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    Why to close topics Neox????

    I have no idea whats going on, been away for 2 days. But if it is like you say it is i agree with you. It was a brilliant idea to raise ping limit in the night.
  2. 1. Yes, it's only used to find the right texture names. 2. Yes 3. 4. It's more dynamic, and works on any texture (as far as i know), without needing to find the txd file and replace it. The same method is used for custom paintjobs.
  3. AfuSensi

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    If you want i can convert race cp's to checkpoints for rtf.
  4. On request of vinii, i'll try to post some tutorials here. Here it goes. Replace textures without using .txd (by using normal shaders with .jpg/.png etc) You can use shaders to replace textures, this way you have no need to mess with .txd files, and can easilly change the texture by editing a few lines of code. In this tutorial we will go over how i add it to maps. Once you have made your map and found a texture you want to replace, jump to step 1. Step 1: Getting the texture's name First of all, you need a way to get texture names. You can achieve this by using the resource "shader_tex_names", wich you can download here. (direct link) Once you have downloaded it, unzip it, put it in your resource folder and while ingame /refresh and /start shader_tex_names. After that, press num_8 to view the list of visible textures, it should look something like this: If your list is very long, try to position your screen so that there are as least as possible objects in your view. To find your texture, navigate the list with num_7 and num_9, the texture you selected will light up in different colors. I have found the texture for my roads: Now that you've got your texture name, press K to copy it to clipboard, and save it for later. Step 2: Adding the script and image to your map I have made a zip file with all the files needed to replace. replacetexture.zip Unzip the file, within it you will see the example texture, the script and the fx file. Add these to the root of your map folder. Once you've done that, open your meta.xml and add these lines one line under <meta> If you have changed your texture image, replace it with "texture.jpg" <script src="replacetexture.lua" type="client"></script> <file src="texture.jpg"/> <file src="texture.fx" />If youre using another image, replace it with "texture.jpg". Save your meta.xml file, and open replacetexture.lua. I have added comments to the script to make it more understandable, but the script is pretty simple. If you are using another image, replace "texture.jpg" with your own image file path, so if your image is called myImage.jpg, replace "texture.jpg" with "myImage.jpg". Don't forget to add the proper path. When you have done these things, restart your map. If you did everything correct the textures should be replaced with your image. Texture end result: Tips .bmp, .dds, .jpg, .png, and .tga images are supportedTake a look here if you want more options on how the texture looksWhen choosing your image, keep the file size low!You can search online for "seamless textures" to find textures that will look niceIf something is not working, try to look for errors with the command /debugscript 3 If you have any questions, feel free to ask or PM me.
  5. AfuSensi

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Can't we modify them to reduce the teamkilling so firing the rockets at a team mate insteads blows you up? Since its only one map, its not really worth scripting for.
  6. AfuSensi

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    super-speed-racer Spawned in fence
  7. AfuSensi

    MIX server complaints

    NTS was a stutterfest before custom paintjobs got half fixed, only difference is that alot less people had pj's back then, maybe an option to disable custom pj's on lower end pc's would do good.
  8. AfuSensi

    bug in nts

    Seems to be caused by the admin resource, it has put a lot of (200+) vehicles near xyz 0,0,-200. I think admins have been giving alot of vehicles and it hasnt cleaned up. runscript for other devs: crun for _,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do x,y,z = getElementPosition(v) if x == 0 and y == 0 and z == -200 then parent = getElementParent(getElementParent(v)) outputDebugString(tostring(getElementID(parent))) endendI restarted admin resource, and i will look later why admin res isnt cleaning up its own elements.
  9. AfuSensi

    bug in nts

    Ill look at whats causing this, its not a nts bug though.
  10. AfuSensi

    MIX server complaints

    We dont actually know either way if bigger playercount means "nothing". As far as i know we dont have stats. Also its rarely most players (on european play times) @ vini, mrgreen has lost alot of players ever since anti mods were on the server, and after the crash ofcourse.
  11. AfuSensi

    MIX server complaints

    Cusom pj's. They used to create a new shader every time someone with a custom paintjob got a new car, but now it creates new shaders when someone with multiple pj's get a new car with another pj. So the stutter used to be 100% worse, but it still needs to get fixed. About gc/h, i see no problem with it. We had an admin discussion about it recently, but i still do not see it as a problem. Also remember that the morning and night is (south) america's timezone to play, and since this is a european server alot have very high ping and slow downloads here.
  12. AfuSensi

    MIX server complaints

    Can we do this in another topic?
  13. AfuSensi

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    I know, but there was no f button free of gui. The standard used to be f4. If your pc explode while taking a screenshot, you can do /snow too.
  14. AfuSensi

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Is there any chance you have your custom sounds disabled? f1 > settings > sound settings > misc volume
  15. AfuSensi

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    You still have the resource? Nvm got it,
  16. AfuSensi


    Can we discuss like adults please.
  17. AfuSensi

    Movement of Car in SHs

    Use your arrow keys, and spacebar + a/s.
  18. AfuSensi

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Nice one.
  19. AfuSensi


    impossible to make it work once its dead, its dead buy new GPU unplug old 1 bin and whats your PSU watts and unistall all your old GPU stuff Yea, I'm gonna stick to current shit until my pc explodes. GPU was 400usd... you can get a cheapy crap 1 for like £30 even Dont get a 30 dollar gpu please.
  20. AfuSensi


    Damn, the dim script caused that much damage? xD It sucks though, i have the same sometimes on one of my screens, but that's because theres a bug where my card's memory underclocks when i open too many tabs, if i close it it fixes itself.
  21. AfuSensi

    Cenation "CnT|"

    Burn it with fire!
  22. AfuSensi

    eatmybrother and warhero real brothers...

    Ramming is allowed, blocking is not. If you're not breaking the rules, don't worry about reports.
  23. AfuSensi

    Rate the song above you!

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