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  1. KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    He's on a quest for attention. I found out ignoring him works best
  2. Haze's Admin Application

    Dank u! ok
  3. Haze's Admin Application

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  4. Haze's Admin Application

    Lol ok
  5. Haze's Admin Application

    Tnx! Tnx skittles!
  6. Haze's Admin Application

    Haha tnx !
  7. Haze's Admin Application

    Dankje Nibskee ! Tnx bondy!
  8. Haze's Admin Application

    Thanks Kneelzsbkee!!
  9. Haze's Admin Application

  10. Haze's Admin Application

    Tnx guys!
  11. Haze's Admin Application

    For my personal info you could visit this link : https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/19970-hazes-moderator-application/ I’ve been a moderator for a short period of time now (1 month), though I believe I’ve been proving myself worthy of the position. In game I spend a lot of time helping out new players, explaining them how everything works. When something doesn’t work out the first time, I’ll find a solution for them. I also take action when I see players breaking the rules, I’ve got discord on my phone atm. So even when I’m not ingame I keep an eye out for players misbehaving and when they do it’s a matter of seconds before I come online to take action. I try to be more active on the forum these days, and might I become an admin I’m aiming to spend even more time on the forum. One of the reason’s I believe I would be fit for the admin position is that I always manage to not pick a side. When there is a discussion, a fight, or anything for that matter, I won’t take action before knowing exactly what’s going on. Last reason why I’m applying is that I get much satisfaction from helping players, as an admin there are more possibilities to do so. Since I spend a lot of time ingame, I might as well use it to improve/maintain the nice ambiance this game has. Sincerely, Haze.
  12. POLL Superjump discussion

    You guys are all wrong. They even made a song about this.
  13. POLL Superjump discussion

    Bind your jump key and alternative jump key to the same key on your controller.
  14. POLL Superjump discussion

    Why not first come up with a solution before making this kind of measures.