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  1. aaaah where the time has gone..

  2. jackie come back bro! 

  3. Knul

    Pictures of thyself

    Lmaooo what a guy
  4. Lisa we miss u

  5. Knul

    Introduce yourself :D

    Military became a cop? ;o
  6. Knul

    Map Event

    Nick: NGR|Knul [Race] 2fast2know where you go [Mix] Jededo 5 (NTS)
  7. Knul


    Hi guys Normally I NEVER do Ban requests. I don’t want to snitch and get people banned, but today is an exception. This kid MetehanPasa already has a few ban requests on his name, but only got muted for a week. Now, I normally ignore toxic people, but this is just getting out of hand and is really pissing me off. Whenever this little kid joins, he tries to target me and get everybody to insult me. Sometimes with succes, sometimes without. Today shit really made me pissed. He keeps on insulting me, and the rest of the members. He also tried to target Suckarr. When I asked mods/ad
  8. woooooziee come back man you’re unbanned 

  9. Knul

    Application Nick

    good luck nick'ske!
  10. Knul

    metehanpasa insult

    Due to the fact there is already a topic about him, I will reply under this one. He is indeed a prick, always insulting and blocking everyone. The only thing he does is insulting, saying racist stuff and ruining the fun for others. I’ve had plenty experiences where he rammed me out of nowhere and started insulting for... literally... nothing. Ban this kid already, Mr. Green is supposed to be a nice place where we can have fun and relieve the stress. This kid makes us experience all the opposite things...
  11. Knul


    You forgot to add Race as gamemode in Map Editor, most likely because you did a test before saving your map. Click the world icon and add gamemode race
  12. • I agree on the NTS and Core markers part. Core markers magnets have to change, it has to appear less or just slow down the person before you. • Double vote for winner is a bit too much. This will get abused. Winners already have -50% map price so that’s a good privilege • Random map choice when the votes are the same is a VERY VERY good idea. I like that. It’s fair! • Disabling PJ is a no go zone for me. I raced my ass off for that 15k GC. Refund if disabled.
  13. Hello fellow Greens After some thinking, I’ve decided I want to try to host a Race event. I have never done this before, and I thought trying this out wouldn’t hurt. Apart from (maybe) @V4POR I don't have anyone that is helping me organize it, so if you'd like to help, contact me! Nothing is decided yet. I also want to mention that I don’t know if this is going to happen in the first place. I’ll do my best though! So, what I wanted to ask the community is what types of maps you want to play. I’m thinking about 10 maps, mostly all different types. A tournament with pure street-ra
  14. Knul

    Goodbye Mrgreen!

    Take care! Don't really get why "leaving mrgreen" is a thing though. If you find free time, just join Anyways, I wish you the best of luck! Hope to see you back
  15. Tuco is still better than sandyfuck

    1. race


      SandySweet is still beter than Knulfuck


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