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  1. Gonzalezo

    Blocker Bring

    So where you got video?
  2. Gonzalezo

    Blocker Bring

    Hello. This player block's me at every possible opportunity. He also doesn't like it when i buy NTS map. Please do something with him. Greetings. Kash
  3. Gonzalezo

    V4POR (Patya) Blocker

    Are you abuse admin rules?
  4. Gonzalezo

    V4POR (Patya) Blocker

    I dont know what he train but.. He ruined my race
  5. Gonzalezo

    Mateoryt Admin application

    If he will be admin that server will be joke.
  6. kashpatka juz tutaj,kupuj 3 gry



    1. Gonzalezo


      haha tak

  7. Gonzalezo

    Top/least favourite race mappers [BETA]

    Where are my maps
  8. cebulki :hi:


  9. Gonzalezo

    let rammers get punished.

  10. co ci nie slychac i nie widac :hi:

  11. Gonzalezo

    Kash block attempt

    Problem is with theese guys which blocks me for buying NTS
  12. Gonzalezo

    Kash block attempt

  13. Gonzalezo

    Kash block attempt

    First read the rules and then write complaint. Secondly it's ram not block. I did not block anyone after last ban. But other players block's me for no reason. Maybe it is caused by buying the Never The Same map too much. I can buy what i want.
  14. ogladaj wideo jak pchasz na nts :hi:

    1. Gonzalezo


      to jest ram nie block rusek

    2. jack123


      co ty zrobil kick masz?

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