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  1. AfuSensi

    Hacker joker

    It could be he did not top because he wasnt logged in to a GC account. I doubt this is a bug.
  2. AfuSensi


    Maybe you should check for viruses, or if you use a HDD, if its still running properly. That big of an fps drop sounds like some faulty hardware.
  3. AfuSensi

    Mod/admin app

    Removal requested by Laca
  4. This seems like it was a global MTA issue. Update MTA at https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest
  5. Does this happen every time you try to join the server?
  6. If he has some arguments against it, he's free to express it.
  7. I do not recall that lol
  8. It's actually a good idea, a carhide that is available while having ghostmode.
  9. AfuSensi

    Lets talk about server chat/logic

    1. Some admins allow more trashtalking than other admins. Though it's not right that cerntain admins allow some players to trashtalk and others not. 2. Why are you surprised? 3. Opinion
  10. AfuSensi

    A small tribute to Deluvas

    My deepest condolences to all of his friends and family.
  11. AfuSensi

    Editor plugin + Mapping rules for MTA

    Updated for new Shooter settings (jump height and auto repair) and added DeadLine
  12. AfuSensi

    haxardous and random blocker

    The mods handled this situation properly. Once you have actual proof of abuse, feel free to make another topic.
  13. This sounds like one of those neural networks making posts on forums.
  14. AfuSensi


    By reflected, he means it's mirrored. So for example, if you have text on one side, the other side will be backwards.
  15. AfuSensi

    Error: El mapa no está bien.

    The map upload is not working at the moment.
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