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  1. KaliBwoy

    Error: El mapa no está bien.

    The map upload is not working at the moment.
  2. KaliBwoy

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Thanks for the years of entertainment you provided to me and thousands of players world wide, I wish you good luck with your future endeavors. @Ywa
  3. KaliBwoy


    I agree, it nerds big maps. I have no idea if it will work out with alot of players, but with the right maps I'm sure it will
  4. KaliBwoy


    What is the problem? Yes it's not an original idea (a game mode from gta V) and the line draw and hit detection is indeed from bonsai (which has released his resources publicly). At least see if you like it on mrgreen before complaining.
  5. hey jij ook weer eens hier meneer. lang niet gezien.

  6. Poor Kali he is now is in @Duby green army

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      I like my blue name, IF I retire there will be a leadership ellection for someone to take over the green army >:)

    3. Gh0st


      I'll be soon in this army ;)



      Nooooo aleks we need your skills in scripting without you the server will fall apart

  7. KaliBwoy

    [BUG] Pink Screen Bug

    Im pretty sure i made maps only have a cerntain range of weather to prevent this, but it changes when of after the countdown. Having a high weather number will bug out on some pcs.
  8. KaliBwoy

    Forums issue

    my fav part of the forum.
  9. KaliBwoy

    Ghost Mode Always On for high ping players

    I actually removed the transparancy for collisionless because people thought it was ghostmode and complained(few months ago). It needs a better indication. The point of all of it is so that they cant lagg-ram people into oblivion. I didnt make it as a "hey look at me, i'm pushable " mode, but i made it as a counter for laggers ramming non lagging people, and we all know they can be a stone wall on the road. Since higher ping and low fps can bring disadvantages for other people, its pretty fair.
  10. KaliBwoy

    Ghost Mode Always On for high ping players

    They are supposed to go in collisionless mode, so they cant hit people but people can hit them.
  11. KaliBwoy

    Blocker mode bug

    Yep, tested and blocker mode doesnt go away. Youre not in ghostmode though, its just the alpha of your vehicle that is lower. Fix incoming asap.
  12. KaliBwoy

    Blocker mode bug

    Testing this today too.
  13. KaliBwoy

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    "Source: 9gag" Nice joke .
  14. KaliBwoy

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    You will when one of us finds it a good idea and implements it. If we had more scripters i guess it would be faster.
  15. KaliBwoy

    Ghost Mode Always On for high ping players

    There might be a bug, ill test it tomorrow, calm down.