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  1. AfuSensi

    NTS-Can-U-Keep-Up TAGreenLabel

    Thanks sergio. Thanks to hulpje i have updated my map to make the song work. I also set the map speed to 1. So this is the new version: Nts-Can-U-Keep-Up.zip
  2. AfuSensi

    NTS Green

    Made a new map. I hope its good, thanks.NTS-Green.zip
  3. AfuSensi

    NTS-Can-U-Keep-Up TAGreenLabel

    BUMP, Uploaded? If not, why?
  4. AfuSensi

    [KS] Caglar blocking MIX

    Please ban him. There are no admins online atm. More pics He keeps on going =/
  5. AfuSensi

    Custom paintjob tutorial

    Oh thats a bummer since i mostly play on mix =(
  6. AfuSensi

    Custom paintjob tutorial

    Is it correct that this doesnt work in MIX?
  7. AfuSensi

    Custom paintjob tutorial

    Yes, i just bought 15k and bought the custom paintjob, good job guys!
  8. AfuSensi

    Custom paintjob tutorial

    Very nice Hulpje, Now i just need 15k gc to buy the perk
  9. AfuSensi

    Admin Application - Bob_Tailor

    Hi bob good luck!
  10. OSORIO & Galactico & Jack_Whores BLOCKING, screenshots here: Im sick and tired of this. Update 7-2-2013 Osorio does not really like me anymore since i reported him . I dont care about that but he keeps blocking:
  11. AfuSensi

    Welcome back

    Gone for a few days, then you know how much youll miss GCs haha.
  12. AfuSensi

    Graphics Card OC

    Your system probly crashed because your gpu was running too hot. Try using MSI Afterburner, you can set fan profiles. Like when its this temp the fan goes this speed. It really works much better than amd overdrive IMO.
  13. AfuSensi

    Robastak_DZ ruining MIX server

    Hi, Im reporting a player that uses a plane to shoot down players that are actually playing the game in the MIX server. This happens ALOT in the mix server! The players name is Robastak_DZ. I have made some screenshots. http://imageshack.us/g/442/mtascreen20130125012643.png/
  14. AfuSensi

    NTS-Can-U-Keep-Up TAGreenLabel

    Song is Can you keep up - Busta rhymes ft. Twista
  15. Nts-Can-U-Keep-Up.zip Hi guys, This is my first map and i hope u guys enjoy it. I also hope that i did it correctly.
  16. AfuSensi

    Mix server (mta)

    Ok so another evening fucked up by people with guns on their helicopter/plane. Thanks alot admins.
  17. AfuSensi

    Mix server (mta)

    It seems like it only works on the race server.
  18. AfuSensi

    Mix server (mta)

    Hi people. Normally i dont post here but im tired of the trolls that spoil our fun in mta:sa mix server. There is a guy named Gnappo. He always tries to get a plane or heli spawn to shoot with and goes to the finish. (so he is not racing but just straight up trolling.) And when he gets at the finish he shoots at the players so they can not finish. There are also namestealers etc. Even if there is a admin on irc. They do not do anything. Please fix the mix server since i enjoy playing on it. I dont mind people shooting when they have the spawn, but comon. Going to the finish to shoot people that try to finish? Thank you.
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