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  1. neox.

    Community ownership

    Thanks for having kept the community alive in 2018 after Ywa's decision, you have done an amazing work, and even though I've been pretty off the game for quite long time, I still appreciate that this is still up and running. Excited to see AfuSensi's (aka kalibwoy) work as well! Best of wishes for your future Cena!
  2. Keep it up Cena, good work!
  3. yo fellas, glad to see activity on the servers!

    1. Cena


      I am too!!

    2. AfuSensi
    3. neox.


      Hey kali! good to see you're back!

  4. neox.


  5. neox.

    Dark style of MRG forum

    yo this thing's lookin fabulous
  6. new nts map on progress...

    1. Berg


      Looking forward:clap:

  7. neox.

    Rate the song above you!

  8. yeah, the thing is, it's been so long that things have changed here and I have absolutely no idea how to do it myself lol
  9. @Cena or whoever takes responsability of uploading horns, please upload this Rick's awesome catchphrase rick_lickmyballs.mp3 (preview)
  10. neox.

    What is your favorite gamemode? + stats

    Manhunt the good ol' times
  11. neox.

    Leaving Mr. Green

    It's been great times, and whatever you do next, enjoy and take care
  12. neox.

    Pictures of thyself

    @Goldberg traveling so often isn't compatible with a partner (for the moment) @RealJesus great to see you haven't changed.. haha
  13. neox.

    Pictures of thyself

    even though I'm now living in Norway, I still give some 'signs of life' (aka I'm not dead at all) here's a pic with the damn view of henningsvær
  14. neox.

    Sky's Moderator Application

    The Lithuanian vodka has become a Danish butter cookie. Curious Luck!
  15. neox.

    New horn suggestion thread

    Sure, we will also do it all for you, like, checking the video, cutting the best part, converting to mp3...
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