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  1. Fartovyi

    Maps for Mix Server By Fartovyi and Anton

    New NTS Map... NTS-The-Journey-Andreas-4.rar
  2. Fartovyi

    Sky block

    Yes, this particular really made it... piece shit
  3. Fartovyi

    Miau moderator aplication (Mix)

    I think that they need inactive players on the server, I noticed it was inactive players get admin rights on the server...lol... but good luck mate!
  4. Fartovyi

    Jack123 admin applications [ACCEPTED]

    Well, finally a decent admin will... Good luck mate!
  5. Fartovyi

    Flipper killer application

    Good luck!
  6. Fartovyi


    I think that none of his ban will not be a lot of players insult each other, as said Kali just... use /ignore This situation is not a reason to ban this player.
  7. Fartovyi


    If you visit luck and unban you, then I 100500% i'm sure that this situation happen again! It just does inevitably.
  8. Fartovyi

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    laughing out loud.
  9. Fartovyi


  10. Fartovyi

    Matiasz's Aplication (MIX)

    Good luck mate!
  11. Fartovyi

    Fartovyi (Admin Application)

    Thanks guys!
  12. Fartovyi

    Fartovyi (Admin Application)

  13. Fartovyi

    Reporting little kid!

    All have from time to time rises Ping and it is not no secret. The main problem in this, it is the player who complained Anton. Constantly spoils us play with Anton, on NTS races, blocking, ramming. In addition, he is constantly insulting us, in any situation, for example when one of us buy a maps that he did not like. And many players see it all, including Cena. I had my way, I would have banned you for all your sins, little child...Sp3c94
  14. Fartovyi

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    It would be nice to get for this achievement...
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