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  1. We don't, that's why I suggested Nick to do it
  2. Dubby

    Military Admin Application

    Good luck!
  3. Dubby


    That's not really a map fault, but rather an actual CTF bug. I don't know if it's going to be fixed anytime soon at this point, but thanks for reporting anyway.
  4. Dubby

    GCs payment update

    At least 2077 or later
  5. Dubby

    unban req

    Cena already explained in your previous topic, you aren't getting unbanned anytime soon. Closed
  6. Dubby

    Request unban

    READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - Ban Requests & Protests - Mr. Green Gaming
  7. Dubby

    Show your desktop background!

    2021-01-16 15-35-30.mp4
  8. Dubby

    Want Cancel Ban in 90 days In Mta

    You didn't edit this thread as per Cenas' request, but even if you have done that, I don't feel like giving you a faster unban anyway. Closed.
  9. Dubby

    MoistTowelettes x2

    Judging by the screenshot, Moist was already muted. Next time use /ignore as Megas said. Closed.
  10. DisLike Not allowed



      Dub is this guy insaine or what?

  11. Dubby

    Show your desktop background!

    2021-01-01 21-26-06.mp4
  12. Dubby

    Top 15 Tournament

    Let's go
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