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  1. this was awesome, cant wait for the servers to go live
  2. lame shot

    Random nostalgia

    If its infected wars i will lose my shit
  3. made this song hue


  4. lame shot

    Mr. Green Zombie Survival

    cool cant wait!
  5. lame shot

    The future of ZS in general

    miss you guys
  6. its been a good run, we should play something else with everybody sometime
  7. lame shot

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    looks sick ben
  8. lame shot

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    ah yes this is the zs subforum I know and missed
  9. lame shot

    Mr.Green Suggestions To-do List.

    lol me in second vid ;D, damn those vids take me back ;o
  10. lame shot

    Rate the song above you!

  11. lame shot

    ZarcoTheDuck's Zombie Survival application

    best of luck
  12. I agree with pufulet, maybe we should start another topic to report these issues and bugs. As far as balancing is concerned. I think the gamemod will already feel better when the hitboxes are fixed, Then we can actually know if the zombies are too weak, because yesterday they only felt weak because the hitboxes didnt work properly.
  13. lame shot

    Regulars Reimbursement

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=31351281 level 4 berserker stats deluvas zs I'm admin obviously STEAM_0:1:26630595
  14. lame shot

    Rate the song above you!

    9/10 sick song
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