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  1. Hope you're doing alright my man!

    Napoleon Dynamite Hello GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

  2. AfuSensi

    Opinions on a possible FTB Revelations SMP server

    It wouldn't be a replacement, so if we decide to do it we would have 2 minecraft servers.
  3. Hey, @ciken suggested a new type of SMP server with a modpack called FTB Revelations. This is a total conversion mod that basically turns minecraft into another game, with much deeper progression and tons of new features. Mod list FTB Revelation videos As it's very different from vanilla minecraft and could be an interesting and refreshing server. If you have questions about the mod, @ciken should be able to answer them. What do you guys think about starting such a server?
  4. AfuSensi

    More Images to Pjtester In Paint jobs

    The paintjob tester is not associated with mrgreen. Its made by CBY. Please stop asking for suggestions about it here on or discord.
  5. AfuSensi

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    Your username is invalid.
  6. AfuSensi


    Try logging in to your account again. It shouldn't affect your account.
  7. AfuSensi

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    Added Added Added Added
  8. AfuSensi

    Mr. Green Minecraft Survival

    Hello, Since there was some demand to play on a survival server, I have set one up. As of today our Minecraft survival server is online. IP: mc.mrgreengaming.com Maps: http://mc.mrgreengaming.com:22040/ Version: 1.16.5 Rules: No griefing No intentional lag creation No cheating. Keep it fair play. Breaking any of these rules may get your whitelist revoked. This server is whitelisted. If you wish to join, please apply in this topic: CLICK HERE
  9. If you wish to be added to Mr. Green's survival server's whitelist, please post your Minecraft username in this topic. Rules: No griefing No intentional lag creation No cheating. Keep it fair play. Breaking any of these rules may get your whitelist revoked.
  10. We have made some steps towards recreating the server, but sadly we lacked the manpower to do so.
  11. AfuSensi

    State of Mr. Green Gaming

    Hello everyone, As you may know, i will be taking over @Cena's role and will be leading the community. Under Cena's leadership we have been planning and working on some great things to improve and grow this community, all of which will continue as planned. I'm looking forward for us to work togheter on making Mr. Green Gaming the community it deserves to be. I want to thank @Cena for his work in keeping Mr. Green Gaming alive, and wish him good luck and fortitude in his future endeavors. Hopefully you'll stick around! As some members may not know our current plans,
  12. AfuSensi


    You won't get unbanned as you are also globally banned by MTA. Please move on.
  13. today wants unmute in discord

    1. V4POR


      Who wants unmute?

    2. Matoosh


      @V4POR today ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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