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  1. Edward2290


    Same, I started Gmod with ZS, this was my first ever community. Now all the other communities I've been in are either dead or dying, the sands of time even tore away Nox. All we can do is cherish these memories, because the good ol' times are never coming back, and you're forced to find something new. Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.
  2. Revival of ZS? I'm gonna wanna see this. Hopefully it's gonna be like the good o'l times.

    1. Duby


      Development has stopped due to lack of interest in the project. Times have changed. 

    2. Damien


      Times have changed indeed. 

  3. Edward2290

    Missing HUD!

    Wait, i just logged in again, the HUD is back, yeah, it was temporary or something.
  4. Edward2290

    Missing HUD!

    I did, i tried to restart G-Mod, Steam, and even my PC, ill just wait for the time being, maybe its a temporary bug.
  5. Edward2290

    Missing HUD!

    I was connecting to the Zombie Survival server and it took suspiciously long. When i finally logged in, the letters looked very weird. Then i started playing and my HUD was missing, i couldn't see the amount of health i had, i only saw the health bar. I didn't see my ammo, the only things i saw of my HUD were the health bar, the Tips and the kill feed, i couldn't change class because the 'Cancel' and the 'Respawn' buttons were missing. I don't know if its for everyone, but if it isn't, please help!
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