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  1. 31 minutes ago, Mekuar said:

    Can't you put this on settings? People can turn it on and off 

    It can not be a setting because it actually removes some obstacles. So its either enabled for all players, or none.

  2. Maybe you should check for viruses, or if you use a HDD, if its still running properly.

    That big of an fps drop sounds like some faulty hardware.

  3. 5 minutes ago, ChickenAttack said:

    Dunno what reflexed means. Reflected?

    Are you saying that copy and paste brings errors?

    Or that the mirroring on the front and the back needs work to get it right, given how it was initially designed only for 1 car? If so I wouldn't be surprised if it is a lot of work, I can ask wonas again but yeah I wouldn't be surprised

    By reflected, he means it's mirrored. So for example, if you have text on one side, the other side will be backwards.

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