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  1. NouresT-TR blocker

    A new blocker...
  2. Insults KASH (always the same)

    Systematically when a French player connects, the same insults appear... by pm, in the chatbox... no maturity, no respect.
  3. Always the same guy, (Kash / STR8KASH, etc.. from Poland) who insults again and again french players....
  4. Ka4a.ru blocker

    Another blocker....
  5. [Don]Buffalo blocker noob

    [Don]Buffalo is a nice blocker... (Sorry for the video low quality)
  6. Mariana blocker

    This player regularly block the other players. It's boring...
  7. STR8KASH block on purpose

    I don't understand why no one banned this guy. It has been years since many people complained about him...
  8. STR8KASH block on purpose

    This guy block and ramming all the time, it's boring...