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  1. NickYahoo

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    i will be there, :D
  2. NickYahoo bro !

    1. AleksCore123


      ass and titties

  3. @jack123 Muerto Ojos :(

    1. jack123


      porque no conecta nick???

    2. NickYahoo


      because i have to work all day =(, im playing a bit in the night but i arrive very tired

  4. NickYahoo

    Christmas event!

    NickYahoo MAP: NRG agility or ability dont remember too
  5. NickYahoo

    Any ideas?

    fuuu = / No tengo tarjeta gráfica ahora, y no puedo be allí con mi trabajo
  6. NickYahoo

    VIP system!

    Ups! bad luck for me, i cant pay with euros xD, i dont have paypal either
  7. NickYahoo

    VIP system!

    if i want to buy vip, can i buy it with green coins?
  8. NickYahoo

    Leaving Mr. Green

    YWA Thank you for this great community that you have given us, you have made us spend many hours of fun, besides meeting new people. And CENA It's an honor to have you as our new leader, I know you will do very well, You will direct this community very well, thanks, I hope to have more years of fun with you. 7 years ago I discovered this server and has become my hobby, my fun
  9. NickYahoo

    MTA Christmas event!

    RACE: Hell choose Me MIX: DD looney toons
  10. NickYahoo

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    I wish there was only one race tournament for lovers.
  11. NickYahoo

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    YESSSSSS!! ¡¡AWESOME!!! Thanks for it, I will e there. NickYahoo.
  12. NickYahoo

    Cenation "CnT|"

    Awesome looks beautiful
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