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  1. I'm fucking tired man, I thought it'd get better, They said it will but I've come to realize that its all a lie. Everyday I wake up. Follow the same routine over and over again, It's like I'm stuck in a 4 bar audio loop, I can't seem to stop. I can't find happiness in anything even if I do it is of very short duration. Life is futile at this point and I don't know what to make of it.  This feeling of emptiness has followed me my entire life, Its like the only thing I have to call my own.  My heart aches every night and I feel this unbearable weight in my chest, I don't have the strength to carry on like this everyday. Death seems like the only valid option at this point but its saddening that I'm much of a coward to do the deed. I don't know man. I'm tired and I feel like I always will be. A tired soul in search of something that's not really there. I've disassociated with almost everyone I know, At this very moment I'm holding back my tears and false promising myself things will change. I feel like I'm in a fucking desert and the happiness is nothing but a mirage.  

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    2. AleksCore


      @Gonzalezo, It isn't any funny dude. I don't see anything funny in being tired, unhealthy and depressed. Working on a low-paid job almost every day except Sunday, same routine everyday. Realizing all your school and college mates ins't even your real friends. All we have is our parents and maybe brother/sister who's probably also don't care about you a lot.

      When mentally and physically you are dead, all you can do is pray for death. Sometimes pain fades away and there is very short periods when you can feel yourself healthy and alive, but then diseases wake up again and attack you even harder. Without a lot of money you can't cure yourself. What's left? Suffer and wish you was dead. 

      Honestly I don't see what's funny about this. If you can't relate to this - I am really happy for you and I hope you'll never feel like this.

    3. Gonzalezo
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      this nigga Gonzalezo a bot lmao