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  1. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    NTS - Maelstorm NTS - New random shit
  2. How do cars go faster

    Yes, and set your NOS type to hybrid or nfs, that's how you can switch on and off your NOS.
  3. Screenshot + Video Thread

    glitch in the matrix
  4. Report !

    I'm sorry if i offended anyone. I'm trying to rule myself. Sometimes i can't. All apologize.
  5. Report !

    You probably didnt make screenshots when you and your friends insulted me in YOUR language. They attacked me as a group. What i said that was only an answer what you said about me. Everyone know your personality here. Everyone know you are always trying to manipulate things. This is what happened now. Things have 2 sides but you always show one side. One side what demonstrate your side. This isn't fair. Please, handle this report considering these things.
  6. Mix/Race Event

    Too late... work next day
  7. Mix/Race Event

    ingame nickname: mr.reese mapname: [CTF] dock
  8. Infernus handle

    more fps = faster turning less fps = slower turning
  9. Infernus handle

    Ye it's because the dm server. No need to change here.
  10. WWWWWWWWWWWWW ( [Flip] ) block

    This guy blocked. He do it as a hobby.
  11. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Nitro, You don't really understand what i tried to explain. You have high ping but it's fix. I don't have problem with that. Problem is if someone play while he's downloading or something like this and his ping jump up and down.
  12. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    I'm 100% agree that players can play on the server who have got 250 ping because they are far from the server. I totally accept it. No problem. But if someone play with unstable network and he's got 'jumping' ping that's totally unacceptable for me. Let's imagine a situation. You and your brother have the same network and he start to watch HD videos on youtube, or start to download on torrent, your ping can be very high, and it can be jump up and down. This can be really annoying for others, because u can teleport, or act like a tank on DD mode. Furthermore, it's annoying for you too because you can't play with that accuracy as you play with normal ping. This situation is happening with me frequently. In this case the best solution is to quit the game and wait while the lag (or your brother) goes away and you can play more in peace. So, I'd like to ask every player if they have this "jumping" ping, please leave the server and come back when lag gone. Thank you.
  13. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Sorry, I won't say and report anything bad in the future. Let me make some comments about this. I think if u get stuck under a tunnel is not nts friendly so you could make a map where only 120cm high vehicles can go trough and you could say it's about luck. On Santi's map there's a bigger part of the bridge... You can go on the left where's the bridge is small, and you can go on the right side of the road where's the bridge is higher, so you can go through with hot dog.
  14. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Hot-dog get stuck.