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  1. Map managers are actually doing things or they just upload shit maps???? 

    1. V4POR


      Looks like Mix has the same situation.

      Don't worry,I wanna find my destiny series will come for RTF.

    2. jack123



    3. AleksCore123


      mr.reese reminds me wooozie and maybe myself too :D


  2. mr.reese

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    I'm so sorry i couldn't play because of my ping but i happily see that u did great anyway.
  3. mr.reese

    When will you ban Hitman?

    Hi, When will you ban Hitman? He is from India, so he has extreme lags and im sure he is using some kind of application which shows his ping lower. He has got 2 sec delay from the server and he use his lag for win all the time. He is like a tank at DD, his rockets explode 5 meters away as you see it. NTS is a funny thing too. You drive in front of him and he is behind you, on your screen (because you have normal ping) but on his screen you are behind him and he is in front of you because he is in 2 sec delay.... so you just get extreme "lag-ram" from him. On other server it called lag abuse which means ban. I know ping limit, but he tricked it. Only those players know these things who don't teaming with him. I experience these things every day and i think this is unacceptable and destructive. Thank you for your attention.
  4. mr.reese

    DON'T upload more HARD dm maps PLEASE

    Mr.Green mix server originally a NTS server, so it's obvious there are long NTS maps like Marathon and journey andreas. I have to admit it could be annoying if you play it 3 times in a row because it's about 20 minutes for 1 map. I think it would be better if voters could choose play again once not twice. Also, long nts maps aren't played as often as hard dm maps. You get these kind of maps almost every round. Furthermore, what's the point of upload maps what mix players download from the internet? My conviction is they just upload them because they know how to play the map and to make tops. I'm just trying to say that, there are several good DM servers but we have got 1 and only NTS server. (nts, ntsdd) It's okay to have some hard maps, but it goes to a bad way in my opinion.
  5. Hey, I'd like to talk abut RTF maps. I don't really understand why map managers allow hard dm maps to upload.... Mr.green mix server is the only server where u can play NTS, NTS-DD, fun SH maps and nice CTF fights what makes the server unique. A lot of players like me love to play here because of this, but there are some guys who just download hard dm maps from other servers and upload them to mr.green mix. Why we need this? You could say that: "OMG you are just too noob because u can't finish it and that's why u cry" NO, because we don't want to practice these kind of maps because we come here to play FUN gamemodes like nts, ntsdd, sh, ctf, and easy or medium level rtf maps which is fun to play... Admins please control map managers work, because they upload a lot of hard dm maps (maps what players didn't make, they just download from the internet and upload them) which is totally opposite of the MIX server identity. Thank you
  6. mr.reese

    #1 DD Tournament.

    I didnt attend this tournament, just wanna say something. Teaming and camping is an eternal problem on DD mode. Player number on the server is so low sometimes only a few players online. Several players teaming on the server which is totally OK. I have only a few teammates so i can see this situation clearly. So, the first thing which annoy me is the fact players teaming when number of players is low. For example: There are 2 players from MR and 3 players from KoM and 2 players without team. 2 MR and 3 KoM players won't kill eachother because they are in the same clan, but they are teaming with different clan members and non team players too, which will result 5 players who teaming and 2 who is not. I think this could be really annoying to a new player who just joined server, or to players who don't have any teammates. I think this could be frighten away new players and for players who don't have teammates is not a fair thing. I know you can't do shit about it because players will play the way they want. I just want to ask you guys, if the number of players is low please don't teaming because it isn't FAIR. Second thing is camping which came up in the tournament too as i read comments. So, for example there are 10 players online, from 3 different teams and 2-3 non-team players. As everybody knows there are players who have a lot of teammates (not talking about clans, teammates who won't kill) and many times they have actually no enemies on a DD map except 2-3 players. (I don't really understand how they enjoy the game with a tons of teammates) So, players like this just wait and driving around on the map... I could name a few guys who do this... so they have no enemies, while others have and they just wait, driving around, while others kill their enemies to that point when only teammates left. I know you don't want to kill your mate, destroy friendships. Think about other players who don't have teammates or new players. I just want to ask you again guys, please PLAY FAIRLY if the number of players is low!
  7. mr.reese

    #1 DD Tournament.

    mr.reese Prisoner v7
  8. mr.reese

    What is your favorite gamemode? + stats

    I like DD and NTS the most but i really like CTF and i'm so sad players don't really like it. It can be so fun. I delivered 494 flags at CTF. Anyone get bigger number?
  9. mr.reese

    muted as always for no rasion

    I was there and job has partly right. He was ok he wasnt insulting except this. Gold and Job always ram each other at NTS, they are big rivals who always have big fights... they dont like and always provoke each other. I think 30 days mute is ridiculous in this case, 30 mins could be more than enough, but actually no mute needed... He was biased
  10. mr.reese

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    It was a big secret, but it's uncovered. This is how Hitman play.
  11. mr.reese


    I don't play on mrgreen at all but i joined in the past week for a few days. This gamemode is garbage I'd rather play bigjump SH for 24/7 than this shit once more. Thank you for your attention
  12. mr.reese

    Perk idea: JUMP

    If it's a small jump it's ok in my opinion
  13. mr.reese

    Excessive SH buying

    yeah but you can earn 1080 gc for 24 hours afk. Anyway, raise the price of the map to 2000 GC for example... That could raise buying a map to a bigger level and no one could spam maps.
  14. mr.reese

    Excessive SH buying

    I agree with this, this is the reason i stopped playing on mrgreen. Anthony talked about toxic sh community which is kinda true, u can see it here in the comment section. He just complained about too much sh and "sh lovers" instantly started to attack him because he is an easy target and can't play sh. Other thing is, you really should do something about this. Anthony is an old player too and he is totally right about player-losing. This server was so great and nowadays it's all about super jump sh... if you don't do anything about this you can rename server MrGreen SH server and play with these turkish kids (except a few players who old players but totally into sh) I'd suggest you to delete play again and every map should play once. That could solve everything.
  15. mr.reese

    Ping Limit Request

    I agree with this! I'd prefer unlimited ping limits. I think it's racist to set ping limit against South-Americans... poor guys just want to play don't do this with them. Anyway, ping doesn't have any effect on the server, it's so fun to play with 150+ ping players !
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