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  1. Sky's Moderator Application

    The Lithuanian vodka has become a Danish butter cookie. Curious Luck!
  2. New horn suggestion thread

    Sure, we will also do it all for you, like, checking the video, cutting the best part, converting to mp3...
  3. Forum logo

    Alright, roger. Gonna fix all of that.
  4. Forum logo

    @Ywa Any of those would work fine?
  5. Forum logo

    As you might know already, relatively not long ago we changed the forum header in order to make it look prettier, but there's one thing that hasn't convinced me and gives it a weird look, and it's the simple logo. (I may be wrong, sometimes people prefer simple logos and such stuff). I've made some logos, and perhaps @Ywa could change the current one with any of those, or maybe any other made by you. Current My designs (perhaps they're too big but it's changed easily)
  6. OOPS

    Looks like the design's gonna be kewler
  7. Visiting the EU from the US - suggestions?

    oi, it sounds really great what you are doing, not long ago I was also on a trip "around" Europe, and it was amazing. I have seen that you already visited Barcelona (my hometown), and perhaps you have tasted spanish/catalan food, I actually think it's one of the best places to eat and not too expensive (depending on where you take your seat ofc). I have been in NL, Germany and Poland, and for sure I recommend you to visit NL, you can find train tickets (DB-NS international) Berlin-> Amsterdam for 39€. I would also recommend you Poland, especially the coast (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot..). Poland really is cheap for most of people who come from abroad. Not only trains are expensive in France, actually everything is, it's one of the most expensive countries of EU, (also Switzerland, Norway). I would also recommend Copenhague as you are also close to there, so you have the choice to move in three directions; west: NL, east: Poland, and north: Copenhague. (Denmark is not too cheap, but it isn't excessively expensive. No, AC is legal. We're so smart that yeah, we make others pay to do their needs.. but if you are smart you can always find not so known parts from the city you are in and find little malls where they have free restrooms, or you can just find a bar/restaurant and use them there, no need to take a drink or sth, and if anyone tells you that you need to, leave and try another one, I've done that plenty of times. enjoya the trip
  8. Rate the song above you!

  9. Unban mr.reese

    It's been since May of your ban. Considering you were an active player who enjoyed playing, I have unbanned you. The reason why you were banned apparently was for being racist. Be careful with what you say from now on.
  10. Post your connection speed

    Just upgraded mine:
  11. Mad's admin app

    Did you leave your 24h store to apply again? good luck ben!
  12. DzinyMaster

    yeah, why not
  13. keep your opinion to yourself .

    Did EdoCadovski stop mapping because people didn't like his maps? Did jededo quit because also many people dislike his maps? I'll give you a clear example, football of course: Two players are the most known and loved by a lot of people, but at the same time, they are the most hated ones (Messi and Cristiano). While they're playing a match on opponent's stadium, tons of fans start chanting insults to that player, doesn't matter who, but he's being insulted. Has he ever retired from the match or requested to be substituted because many people are against him saying mean things? One thing I'll have to admit, people love either a simple map, or a complex map well done. Making a simple map takes its time, I've made two maps the last week, and I've just added four or five roads besides checkpoints, removing lamps, place nitro.. and if that already takes a lot of time, a complex map full of objects would take even days (or not if you spend more than 24 hours mapping non-stop). Everytime I join the server, I can hear you say, "test my map", everyday. How come that? how come that everyday you have one or two new maps? that's pretty much, but I also have to admit that some maps have lack of work there, although you have spent a lot already, still lack of work, that's why I never made DM maps in the past, when I still used to play DM, because those require days, time, patience, even if it takes one month, a good job has a good result, because an unpatient person is that one who starts mapping and already imagines that map on the server and wants to play it as fast as possible, then map it as fast as possible, instead of taking 1 week, mapping 2-3 hours per day, do it all in 4-5 hours, and the result is an unfinished map that is between regular and decent. Take your time mapping, even if it takes one week, it will be worth it, because you dude are showing up a new map everyday.