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  1. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Support for my /lol shield!
  2. France

    BTW since when does the server ban people for insults... i mean mariana is still around Wasn't that forbidden.... just asking.
  3. France

    OH THANK GOD, i thought it was akeno.... pheww
  4. France

    Hi sorry to interfere, but who is this guy? I mean in game.
  5. Cenation "CnT|"

    Iry has a son, and i got a new nephew #getting wasted
  6. New mode: CarGame (Intro/suggestions)

    well its kinda what CnT does in sh. Its all about picking a target then raping the fuck out of it :)))
  7. New mode: CarGame (Intro/suggestions)

    I actually liked it, but so many players gave it grief and some would even kmz on purpose just to ruin it and get it removed. But it would be good to add it as a separate game mode. If people really have it, they can just vote and skip to the next game mode. I dont always see eye to eye with kali nowdays, but i gotta say thanks for it and good job. P.S. now that CG is removed, can we just get manhunt back.... but with rockets!
  8. Keep The Internet FREE!

    Hi guys, Today i have something very important to share. I got a mail yesterday about a movement against some corrupt officials that want to remove internet freedom. https://www.battleforthenet.com/#scoreboard If we don't stop them, we will lose access to a lot of content on the internet, pay ridiculously high prices for access on different parts or products on the internet , etc. I already joined and supported this movement, as they are trying to publicly shame the people who are trying to remove freedom from our internet. Please join in and support today, The Internet is one of the last truly free places we have left, lets keep it that way!
  9. [DD]aLw IV report

    map name: [DD]aLw IV Server: mix Reason: everyone who gets low gravity vote escapes. btw, where dafaq is map report topic LOL

    I was withnes to their rebirth And the asswooping they got from CnT Good luck jappy
  11. Cenation "CnT|"

    also cena, invite byebye next time u see him, he already changed name
  12. Dannation [DaN] {Members: 5}

    Attention all members. Danation is now CeNation. Page will be updated soon .
  13. Dannation [DaN] {Members: 5}

    TJ. joined, welcome! added to member list
  14. Sky, use this guide to become a "famus" youtuber