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  1. Mateoryt

    Map Event

    Nick: NET//Mateoryt Map : Epic Sandking if organisator cant find this map pick : promap
  2. Mateoryt

    Mix Clan War #5

    Im not sure where excatly can register team so i do it here Team: Polish Paradise Members: Mateoryt gromghost Hardstyler Pepsiak suckarr mabbyn &more people from my clan i think you can take their to the list dont forget
  3. Mateoryt

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    I not protect my teammate just explain this situation thats all if you give him mute or ban for few days or more i dont care
  4. Mateoryt

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    this report havent sense why ? because some polish people insulting in other language for fun(not because have problem to you) example between spanish and polish players greet and say ( feo tu mama hijo de puta etc) or in second side ( kurwa pierdole twoja matka etc) same is this situation moxxder wont insult you because he dont like you it was just 4fun nothing aggresive attack
  5. Mateoryt

    Mateoryt Admin application

    thanks man
  6. Mateoryt

    Mateoryt Admin application

    Gameserver: Mrgreen Race Server Age:24 Country of origin:Poland Discord name **:Mateoryt#4769 Ingame name:Mateoryt Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello everybody My adventure with this server started in 2007/2008 when was young kid but then played on more other servers not only here. In 2012 decide stay constatly on mrgreen because i meet fantastic community with fantastic people which some play to this day. actually im member of clan NET where compete with clans on race gamemode and i think we are top1 in the ranki
  7. Mateoryt

    Next Polish Paradise Blocker | mtk

    another day same shit
  8. Mateoryt

    Polish Paradise team Blockers

    Im proud of my team ^^
  9. Mateoryt

    Polish Paradise team Blockers

  10. Mateoryt


    good luck bro
  11. Mateoryt

    B#Mateoryt Spamming my PM

    Yeee Forgot about this
  12. Mateoryt

    B#Mateoryt Spamming my PM

    this option work too on pm ?
  13. Mateoryt

    B#Mateoryt Spamming my PM

    its not reason insult me and behave as idiot , and spamming in your style about invide(before) to clan which you leave you rly have problem with nervous back to mental hospital
  14. Mateoryt

    B#Mateoryt Spamming my PM

    kash you are pitifull, why you insert only one part of our conversation, share whole our pm where you insult me and you beg me about join to group, from which leave with desperation style. I record video with our discussion but i must wait how video will on youtube Kash ITS TIME TO STOP INSULT EVERYBODY , BE TOXIC , AND THREATEN BAN OR MUTE
  15. Mateoryt

    -PD- Polish Dziki - Cebulki

    Hello everyone, I would like present great team consisting with more cebulek tj. polish members. We are group which take fun with game and common friendly rivalry. Our team play here on race server and can join only players from poland ;p Group Members : Mateoryt - Owner Mcgregor ElNino (Y) DestroYer125 Mati123 =FoX=Cavern Machos Owl :3 Levinek DraganWilde [ZWA]llorzell siemion1337 ferf676 -RoCk-Drops Felian BLUR Stigg Rumcajz TickeR Dj_Robak DetroxTheDragon STONED|OG
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