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  1. Wow dude I still remember you 😂

    1. AleksCore123
    2. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider


      Aleks my man, good to see u here too 😂

    3. AleksCore123


      Аналогично бро)) But I moved to another games currently

  2. Hey lil kid, still here huh? My old polska kurwa 😚

  3. Holy shit, my old polish kurwa is still here ! After so many years of hacking and cheating they still haven't banned u huh? 😚

  4. Guess who's back

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    2. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider


      Megas u still playing ?

    3. MegasXLR


      Super rarely, just came back to green few weeks ago from time to time

    4. BadPing


      Please make an admin app

  5. Who Is Still Around From The Good Old MTA Days? 😆 

    1. race


      omg i forgot about you my man!

    2. Knul


      my brother

  6. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    The Steam Winter Sale

    Forget about it kid. Check this here instead and thank me later http://freesteamgiftcards.ga/
  7. I'm so busy workin. I don't even have the time to race nomore. 

  8. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    Guess the movie!

    clockwork orange ?
  9. Is it true that voice chat doesn't work on MTA anymore??

  10. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    Pictures of thyself

  11. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    NoOvL's App to be admin

    Could be my son, but even I am fucked up by this.
  12. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    [Unban Appeal] Tuco->lone-star-rider

    So busy with life that I don't even have time at the moment. To be honest even if I were unbaned I wouldn't play because I'm so busy. In other words, I'm living it up. Something happened that changed/changes my life. I've adapted a completely new mindset. Shit is wild over here. Life is good .
  13. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    [Unban Appeal] Tuco->lone-star-rider

    I'm still checking this thread pretty much like gif related:
  14. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    SDK retirement & Flipper new MTA Manager

    Man this is acually kinda sad. Though I've seen many players claiming to leave this community. Fun fact is, most of them return after a couple of months. So see you in 2+ months @SDK Really though would you share a reason why you are leaving?
  15. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    [Unban Appeal] Tuco->lone-star-rider

    Oh shit did SDK really retire? well this thread is still up, hope @Flipper will take a look at it.
  16. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    [Unban Appeal] Tuco->lone-star-rider

    Just for the record, I am unbanned on the server. Only my nick is banned. Too bad SDK wont unban me though. This is really ridiculous. Now all I can do, is play with a different nick name.
  17. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    [Unban Appeal] Tuco->lone-star-rider

    Thanks guy. I'm still waiting for @SDK decision here.
  18. Does anybody use twitter here? 

  19. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    Does Mr. Green need CPR?

    If you want to grow this community then add "modern" games to this forum. Instead of CSS servers we need CSGO servers. Nobody is playing all the old games anymore. no one talks about this.
  20. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    Sandy and Me

    That's my fav song by him. Can you believe he is 19 years old in this video... I wonder what this guy is eating damn.
  21. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    [Unban Appeal] Tuco->lone-star-rider

    I miss him! Anyway still waiting for SDK to make a final decision here. Come on we are all grown men now.
  22. Tuco-Lone-Star-Rider

    Stroth NOT spamming on forum

    Dammit another "senior" player gone...
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