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  1. Cock i talked about an another server. and you and other big players are teaming with 60-70% of the regular players included laggers. If i play a game i like to win... but okay i get it i won't cause problems anymore. You can set the ping limit to 1000. I leave now. Thanks for you all. I'll remember the server and you guys forever. I hope some day we will meet again. goodbye, be afroman with you. ( ye im racist:) )
  2. GameTaff: We aren't "whining", we try to talk about problems like civilized people. The only one who whining is you because you can't make a rational argument you just insult... I don't know what's your ingame name so i don't exactly know who you are. Anyway, it's clear to me talk to you is like talking to a brick wall. Today I thought some about this post and i realized we arguing with kids. I mean there are a few guys who 18+ on the server or here on the forum but most of them are under 18 or under 16. So, it's almost pointless to arguing with kids as an adult. (like gametaff and players who write in that style like him.) Wes thank you for you nice words. You are on the same "wawelength" as me and really thank you to stood behind me. Don't let them to provocate you and to play off you. I'll never forget you.
  3. Wes it seems like it's completely pointless to make an argument with him... i got a facepalm while i read these comments and i hope sometimes laggers will understand what we are talking about. We think in a different way and maybe we don't fit to the "perfect mrgreen world where everyone equal even if he have 1000 ping and completely fuck up the game". Maybe i will answer more but i'm done for now.
  4. I can agree with you cock in that way. I just got mad because i have a nice time on the server, playing good, then i plan a perfect kill and i just crash with the lagger and nothing happens, or i die because of the lag. Or i played on a race server, and there was an indian player who was in front of me in my screen, and he has +1:20 sec. (or inversely i don't remember) And they like to write "OMG lag power" and stuff like this. These were just examples. And guys... Of course you don't have problem with it because you teaming with a lot of players... so you don't really feel the bad things about this. I can get your point too and i know laggers will always there in online gaming but if you can do against it why not? Maybe i cry a lot about it but maybe because i started playing mta on a server who had stricter rules. But it's ok i wont make more thread about it in the future And thanks flipper to see that clearly what happened. Best wishes.
  5. Thanks for the nice words. I will remember you guys in all my life So, i don't want to make that unban topic because if admins think that was too strong i totally accept it. Anyway i think that if a server have gamemodes like DD or SH what are played in ghost mode off, you need lower ping limit because playing with high ping players are totally shit in my opinion but this is none of my business anymore, just saying. On race server it's oke because you can play in ghost mode ON there so ping doesn't really matter. And i played here for 4-5 years so i think i can make a topic for saying goodbye and talk things about this. A bit later this topic will disappear anyway.
  6. Yo guys, I have to say bye bye to you and everyone who i liked and everyone who liked me. I played here about for years and i really liked the mix server it's an original server in the mta history. So i got ban yesterday because of racism. I know in this way was unacceptable and i think that was totally rightful i'm not here to ask to unban me i just want to say a few words about me and the server. Actually i planned that i will write down everything what i think about the server but now i decided to keep it to myself. I don't want another haters or wars. So i just want to say goodbye to everyone. bye bye and have a nice life.
  7. hahaha. i did this in purpose... i tell u why... i just joined they called me fucking reese and made joke about me and racism but they didnt make screenshots about that.. so i don't really care if u ban me because i won't play a lot on mix more.
  8. Okay i accept your opinions. I need to say something about this. I'm not racist. I said that due to the fact that India is far from the server and i was angry because of the lag and not because he from India. It wasn't personal. I don't hate BOSS or Shaky or anyone from a far country, i just hate the lag what caused by these players. I'm sorry if i offended someone it wasn't personal. Anyway i was drunk when i made this application but i decided to keep it because why not but i didn't take it seriously. I know about myself i wouldn't be a good admin.
  9. I'm not racist. I just hate that people who are from India or South america or Asia or Antarctic and join to a europe server to DESTROY other european players' gaming experience with their huge ping. I think there are a lots of asian, american and african server to play there
  10. Ok then don't make me admin. I'm not racist. I just hate that people who are from India or South america or Asia or Antarctic and join to a europe server to DESTROY other european players' gaming experience with their huge ping. I think there are a lots of asian, american and african server to play there
  11. We need some ctf. There's 2 good map if you'd like to set because why not. ctf-dock ctf-sedans by gregiv
  12. [RTF] I am the king in reach the flag The map where sometimes u have invisible wall, sometimes not and the jump u should take actually not that jump because theres a road above it what is invisible. And where's the sand is water. Totally unclear map.
  13. This will be nice, thank you for organize this event. I think some kind of point system would be good. It could make the event more exciting.
  14. Sorry, i'm not involved but i think i have to say something about this. Not in this case but in general. I think players get a lot of chances here. I mean... someone who insult the admins a lot of time, or someone who block for 5th time and he only get that blocker mode again... I'm just a player here, but i think this server needs stricter rules for these cases. You just can't fit everyone's needs. There are players on the server who just can't behave and can't respect rules and other players and these players deserve the ban. Things just working like this. I mean you can't let someone to insult the admins a lot of time (for example). So I don't know why you should give the 10th chance to someone if he can't behave. If someone insult an admin twice he will insult an admin 100 times after that. Same with block and camp.