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  1. mr.reese

    I kinda miss MTA, should I come back? - Crash

    If you want to play SH with Turkish kids 24/7, then yes.
  2. mr.reese

    Hello Again

  3. mr.reese


    Why not install language chat on the server? Players can switch between languages. It works like internet browser's tab. Really easy to use and no more turkish spam.... There could be a rule: Only english in main chat! If someone use other language he could get a short mute to learn it, if he do it again a longer mute, then a one week mute then he could get a ban.... Problem solved.
  4. mr.reese

    Reese insulter and provoker

    and i just talked about cows...
  5. mr.reese

    Reese insulter and provoker

    pure-minded non-racist poor Indian guy....
  6. mr.reese

    Reese insulter and provoker

    He cut out the part where he said hungarians are dumb and my mom is a dumbass
  7. mr.reese

    change system

    auto-repair 0.1 sec pls
  8. actually it would be better if no names and all have white cars...
  9. mr.reese

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    nooo, man i was just about to say ok tell me if still ok
  10. mr.reese

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    I'm not part of any clan but i'd really like to play on this event. Can i join to somewhere?
  11. I played on mix first time after a long time. Should rename server to MrGreen SH server.  This was a really great server years ago, but now it seems like a shithole what is so sad. 
    Thanks for the nice times what i spent on the server.  RIP mrgreen. 

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    2. Maher


      Agreed with Maina 

      Sadly i really wish there was a limit for buying a map for each player which it will be much better

    3. sweetsandy


      After the SH marathon there was a DD marathon. Difference is we don't whine about it like you guys.


    4. WesEdit


      Actually SH was nice but it's true this server became total shitness. :shit:

      It's funnier to talk here in forums than playing the damn game xD


  12. mr.reese

    Race mix = race SH?

    NTS is 80% of luck? Only SH needs skill? Man, where did you play in the last few years? OK, i mean yea, on mix server you need luck to win, but guys.... are you serious? I read the comments in this post and it hurt me what the server and players became here... I don't play here anymore, but this what i read here makes me sad. This server slowly transform to SH server with only kids who thinks SH needs skill only... this is so sad.
  13. mr.reese

    Maximum PING (MIX)

    No, we actually never connect to american or asian servers becasue we know we will have high ping and everyone would call us laggers so we stay at our region.
  14. mr.reese

    [SUGGESTION] Unofficial clanwar

    Ye good idea. Totally. But no sense to write things here because there will be no results. This is why i left the server. There are great ideas from the players and nothing is accomplished. Developments stopped at a point and only Turkish little kids playing sh.
  15. mr.reese

    Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery

    Why should i donate if i can AFK for 222 hours for 10k gc ? And it's free.