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  1. HeArTBeaT

    Financial report: February 2019

    thanks how did u make owner though (ik this is off topic but still)
  2. HeArTBeaT

    Financial report: February 2019

    wait what? Owner? OH MY GOD!
  3. HeArTBeaT

    horn sounds

    Thank you. All take note at his usefulness and learn...
  4. HeArTBeaT

    horn sounds

    Is there anywhere i can download all the horns used in mix server?
  5. HeArTBeaT

    Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery #2

    So gambling in a videogame? Did we get bought by EA?
  6. guess i wont be able to upload anytime soon LOL
  7. HeArTBeaT

    Cenation "CnT|"

    Sorry for inactivity , its holiday period at work and I am really busy because of it to the point i even work at home. I wont be active much for a while.
  8. HeArTBeaT

    MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    Ok then SH Neon Valley and DD Rise of the cunts
  9. HeArTBeaT

    MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    Dan Maps: DD LooneyTunes and DD Car attack (random map markers)
  10. Here's a video that gives more details
  11. HeArTBeaT

    How do cars go faster

    yeah i been meaning to ask this, though in my case its boats. I run at 100 FPS 90% of the time with the biggest drop being @ 85, and somehow everyone's boat is faster than mine (the speeder ones i mean). Is there some trick to it like the fast acceleration for motorcycles or the wheelie for bikes?
  12. Hi, i have a small pack of sounds that i downloaded which can be used as horns. Horns.zip New Bitmap Image (2).bmp
  13. HeArTBeaT

    ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Support for my /lol shield!
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