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  1. LikeyMikey

    DLC giveaway

    username: ChapaLV who invited u: The owner of SCS
  2. LikeyMikey


    LikeMike Map: Video Games
  3. LikeyMikey

    Mr. Green 13th anniversary ideas

    there's this one top, freshly baked that needs immediate removal
  4. LikeyMikey

    Mr. Green 13th anniversary ideas

    Double gcs More NTS Some vip features available for everyone for one day Delete CTF Everyone gets to choose which one other players toptime to delete
  5. LikeyMikey

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    I think Flo has been bribed by every cnt rival to sabotage cnt
  6. LikeyMikey

    Random Foliage

    Wouldn't this affect top times?
  7. LikeyMikey

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    What about clanless players who want to participate?
  8. LikeyMikey

    LikeMikes' moderator appliciation

    We just got to know each other online, Anthony from FaP. We're going to go riot together.
  9. LikeyMikey

    LikeMikes' moderator appliciation

    Thank you guys!
  10. LikeyMikey

    LikeMikes' moderator appliciation

    Gameserver: MIX Age: 20 Country of origin: Latvia Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/chapalv/ Discord name **: chapa#3315 Ingame name: CnT|LikeMike Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I'm 20 years old, in 1.5 month I'll be 21. I study Information Technology at Latvian University of Life Scienses and Technologies. In my spare time I no-life at the server, hang out with my friends or help my best friend with his rallycross car. The reason why I want to be a moderator is because I've been spending quite alot of time online now and since it's summer, I presume that's how it's going to be for the rest of the summer and hopefully afterwards. As far as I think, I'm very mature and can also joke if needed. I've noticed that at some points of the day, the server lacks moderators and I would happily fill those points by being online and making sure that no rulebreaking whatsoever is happening. I promise that I'll look into every situation as closely as possible before making a decision. I want to be a moderator to make this a better environment for the players, not to punish everyone as soon as they do something bad. First comes learning and if that doesn't work, then it's time for some punishment - that's my motto to which I will follow everytime I'll encounter a rulebreaking moment which will need my final decision on!
  11. LikeyMikey

    PROTEST as heck

    You did it to him, is he going to show himself proof if he saw it himself?
  12. LikeyMikey

    PROTEST as heck

    Don't call me "You", I'm not Stig, I'm LikeMike and I was there when it happened, don't even doubt a word I said, I said what I saw and it's the truth. Get over it and understand that you crossed the line. And get some proof around here. These false accusations have no worth just because you say them.
  13. LikeyMikey

    PROTEST as heck

    I was there too. You went past me without ghostmode and without picking up checkpoints just to get to Stig who was 1st at the time to ruin the game for him. Once you did that, you quit and Stig told you that he'll mark you as a blocker once you'll come back. You came back and I even reminded Stig to mark you as a blocker which he did afterwards. And mutes were reasonable because you were not joking nor anything else, you were actually insulting. I even remember why did the second mute happen - you said that the retard always gets a tank in DD and at that time Stig was the one with a tank and you basically insulted him. So yeah, in my opinion you got what you deserved and no topic will fix that.
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