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  1. I played on mix first time after a long time. Should rename server to MrGreen SH server.  This was a really great server years ago, but now it seems like a shithole what is so sad. 
    Thanks for the nice times what i spent on the server.  RIP mrgreen. 

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    2. Maher


      Agreed with Maina 

      Sadly i really wish there was a limit for buying a map for each player which it will be much better

    3. sweetsandy


      After the SH marathon there was a DD marathon. Difference is we don't whine about it like you guys.


    4. WesEdit


      Actually SH was nice but it's true this server became total shitness. :shit:

      It's funnier to talk here in forums than playing the damn game xD


  2. Race mix = race SH?

    NTS is 80% of luck? Only SH needs skill? Man, where did you play in the last few years? OK, i mean yea, on mix server you need luck to win, but guys.... are you serious? I read the comments in this post and it hurt me what the server and players became here... I don't play here anymore, but this what i read here makes me sad. This server slowly transform to SH server with only kids who thinks SH needs skill only... this is so sad.
  3. Maximum PING (MIX)

    No, we actually never connect to american or asian servers becasue we know we will have high ping and everyone would call us laggers so we stay at our region.
  4. [SUGGESTION] Unofficial clanwar

    Ye good idea. Totally. But no sense to write things here because there will be no results. This is why i left the server. There are great ideas from the players and nothing is accomplished. Developments stopped at a point and only Turkish little kids playing sh.
  5. Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery

    Why should i donate if i can AFK for 222 hours for 10k gc ? And it's free.
  6. August 25, 2012 - November 13, 2017

    Mrgreen mix server was my favorite server, i'd really like  to play here, but we've come to the end. I don't want to talk about the reasons now. Thank you server, Thank you guys.  bye.


    1. Cena
    2. Maher


      Talk about other games opinion not only this game, there is more online games which you are tottaly quitting gaming ;)

      Sorry. You are not quitting, See you soon.

    3. Sky


      see ya in a few months lmao

  7. This guy was blocking me with hydra while i was in race with a rumpo. He wasn't in race, just blocked because he thought that it's funny. I'd give him a ban.
  8. When you about to start a race and say "let's top this" actually if you say it loud it's like: "Let stop this". So thats really strange

    1. Gonzalezo
    2. Maher


      And another weird stuff:

      Some say 'sex' instead of 'six'

    3. aLeKS_007


      Five sex seven eight nine ten :coffee:

  9. Screenshot + Video Thread

    (sry yoshi) Montage of the shittest map ever.
  10. Topic to solve chat problems

    I totally prefer and suggest Nagel's idea. That smartchat is awesome. I played on SKC too and they have it for years now so it's totally well-tried. Please add smartchat.
  11. Hello, In these days the number of Turkish players grew on mix server. (sometimes more than 50% Turkish) That means, chat is totally messy nowadays and I would be really happy if someone could take action with this. The main problem is they flood and spam all the time in Turkish language. This thing is really annoying for me (i hope not only me), because there are cases when you can't talk with your friend in main chat because the Turkish text coming all the time in the chat like a "big flood-waterfall". Overall, this is a multi-cultural and international server so i think chat needs stricter rules because this is getting totally messy. I would suggest language-chat rooms, but as far as I know server don't have scripters who could do this. So, if you say only English in main chat, that means other languages in main chat are spam which means it is against the rules and punishable with mute. I would like to ask admins and mods to pay attention for this and to make chat less messy. Last but not least I would like to ask Turkish players to use main chat in English and use private chat for Turkish language. Thank you.
  12. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    NTS - Maelstorm NTS - New random shit
  13. How do cars go faster

    Yes, and set your NOS type to hybrid or nfs, that's how you can switch on and off your NOS.
  14. Screenshot + Video Thread

    glitch in the matrix