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  1. @VTraxx @hulpje @xpr0legendx @robbi_pvp @dingo_pvp attached is the map upload (she's big - 1 GB MC world), enjoy!!! Keep in mind it's an earlier version of MC, I forget which exactly (like 1.12 probably) survival_backup_final_june2017.zip
  2. Heya! Yes I do have this map and can upload it this weekend. Sorry I'm a year late, lol. Your guys' base was awesome
  3. Kodauer

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    Wow is this real? Awesome! IGN: Kodauer -added
  4. OK hi everyone, who remembers me? Cost to host a MC server monthly is nominal - like $5/month. That's assuming a small whitelist server with no major plugins. Anything bigger requires major effort. If you want a larger server, you have to spend $ to advertise as factions servers are a dime a dozen nowadays. Not to mention any big server probably has a team of dedicated devs / mods / etc. When I managed the MC server back in 2013/2014/2015 I was in college and had a relative large amount of free time. Could not do the same thing nowadays. Minecraft.NL has always been an amazing IP though - perhaps I can help set up something simple? Like, super simple. SMP with some kind of automated land protection. Thoughts?
  5. Forgot my skype password, sent you my new skype & Discord username in a pm

    1. Kodauer
    2. Kodauer


      wait i dont see a message

    3. xpr0legendx


      whoops! guess i forgot to send the message :unsure:

  6. Hey y'all! If you don't remember me it's probably best, but I was the Minecraft admin back in the day. I've never been outside the US but got to visit Europe this summer! I've been to Barcelona, Sete, Lyon, Paris, and I just arrived in Berlin today. Have any recommendations on things to do or places to eat? I know most of you are from the NL, but maybe you've visited Berlin or parts of Germany. I'm also visiting Munich in about a week. Thanks in advance :-) Also 1. Why do you guys charge for water 2. Why are restrooms not free here 3. Is air conditioning against the law or something? 4. Why are french trains so expensive
  7. Also sorry, I'm not adding people right now. Probably should edit first post.
  8. I don't think I'll ever have time again to manage a server like I did in the past - I'm in my final year of college, and graduating this April. I'll then be starting full time work. Faction wars is also pretty boring to me, and only the large super funded networks have anything decent. To get a large population there'd probably have to be hundreds of dollars of ads pumped into the server. I'd be more than happy to help out anyone who wants to start something, though.
  9. I play almost everyday but our time differences are too big... this room makes me miss all the good times we had on the server, whether it was faction wars or survival.
  10. Done - yeah I tried to whitelist you after I wiped it (since you've put a lot of work into stuff) but hulpje wasn't working.
  11. Well I play usually alone, just wanted to keep it open to anyone who's interested Ehhh, put too much work into this map, I just finished building isengard from LOTR
  12. To anyone who still plays, I've completely wiped the whitelist for now. Some guy named LaurensdeGroot griefed spawn (easily rollbacked in 10 seconds), but I'd rather just keep a small group playing on here. If you want to be readded, PM me or reply here. Thanks!
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