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  1. DanielCro

    Map cooldown

    In all honesty I don't see any issues with current map cooldown, but as Tesla pointed out 13min for one map that's quite a lot, and if map is pain in the ass it's even worse.. (not to mention destiny maps... - which are deleted as far as I know.) So.. if anything, set map cooldown based off on how long it is or how much likes/dislikes it has (assuming that you can do that), Alenator/pickup marker maps are fun, people repeat them and they buy them.. putting up cooldown on these would be lame (imo), NTS.... well that's NTS, no need to say anything about it....
  2. DanielCro

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    what do I get as #4?
  3. DanielCro

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    The fact that I was 4th in the end... sucks to be me.
  4. DanielCro

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    Yours truly, SkylineGT
  5. DanielCro

    Ghostmode in GC shop

    So to start it off, I have no clue if this is the right section but there should be an option to buy GM in gc shop so you can have it on maps where GM gets disabled, frankly being rammed by others is pain in the ass and there's nothing really that can be done about it... GM would still be disabled on pickup marker races and idk... perhaps some other map if it's really required, but in normal races it would stay on.
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