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  1. tak cibulka


  2. Gonzalezo

    New reaction types

  3. change nickname, retard

  4. Gonzalezo

    Cyka_Blyat cheater

  5. Gonzalezo

    Cyka_Blyat cheater

    No. When i started write to him why he use cheats he left the server lol
  6. Gonzalezo

    Cyka_Blyat cheater

    Hello all. I would like to report guy which use hax on the race server. At the bottom is evidence as a recording: PS. The best time ghost is on the mini map
  7. Gonzalezo

    About Anthony~Vz

  8. Gonzalezo

    bitch - insults

    In addition, he blocks other players (not the first time, he was marked for that but still do it)
  9. Gonzalezo

    MTA Christmas event!

    Race - Ich bin expert Mix - idk
  10. Gonzalezo

    bi**h Blocker Race

    Hello all. I would like to report this player for blocking others (he does not do it for the first time). At the bottom I put the video as proof:
  11. Pour a glass and bite my tongue. You say i am the only one. If you sure then why you run?

  12. I joined the server and they start provoking me: Rot he got nick from Indonesia
  13. After unmute u will be ignored /ignore
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