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  1. AbueloEbrio

    -]alw[- Any last words?

    Nah, is still alive
  2. AbueloEbrio

    -]alw[- Any last words?

    Hahah Also invited to discord server there on PM! and added before as a friend on Steam, for contact to the others old ALW members!
  3. AbueloEbrio

    Want to be Moderator

    +1 for mod, gl!
  4. AbueloEbrio

    Mateoryt Admin application

    +1 Good luck
  5. AbueloEbrio

    -]alw[- Any last words?

    Hey, sorry about delay, updated list, any changes or questions, is always welcome Also, i will revive this clan on future CW's, idk if remember SiK vs alw 2012
  6. AbueloEbrio

    Military Admin Application

    Good luck
  7. AbueloEbrio

    Sandro's Administrator Application

    Good Luck
  8. AbueloEbrio


    Discord error was, you are not banned but diego yes for 6 months now. Locked.
  9. AbueloEbrio

    Random Foliage

    Better idea, this resource could be used in future Race events . Only the EVENT server And to make it more democratic, it will be voted before the event if needs enable or disable it. Locked here.
  10. AbueloEbrio

    Mr. Green 13th anniversary ideas

    Yeah, needs a classic gamemodes server for 1 day and all the month can be discounts on gc shop, double gc and more VIP days if you donate in September
  11. AbueloEbrio

    Civan`s Admin Application

    Good Luck
  12. AbueloEbrio

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    @Ka4a.Ru@MoshPit Race map: Dangerous Road-3 (The finale) Not loads Benox objects
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