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  1. yeah, why not
  2. Did EdoCadovski stop mapping because people didn't like his maps? Did jededo quit because also many people dislike his maps? I'll give you a clear example, football of course: Two players are the most known and loved by a lot of people, but at the same time, they are the most hated ones (Messi and Cristiano). While they're playing a match on opponent's stadium, tons of fans start chanting insults to that player, doesn't matter who, but he's being insulted. Has he ever retired from the match or requested to be substituted because many people are against him saying mean things? One thing I'll have to admit, people love either a simple map, or a complex map well done. Making a simple map takes its time, I've made two maps the last week, and I've just added four or five roads besides checkpoints, removing lamps, place nitro.. and if that already takes a lot of time, a complex map full of objects would take even days (or not if you spend more than 24 hours mapping non-stop). Everytime I join the server, I can hear you say, "test my map", everyday. How come that? how come that everyday you have one or two new maps? that's pretty much, but I also have to admit that some maps have lack of work there, although you have spent a lot already, still lack of work, that's why I never made DM maps in the past, when I still used to play DM, because those require days, time, patience, even if it takes one month, a good job has a good result, because an unpatient person is that one who starts mapping and already imagines that map on the server and wants to play it as fast as possible, then map it as fast as possible, instead of taking 1 week, mapping 2-3 hours per day, do it all in 4-5 hours, and the result is an unfinished map that is between regular and decent. Take your time mapping, even if it takes one week, it will be worth it, because you dude are showing up a new map everyday.
  3. shhh Edge is gut
  4. here I am with my Icelandic flag. all hail scandinavia!
  5. Hello? IE users spotted?
  6. I can't actually see if he's telling it to you or to somebody else, as there are many turks. Anyway, what he said it's not appropriate, but you guys try to be more respectful as well. Plus this image is more or less 1 month old.. try to be faster
  7. You can't always like some things or gamemodes on a server, and I would also agree to remove the gamemode, but at least during the gamemode I can take a short break, or it's just how the game works. I remember old times a gamemode was really hated, whose name was Manhunt, I didn't like it, but I feel like I miss it because it was fun somehow
  8. Exactly. You couldn't forget to write that.
  9. Dem KoM table..
  10. 9.5/10
  11. I guess I'm still waiting for an answer
  12. I did. What's your purpose by using such powerful PC?