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  1. Dubby

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    No such player
  2. look nitro in nts ultra papatka 2


  3. Dubby

    Community ownership

    I don't really like writing long posts, but well, I think I have to now. I'm really thankful for all those years you've spent in managing mrgreen. I'm glad you've trusted all of us, whole mrgreen stuff and you didn't fall in your job. Thank you for bringing a lot of fun to the servers yourself and to all the new "quirks and features" we got to try. I know you for quite long time and as a good friend of yours, I knew this place will be on point for you. It kinda gave me a little tear that you are leaving us that way, but I really hope it's not permanent and I'll still see you there on our
  4. Dubby

    Map Event

    KoM|Dubby Mix: - [SH] Shade of Madness 4.0 - [RTF] Papatka 2 Race: - Stroth Barrel Blast - NoobCup - Fuoristrada
  5. image.png.89a27db26de9e4e934d7635c33eebc9e.pngabout reverse marker

  6. image.png.3d8f8f8cb61d5db86e854bfce55cab91.png

    1. V4POR


      How about accepting that your maps are bad?

  7. Dubby

    Venom's admins ap

    Grow up first then we will talk
  8. EN what are you so rejecting my CTF and NTS maps but please stop rejecting my maps you don't want to test

    PL co ty tak odrzucać moje mapy CTF i NTS ale błagam przestań odrzucać moje mapy nie chcesz testować

    1. ChickenAttack


      make better maps?


  9. Dubby

    Kashio's Admin Application

    Good luck
  10. Dubby

    Rate the song above you!

  11. Dubby

    Venom's admins ap

    Well, if arguing with admins and trying to insult them and as long as provoking other players is called a help then it's definitely a no from me, sorry
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