK


      " running in the glorious GTA IV (RAGE) engine " explains it all :P

    3. Maher
    4. Gonzalezo
  5. Forum logo

    In 2 of your 3 designs the logo is completely invisible behind the text. That's kind of odd. Also, the logo doesn't allow display on darker/green pages, because there are no borders/shadows/etc. Text baseline varies per letter, I assume they're supposed to be the same. A revised version would be great to see!
  6. Unfortunately @BlueYoshi97 decided to quit as Manager. I want to personally thank him for the time he invested into the MTA servers. Thank you!! Also, my apologies towards him for taking so long to write this up.
  7. OOPS

    @Maher this is a test
  8. OOPS

    Forum should be mostly fine again. Let me know if you guys happen to find any issues.
  9. OOPS

    Due to a forum system update the layout is kinda screwed. I'll fix it asap!
  10. Hereby last month's financial information. As always, thank you for donating to keep the community alive! Please keep in mind that taxes and such are not included. This is just what comes in and what goes out. Total income: €131.50 Total expenses: €100.67 Previous balance: €13.65 (positive) Current balance: €44.48 (positive) Income sources: €131.50 - PayPal (GreenCoins payments) Expenses: €90.75 - Dedicated Server, monthly payment (Xeon E3-1270v3, 32GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, 500GB HDD) €9.92 - 1 year domain registration: mrgreengaming.com
  11. Watch the E3 with Mr. Green

    Probably just The Elder Scrolls Online stuff
  12. Watch the E3 with Mr. Green

    Microsoft is up tonight 10 PM UK time (11 PM CEST). Join us on Discord.
  13. Hi guys, Due to inactivity @Flipper has decided to stop as a Manager for the MTA servers and go on as admin. I want to personally thank him for his effort and wish him the best. - Ywa
  14. Watch the E3 with Mr. Green

    Added PC Gaming Show and updated Bethesda time.