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  1. AfuSensi

    Map [SH] ground area

    It's possible to make a map like that, but i dont think players will enjoy it that much.
  2. I like the idea and added it to our trello board. https://trello.com/c/PRFqZ0bl/127-top-wins-for-maps
  3. AfuSensi

    Channel Language on servers

    I created one back in 2015 but the community did not receive it very well. Since there aren't as many players as back then, I personally feel like it isn't as needed, but I could be wrong.
  4. AfuSensi

    login bug

    Issue has been resolved
  5. AfuSensi

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    Great memes guys
  6. AfuSensi

    Random Foliage

    It can not be a setting because it actually removes some obstacles. So its either enabled for all players, or none.
  7. AfuSensi

    qrew has a bad mouth

    Seems like a mod muted him. Next time please keep the discussion in english.
  8. What are your specs and budget?
  9. AfuSensi

    gc bug in account

    Hi, i was on vacation so i wasnt able to reply. Please send me a PM with his info.
  10. AfuSensi

    Hacker joker

    It could be he did not top because he wasnt logged in to a GC account. I doubt this is a bug.
  11. AfuSensi


    Maybe you should check for viruses, or if you use a HDD, if its still running properly. That big of an fps drop sounds like some faulty hardware.
  12. AfuSensi

    Mod/admin app

    Removal requested by Laca
  13. This seems like it was a global MTA issue. Update MTA at https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest
  14. Does this happen every time you try to join the server?
  15. If he has some arguments against it, he's free to express it.
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