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    Hello I am Duby, I am a scripter/coder for Mr.Green.

    Garrysmod is dead so I just develop VR content in my spare time. Such is life I'm afraid..

    I run the Killing Floor 2 server if you haven't noticed already, if you would like to get stuck in and help out run the server, give me a PM and we'll see what we can do to help you contribute :)

    I am a big fan of Anime and often watch it, I like Slice of life/Romance primarily. So if you have any questions about the series I have watched then please PM me.

    If you have any questions or queries which you want to discuss off topic then please go ahead and send me a message.


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  1. Mr.Green needs a new game server to bring in fresh players of a more mature field and not internet kiddies. Ie something new and fresh which the community can work on. Perhaps we could look at flash based mini games or something which we could host on a live arcade on the forum website...?
  2. ???

    It would be incredibly difficult to pick a revision to use for ZS as there were always constant bug fixes and modifications being done. The amount of errors which would be spammed at any given time would be endless. I would if I were you, take the current version and try to re-code it like the old 75 level system with the shop that was so popular amongst us 2nd generation zs players. A lot of work but the most practical solution. Making it open source may help or may make things worse. Those are my two cents.
  3. ???

    I think what we have to accept chaps is that we aren't teenagers anymore. We've grown up and with that we have less time and well your interest is divided when that happens. I loved ZS more than anything and yea I wasn't the best coder but I had my heart in it. But now I work from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. So when you put it all in perspective its just the same for everyone else wether it be working or studying or both. I think what really needs to be done is for Ywa to close the server down for good and let us be able to look upon it fondly and think about how much time we all had and what great friendships we made from it. Without @Ywa we wouldn't of had any of that, I wouldn't of ever of met @Ben_almighty for example. So the right action in my mind is to thank him for all the time, money and in general investment into the community. @Damien is right when he says it was a sinking ship. I mean when you look at what ZS is now, its not even close to what we were. Its just two American communities fighting over who added weapon stats to the point shop first when @NECROSSIN did it 4 years prior ffs. (Ie children arguing over shitly coded derma menu's.) Let go and enjoy the real world, because before you know it you'll have a bun in the oven and exploring the world won't be an option anymore.
  4. Here is some new bone crunching news, what an update we have... New Map – Zed Landing, a lush tropical island with an active volcano and dynamic volcano effects New Weapon – Hammer the point home to Zeds using the Bone Crusher, a devastating makeshift mace and shield for the Berserker perk New Zed – The deadly, dual-bladed Gorefiend adds yet another threat for players to overcome Dual Perk Weapons – Weapons can now belong to more than one perk, greatly increasing the weapon choices available for each perk New Emotes – New emote animations that can be triggered during gameplay. All players receive one for free, with additional emotes gained from unlocking Emote Crates - See more at: http://www.tripwireinteractive.com/news/killing-floor-2-tropical-bash-content-pack-available-now!.aspx#sthash.CUFneEcH.dpuf http://www.tripwireinteractive.com/news/killing-floor-2-tropical-bash-content-pack-available-now!.aspx
  5. Duby join the green army again with @AleksCore and I

  6. The Undead don't rise up from the grave on their own. 



      they need @AleksCore to help them rise up

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      AleksCore dead

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      They will after WW3

  7. Everyone loves a bit of fan service...
  8. The issue we have is that ZS just isn't popular anymore and the player base relies on people not rage quitting and getting into the game. I have something to announce around Feb which you guys may like, which potentially could change things..
  9. New maps have landed in a new Beta, enjoy! http://steamcommunity.com/games/232090/announcements/detail/683816754745206012
  10. The T posing model isn't the best. Perhaps get a model which isn't broken. Perhaps use something like this haha http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/794061002559326168/BE40D1F1A640D5905AB61B2633400A0270737DB7/
  11. Lol, dat profile pic xD

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      He's like 13 years old lol. Asked me to buy games for him, lol

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      He even knows NEGROSSIN haha, seems like he annoyed him too

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      Kid should go learn how to do shit for himself rather than get others to do it Kek

  12. I live in Europe, I like MC as a concept for a server but I personally lack knowledge.
  13. I would some of the earlier pictures where people are actually playing the game haha http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079396952/screenshots/#scrollTop=15976