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  1. Harun

    I Ravel

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    2. Harun
    3. Harun


      haze do you follow me on the forum?


    4. Harun


      and I Ravel

  2. Hazy

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Massive thanks for all these years! Filling your shoes won't be easy..Good luck Cena
  3. Hazy

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Good luck Bondyboy!
  4. Hazy

    Excessive SH buying

    Well it's worth a shot for sure
  5. Hazy

    Excessive SH buying

    I agree something has to change, maybe as I said before by raising the price for purchasing maps all together without making any difference in price per gamemode. Or adjust the discount for a winner. Atm winner gets 50% discount, maybe lowering that to 20% could make a difference. Or go nuts and do both, raise the price for maps to 1500, 1000 for winners.
  6. Hazy

    Excessive SH buying

    Same goes for DD All I want to say is that it might be a better option to treat all gamemodes even, since there are fans of every mode and they all deserve the same.
  7. Hazy

    Excessive SH buying

    This would've been a good post might the title be 'Excessive Map Buying', since we all know its not only SH. It all depends on who is online, there are just as many days where it's all DD, or all the NTS marathons get bought in a row. To raise the price of only SH seems unfair, why not raise the price of all modes but keep it the same. P.S. CTF is the best game mode
  8. Hazy

    Witcher Moderator Application

    Good luck Witcher!
  9. Hazy

    Mercury Mod Application

    Good luck
  10. Hazy

    Anthony~Vz's Mod Application

    Lol never knew you were Gemini. Goodluck!
  11. Hazy

    BoNd's Moderator Application

    Good luck Bondy! You deserve it
  12. Hazy

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    I love the idea and lets just see how it goes for the first time. Just one idea for next time : "For example: If CnT is only 3 players and they are against KoM who are 5 players. When it is time for CnT vs KoM. KoM will need to remove 2 of their members. When and if KoM wins and CnT gets disqualified. KoM will qualify to face another team. Lets say they will face "Infinity" who are 5 members. Then KoM can you all of their 5 members who registered." If thats possible maybe next time any team can register all the members they want, so more then 5 players can participate in this event. Then each round the teamleader decides which 5 team members are gonna participate in that round. That way you can use each one's strengths in their element of the game and makes it possible for all teammembers to experience the Clanwar. Grtz.
  13. Hazy

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    @F1MADKILLER wanted me to look at something...
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