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  1. We don't, that's why I suggested Nick to do it
  2. Dubby

    Military Admin Application

    Good luck!
  3. Dubby


    That's not really a map fault, but rather an actual CTF bug. I don't know if it's going to be fixed anytime soon at this point, but thanks for reporting anyway.
  4. Dubby

    GCs payment update

    At least 2077 or later
  5. Dubby

    unban req

    Cena already explained in your previous topic, you aren't getting unbanned anytime soon. Closed
  6. Dubby

    Request unban

    READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - Ban Requests & Protests - Mr. Green Gaming
  7. Dubby

    Show your desktop background!

    2021-01-16 15-35-30.mp4
  8. Dubby

    Want Cancel Ban in 90 days In Mta

    You didn't edit this thread as per Cenas' request, but even if you have done that, I don't feel like giving you a faster unban anyway. Closed.
  9. Dubby

    MoistTowelettes x2

    Judging by the screenshot, Moist was already muted. Next time use /ignore as Megas said. Closed.
  10. Dubby

    Show your desktop background!

    2021-01-01 21-26-06.mp4
  11. Dubby

    Top 15 Tournament

    Let's go
  12. Dubby

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    Sadly for ya, I didn't plan anything for the 4th place (unless Cena agrees on rewarding you somehow)
  13. Dubby

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    Aight, let's make it rather short. Big thanks for everyone that participated and actually spent that whole long time with us, despite the amount of fails we had. I'm extremely sorry that thing didn't go as planned and you are free to blame me as much as you want to. I'm especially thankful to Nick, Vilge, Haxa and Cena for all the mighty help from their side, to make that event better, you guys are the best. Also a lot of thanks goes to Tesla, for preparing the whole map for us. I really hope that the next time is going to be way better than today, sorry if that kind of "Xmas gift" didn't quit
  14. Dubby

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    The whole event is going to have it's place on our race server (IP: mtasa:// Everyone will get a password on their inbox here (you can just check your mail as well) Edit: Everyone got their password on their forum mailbox (except 3 people that i will message on discord). And before the questions, yes, its going to happen on our race server, i will just set a password on it, so if you want to come before i do that, just come
  15. Dubby

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    Good luck Regarding my message. The only reason why I don't really touch the race maps is because it's not my "place" that i deal with. I'm not a racer and judging what's good and bad would probably end up with people throwing "mix player is destryoing the race server" in my face. I still test the new race maps actively or delete the maps that are bugged, since Mosh is busy irl, but i'm all the way into an actual racer as the map manager here.
  16. Hey, it's Dub again, time for another Mr.Green Gaming race event from me This time we are going with a slightly different convetion. What is an endurance race? In short, a "little bit" longer race than what you usually play on the server. As the name says, it tests your endurance abillities in game (yeah, im waiting for some juicy ragequits already) - No registration fee (who needs that anyway) - No blocking allowed - No cheating (classic) - Type your ingame nick in this thread below, to make sure you are in. Event will have it's place on 26th December 2020 at 20
  17. Dubby

    Map Manager Application

    Good luck
  18. I'm pretty much neutral in this case as I'm not really a fan of mods and modpacks in general. It's definitely fun and enjoyable, also holds for a bit more than vanilla, but that's sadly not for me.
  19. Dubby

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    No such player
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