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    Hello I am Duby, I am a scripter/coder for Mr.Green.

    Garrysmod is dead so I just develop VR content in my spare time. Such is life I'm afraid..

    I run the Killing Floor 2 server if you haven't noticed already, if you would like to get stuck in and help out run the server, give me a PM and we'll see what we can do to help you contribute :)

    I am a big fan of Anime and often watch it, I like Slice of life/Romance primarily. So if you have any questions about the series I have watched then please PM me.

    If you have any questions or queries which you want to discuss off topic then please go ahead and send me a message.


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      2 dubs are cool no other server has it

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      Just to clarify I was only joking. I think its quite funny.

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  2. Its very sad to say it, but I think its time to let go. No-one plays on it anymore. Everyone has moved on, but we have all made loads of friends from the community and server because of it.
  3. Duby

    The future of ZS in general

    I think its a good idea, the only issue is that it may be hard to create a branch due to the high level of bug fixes put in. Ie where would you draw the line. You'd also need to add a clause in the code somewhere for it to work without the level system ( Without it the gamemode doesn't run. ) i.e. before 2014. This was a fix which was added in later to make development work easier. ( I can't remember if it was a one liner or more complex, I expect there is a SVN commit somewhere which would provide a clue. ) Would you like me to give you the early 2009 version for the Mr.Green GitHub or aren't you fussed about that version?
  4. Duby

    The future of ZS in general

    I have a copy of Deluvas Classes ZS from roughly 2009. Necro's 2013-14-15-16 ZS
  5. Duby

    Rate the song above you!

  6. Duby

    Has.. Has Nox won?..

    I agree with Ben and Ywa in that there would be too much involved in bringing up the current base to the expected standards. Also it will never be as good again as we look at these things through rose tinted glasses. Let the good memories be.
  7. Duby

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    If I can get a Hoodie with my name on the back of it then I'll deffo be interested.
  8. Duby

    MrGreen Youtube channel

    Cool, I'll arrange some videos for you soon, maybe pm me your email address.
  9. Duby

    MrGreen Youtube channel

    @Cena Would you like some ZS videos? I can get some of the best one's from my channel and give you them.
  10. Duby

    Financial Report: May 2017

    I think if we get ZS back up and running for this year we can deffo help with the community funding via the Greenchop. This is a great Idea Ywa
  11. Duby


    I now have access and will be looking at ZS once again and see what we can do. I will keep everyone posted on what's happening.
  12. Duby

    It's been too long

    Waiting on Ywa atm on this, something may be happening, but he's busy with IRL stuff atm
  13. Duby

    Future of Mr. Green

    Mr.Green needs a new game server to bring in fresh players of a more mature field and not internet kiddies. Ie something new and fresh which the community can work on. Perhaps we could look at flash based mini games or something which we could host on a live arcade on the forum website...?
  14. Duby


    It would be incredibly difficult to pick a revision to use for ZS as there were always constant bug fixes and modifications being done. The amount of errors which would be spammed at any given time would be endless. I would if I were you, take the current version and try to re-code it like the old 75 level system with the shop that was so popular amongst us 2nd generation zs players. A lot of work but the most practical solution. Making it open source may help or may make things worse. Those are my two cents.
  15. Duby


    I think what we have to accept chaps is that we aren't teenagers anymore. We've grown up and with that we have less time and well your interest is divided when that happens. I loved ZS more than anything and yea I wasn't the best coder but I had my heart in it. But now I work from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. So when you put it all in perspective its just the same for everyone else wether it be working or studying or both. I think what really needs to be done is for Ywa to close the server down for good and let us be able to look upon it fondly and think about how much time we all had and what great friendships we made from it. Without @Ywa we wouldn't of had any of that, I wouldn't of ever of met @Ben_almighty for example. So the right action in my mind is to thank him for all the time, money and in general investment into the community. @Damien is right when he says it was a sinking ship. I mean when you look at what ZS is now, its not even close to what we were. Its just two American communities fighting over who added weapon stats to the point shop first when @NECROSSIN did it 4 years prior ffs. (Ie children arguing over shitly coded derma menu's.) Let go and enjoy the real world, because before you know it you'll have a bun in the oven and exploring the world won't be an option anymore.