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  1. Sandro

    LikeMikes' moderator appliciation

    Good luck Mick Jagger ^^
  2. Sandro

    PROTEST as heck

    There are random moments when i killed you, but this doesnt mean i chase you because i hate you etc......
  3. Sandro

    PROTEST as heck

    No laca you are wrong m8, we were friends remember till u PM-ed me and said team off. I LOVE every player here and i have nothing against you & other players. You mentioned my name which it means i did something bad to you tell me what i have done against you to be such a hateful person in your mind.
  4. Sandro

    PROTEST as heck

    What do you mean ''With Sandro" Explain me what bad things i have done to you??
  5. Sandro

    Mod/admin app

    Check letters 14th & 15th of english Alphabet!! Anyway Good Luck
  6. Sandro

    Civan`s Admin Application

    Good Luck Sultan

    1. Sandro



    2. Gonzalezo
  8. Sandro

    Dron54 provoking

    I saw you insulting maybe i got in game wrong time, but i saw you insulting i don't know for dron so u got muted that's it DONE!!!!
  9. Sandro

    Dron54 provoking

    I don't believe it , anyway next time show me screenshots because i don't trust you!! I know what kind of player you are and how you treat other players and your attitude is very Salty.
  10. Sandro

    Show your desktop background!

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