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  1. Knul

    Moderator application - DzinyMaster

    good luck m8, the sky is the limit
  2. one year without jack :(

  3. i hope you're still alive but i doubt it bro😓

    1. Envision


      deze rus spoort niet. heeft ze nie alle 100

  4. first of all if you don't like me suck yo motha

    1. NotAleksCore


      how about no

    2. Knul


      you're muted man, quiet!

  5. Knul

    Do you listen to the map music?

    i—d!$$@Bl3dd m’)Uu$!cc 0Pt!°nnN
  6. !!-*playboi carti!🦋sslat-+Ok! DIE LIT**

  7. Knul

    Top 15 Tournament

    You son of a bitch, I'm in.
  8. Knul

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    Good luck, but there is too much controversy surrounding your name sadly. You're a little bit too harsh for the role, but that does not mean you would do badly though!
  9. Knul

    Race & Mix Map Manager - DzinyMaster

    Accept him as Top Crew already.
  10. Knul

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    good luck. I don't really have an opinion about this, since I don't know what your opinion about our current map situation is. Just please do not delete our beloved Pachanga maps
  11. Yes, I like this idea. BUT, it's too early to add this feature. At one point, the survival server will kinda die. You can't play survival forever, it gets boring when you've done everything you can. Now when we eventually stop playing on the survival server, you should add this. It's a fresh start with a lot more features. I've played a lot of modded minecraft servers/launchers and it's actually way more fun than default Minecraft. More minerals, building options, things to do,... So yeah, I'm down for this but not yet.
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