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  1. Mr. Darkness

    ZS Redeemed Edition 20/11/20 Demo Feedback

    Don't think that blood splatters are needed, they will 100% reduce the performance and that's just a bit too much for Source engine. The grayscale filter can be disabled in the f4 menu. In any case, I'd like to leave my own feedback too. If you give me the source code, I'd do some tests on my local machine and then show you the results. And no, no Howlers, howlers were a terrible decision to begin with. Feedback: - the game needs a fresh feeling and needs something to keep it more entertaining for zombies and for humans at start. Humans will be too bored when there's just too m
  2. I would like to contribute to the existing code by refreshing the feel of the game. Perhaps attempt on improving some mechanics while maintaining the arcade style gameplay.
  3. Crap, did I miss it? I had work today so I couldn't spare some time playing it Yesterday had a date with my GF so couldn't spare some time either. Life sux I want to become the 2007-2008 gamer now, darn
  4. even if all I have is Intel HD Graphics?
  5. I wonder if my crappy laptop will be able to handle that lol.
  6. Mr. Darkness

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    Oh shit, I remember that last moment in this clip. It was me he killed with that prop jump back then.
  7. Mr. Darkness

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    Incredible, someone who I thought had left this ages ago is alive and more than that he is also taking care of ZS now. Hey Nugget. Hey everyone. Let's do this shit.
  8. What's with those file size limitations on the cover photo for your profile? the max size is 0.2 MB, that's like a 256x256 image, lol.

    @Ywa, change this right now and allow up to 5 MB. I'm trying to upload this 1.3 MB file.

    VK banner.png

    1. Ywa


      We're talking about the web here. 1.3 Mb is A LOT. I recommend converting it to JPEG. I've just checked it, and that can easily make it under 200 Kb with a proper compression level.

  9. Holy crap I have so many dots above my avatar.

    1. Cena


      Thanks to ur 4k posts :D

  10. Hey dudes. As some of you may already know, I'm a developer for a free game on Steam called "Lambda Wars" here's the link. Yup, we're still working on it, and soon we will proceed to move to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive engine which is only available if licensed. In other words, we are leaving the free Source alien swarm engine to having a full engine to our ownership. This will give us lots of advantages in terms of what we handle regarding the engine (code, mostly) and will also be able to do more things, such as optimization which was highly required for the game.
  11. Ah, what an old place to visit.

    Hi peeps.

  12. Mr. Darkness

    The future of ZS in general

    I just happened to remember about the Mr. Green forums all of a sudden while working on Lambda Wars. Decided to check if anything's going on. I agree with bringing back Mr. Green old zs game mode as it will bring back the nostalgic feel. Perhaps not bringing it back forever, but as an event of sorts would do the trick. I mean, most of us are mature adults already with our own jobs/studies going on without much free time or interest but remembering something like this would be so on point right now, especially given the fact that Summer is close, you know. And yes, I think the best wo
  13. Mr. Darkness


    I forgot this community even existed. lol P.S: @Braindawg if I'm honest, you're lacking the mature vision that you can't permamently keep up a community like this, especially if you have work and other business in life. The fact that ZS is dying was bound to happen. it was alive only thanks to the "oldies" of that time, when Gmod was popular among that generation of Gmodders. 95% of us left long ago. P.S 2: @Ywa If that's might help, I can try increase the amount of players in this Gmod server by bringing fans from Lambda Wars . *Can use his executive dev powers*
  14. Mr. Darkness

    Lambda Wars Development

    Sadly, the advertisement over Steam page is limited. Steamworks doesn't allow more than 5 (or 6, don't quite remember) advertisements. As for the competitive plays, we had a tournament (but was too slow due to indecisive players). We still got players with medals in the end.
  15. Hello, welcome to the Lambda Wars development thread! OVERVIEW Lambda Wars is a free multiplayer Source Engine modification for Alien Swarm set in the Half-Life 2 universe that brings the war between mankind and their brutal Combine overlords to a traditional real-time strategy (RTS) setting. Lead the uprising as a commander of the Resistance or crush the rebellion as an overlord of the Combine, with both factions featuring a full host of units, abilities, buildings, research and defenses. Lambda Wars features full-fledged RTS gameplay and a robust RTS interfa
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