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  1. Look At this hater so disrespectful .

    Fără titlu.png

    1. Gonzalezo
    2. Maher


      Man, Idk why you both post it here in forums since it has nothing to do with.

  2. Do not judge me unless you are able to judge yourself, my actions can not be judged by anyone .

  3. Sky's Moderator Application

    from my point of view you really do not deserve it, your behavior lacks , you can improve somehow to get power, but you have no chance , you only try to take power back after you abuse it , Let's be realistic .
  4. Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value, on this path I point .

  5. Maher's Admin Application

    Good Luck Mahino !!!
  6. Jap moderator application

    Yes Good Luck Bro !!!
  7. Insulting for countries.

    Sandy Keeps rage alot and look at this screens , what behavior and impulsivity becomes this type is so corrupt and racist :
  8. Report !

    my friend didnt insult u always want to improve something to escape for not being punished thats all ..
  9. Report !

    Mr.Reese Insult us make us Cigans and and he insult my friend Kauss somone should do something about it because reese is always raging . Proofs : Mr.Reese : Kauss egy fasszopo nyomorek = it miserable cocksucker and then make us romanians Gipsy Mr.Reese : ciganyok
  10. Officer_Kash Moderator App

    Good Luck !
  11. AssNtitties Admin Application xd

    Have a Good Luck !
  12. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Good Luck DanizZ ! Respect , You have all the potential and you deserve to be admin !