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  1. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    2021 and i still waiting! Maybe in 2022!
  2. Something news about Jack123? He alive??

  3. Where you bro? 🙄

  4. r1d3r

    April GCs/VIP sale

    Thank you! But better this: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/14911-gcs-payment-update
  5. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    Give me my money! Just joined for checking this topic ever year
  6. Hello :P I haven't been here for a while. Nice to see you all! And that all you still play in MTA ;)

  7. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    hi! Nice to see you all! ah!
  8. Hello everybody Today i was bored. And i'm started find some racing videos from gta san andreas. I found video Lowrider Race with world record 0:59 sec. This video been from 2014 year. As i said that was bored. I'm started tried beat this toptime. That's been not easy because of these stupid random bots spawned After 15 tries i did it and put time 0:58 sec. For now of course this record are best. But i know that top can be better. For example 57 sec, but only if might be lucky. You can check my video: And old world record from this player:
  9. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    Okay. We will hope that untill 2019 will be added haha ^
  10. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    UP! Where our euro? I have 100k+ score!
  11. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    Hi all. So i'm decided back for visit your forum and see that you no add this system! Just need money
  12. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    Not enough money to pay for Jack) We will wait until the new year to see the answer: "soon". ^^
  13. r1d3r

    Ryuzaki's admin application

    Good luck:)
  14. r1d3r

    GCs payment update

    I agree with you dude. Of course it's a lie. I'm not believe that he will add this update.
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