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  1. Gonzalezo

    MTA Christmas event!

    Race - Ich bin expert Mix - idk
  2. Gonzalezo

    bi**h Blocker Race

    Hello all. I would like to report this player for blocking others (he does not do it for the first time). At the bottom I put the video as proof:
  3. Pour a glass and bite my tongue. You say i am the only one. If you sure then why you run?

  4. I joined the server and they start provoking me: Rot he got nick from Indonesia
  5. After unmute u will be ignored /ignore 🙃
  6. And how should I can write something when I'm muted? XDDDDDDDDD
  7. I am muted alerady 6 days left to unmute lel 😶
  8. F**k off haters you wanna ban me bcs when i am winning the races then you start cry bcs you cant earn gc. And when you insult me admins Got in ass but when i Saying noob for example to you then u running to report me like nrg start. That server is going Down. Its my opinion and take it to our hearts. PS: Noob is not insult. Read the server rules first then talk
  9. Gonzalezo

    bug team members

    Second bug with teams is you cant kick anyone from clan lol
  10. Haha thx for make my morning better when i am Reading ur messages about me
  11. So first get it and then write wish u a good night
  12. You cant mark me as blocker bcs you dont have any proof when i am blocking
  13. Ye add more video and screen noob is not insult read the rules of the server first then write
  14. Gonzalezo

    Remove the Shoutbox?

    I am with you boss
  15. In the night, in my dreams,
    I'm in love with you, 'Cause you talk to me like lovers do,

    1. Stig


      eat a sack of baby dicks