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  1. BoyKa

    Akeno Admin Application

    Good Luck ! Akeno !
  2. BoyKa


    After Long time i just wanted to make a new unban app because the last one was denied , I think I've learned my lesson after a while and I thought and I think I deserve it a unban , just because I challenged someone I took the bann again i didnt insult him i just accused somone and im sorry for that F1MadKiller , I hope you understand that this time it will be the last time one and a last chance so i was thinking to prove i can change my self my attitude my behavior . Thank you for understanding and I promise I will change not just words , I can prove i will change of that stupidity that I produced in the past to stop it once for all .
  3. BoyKa

    Laca Admin/Mod application

    Good Luck Bro !
  4. Never Give Up ! :D Till I Die ! :P

  5. Prepare for An Unexpected Journey, < Make History>

  6. BoyKa

    Unban App

    Hello there , I think I do not deserve it the ban beacuse i just provoke Madkiller so i didnt insult him after that Maher suprised me in a private message go say sorry to MadKiller or u get Ban i said no so he banned because i provoke him saying he abuse delete maps Nitro Maps , Rami Maps and alot of them and thats a true story so some people leave this server because of him doing does stuffs but i really dont care . One reason is i think i diserve a unban i didnt do nothing I just accused you of something and everyone now that . So why should i take the ban for such behavior from Madkiller . I think I deserve to come back, so I'm gonna let you do what you want I'm not gonna make you do what you want but it's a shame what's going on. Thanks for Understanding , Me .
  7. Rise Up ! :D Just Change my mind , Never Give Up ! :D I got a swish :angry:

    1. AleksCore


      Use drugs and die. Happy cancer!

    2. BoyKa


      =)))))))) u so funny

  8. BoyKa

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    i dont know how to say but sandy to come back no way because always provoke others player talking in some wierd language so i think he diserve unban un like me like others , so everyone have more chances to comeback only peace , i dont know what is happing with those actions people going guilty for little mistakes but what ever guys its just a game . Rock did not do anything wrong i dont know what is happeing but we always been kind with me, and i respect this guy he gives me alot of chances talking and helping alot on this server , good advice from him . Let's regain all this things of the past and forget what it was and never happen again

  10. Lmafo !!!! , Agressive like always , Pro Rammer
  11. BoyKa


    Merry Xmas , puta niegra !
  12. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year. Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above. Merry Christmas !!! 




                                                                                                                                                                                   With all Love &Peace



    1. BoNd


      Marry Christmas

    2. WesEdit


      Happy xFaps my boywhore, with all luv and piss -_-

    3. Maher


      Merry Christmas boyka :)

  13. BoyKa

    Race mix = race SH?

    Yep thats true i agree .
  14. BoyKa

    Haze's Moderator Application

    Good Luck !!!

    1. Gonzalezo


      Say my name you know who i am i am too hot got damn