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  1. AfuSensi


    You won't get unbanned as you are also globally banned by MTA. Please move on.
  2. AfuSensi

    GCs payment update

    We just gotta wait for your accountant
  3. AfuSensi

    Shooter must be better on Mr Green Community

    Kmz is a problem, but i dont think groundkilling is a problem, I was actually surprised when i returned to Mr. Green because years ago nobody ever talked about or had a problem with it. I actually made a kmz detector when i made cargame, so maybe i can use it for shooter. Although i dont know how it will fit since shooter is a no-respawn gamemode. If you have any ideas, feel free to share.
  4. AfuSensi

    Haxardous and his selfishness

    Your mute is justified as you were extremely obnoxious after being told not to. As for the blocker part, i trust @Haxardous's judgement. On the chance that he was wrong, we are talking about a one hour blocker mode. You claimed you were going for the achievement, i can see how that can go wrong, but even accidental blocking is blocking if you are not actively participating in a race. I'm going to lock this topic as there is clearly no real abuse here.
  5. AfuSensi


    Locked because the issue has been resolved.
  6. AfuSensi


    You have 2 accounts. This is not the first time you have been told this. https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/profile/28740-chowboy/ https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/profile/23166-filip53/
  7. AfuSensi

    Map [SH] ground area

    It's possible to make a map like that, but i dont think players will enjoy it that much.
  8. I like the idea and added it to our trello board. https://trello.com/c/PRFqZ0bl/127-top-wins-for-maps
  9. AfuSensi

    Channel Language on servers

    I created one back in 2015 but the community did not receive it very well. Since there aren't as many players as back then, I personally feel like it isn't as needed, but I could be wrong.
  10. AfuSensi

    login bug

    Issue has been resolved
  11. AfuSensi

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    Great memes guys
  12. AfuSensi

    Random Foliage

    It can not be a setting because it actually removes some obstacles. So its either enabled for all players, or none.
  13. AfuSensi

    qrew has a bad mouth

    Seems like a mod muted him. Next time please keep the discussion in english.
  14. What are your specs and budget?
  15. AfuSensi

    gc bug in account

    Hi, i was on vacation so i wasnt able to reply. Please send me a PM with his info.
  16. AfuSensi

    Hacker joker

    It could be he did not top because he wasnt logged in to a GC account. I doubt this is a bug.
  17. AfuSensi


    Maybe you should check for viruses, or if you use a HDD, if its still running properly. That big of an fps drop sounds like some faulty hardware.
  18. AfuSensi

    Mod/admin app

    Removal requested by Laca
  19. This seems like it was a global MTA issue. Update MTA at https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest
  20. Does this happen every time you try to join the server?
  21. If he has some arguments against it, he's free to express it.
  22. I do not recall that lol
  23. It's actually a good idea, a carhide that is available while having ghostmode.
  24. AfuSensi

    Lets talk about server chat/logic

    1. Some admins allow more trashtalking than other admins. Though it's not right that cerntain admins allow some players to trashtalk and others not. 2. Why are you surprised? 3. Opinion
  25. AfuSensi

    A small tribute to Deluvas

    My deepest condolences to all of his friends and family.
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