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  1. You got nice sisters
  2. 8/10 rip dimyyyy
  3. Oh you gave up so soon? Now three times you're suggesting a desertion, but it seems like still something to prove huh? I'm curious to know what You can fill the void with pics, I actually laughed, ty.
  4. Well I was there before your comment so I can say that I made you stay here haha... You throw pikes that I can easily turn against you lol, not so clever... The only fact of justifying yourself shows how much you are involved in this. You're not at my level dude, too bad you can't honor your supporters ;). As you proved you're only good to use cliche vocabulary, trust me I knew it before you specified xD. "tryhard" but try what? express myself freely? Well I nailed it :). Btw I repeat for your slow brain: you can ask everybody, I'm not even on the server anymore, so why do I keep talking bout those lags? answer: I'm free to talk about whatever I want, even concerned from near or far. But you are too pretentious and self-centered to understand that I guess... "to finish this..." Ok then I shouldn't expect more comments from you? Big joke, you do not have such self-control :). Your imagination is so nonexistent that you feel the need to copy. Glad to teach you honey. I do an other edit for you cocky (as I'm a perfectionnist): yeah mate I got you. About the dark side of each ones, I think we should exploit it and accept it in the optic of getting better control on it (Totally opposed to the way most of religions condemn it for exemple).
  5. As you seen, those last two lines were for you, I'm glad you noticed it. I have to adapt to your level as you can't understand an other type of conversation. You keep throwing ad hominem pikes... like a child... and you start being so obsessed with me that you even forgot what you said previously: "Dude forget it, he probably needs some attention in house" Are you losing time giving me attention my love? How is your ego right now? You can be a dickhead, that's your right. But at least... be creative !
  6. Dear cockynette, when someone suddenly teleports in front then behind you then ram your car even if u don't see he touched you, I think that can be considered as serious lag, even more in a DD situation where the point is to ram. This is part of the game you will tell me, of course! But then insulting each other and being angry (for those who are) when you're victim of such unfairness is just part of human. If you allow lags, then allow players to react the way they feel it. Anyways I've always been against the fact that chat should be censored, I mean just let the humans be the way they are through their differences, even if it's rude... I'm the most peaceful and tolerant guy ever, but I can't stand when someone starts spreading hate cuz he got personal problems and wants to replenish his ego in a virtual way. I don't think we should say it's not about winning, everybody is free to choose in which perspective he wants to play. btw for the haters: that's how we can make a serious and clever discussion, with total respect of the interlocutor, now learn and try again... hatezzzz
  7. Yeah definitely... Watch out and reupload pics before posting it, still the title in the link xD Cheaters like me will find it.
  8. And you're giving a lot of it, still vexed I see
  9. ^^ ofc when someone agrees w someone else, he's peaceful with that person... That doesn't mean peacefully with the person quoted in the comment ^^ You wouldn't say that explicitly if it wasn't me for sure, don't act like innocent, just assume ^^ btw that means you agree a wrong fact, he said I can't beat laggers in game, but I did more than I failed. Here it's not about opinions, it's about a fact, I won't explain the paradox to agree with someone inventing facts (+ in an offensive goal). That being said you can agree with his opinions, I would take it as a compliment.
  10. I'm surely provocating, and there r reasons for that, it's about the human side, u can't make laws for that... I mean you can try. I never start by insulting, and when I'm rude it's never for free or for ego reasons... So I expect respect when just showing an opinion, once this limit reached don't ask me to be a sweet boy, I'll just make fun of that situation ^^ "The main one doing it" c'mon overall Im a nice guy it's just the reflect of one side of this community that is untold, I aint made to be loved, I accept it without any problem. Back on reez I never said he didn't do things.
  11. That's what I thought, you can't handle a serious discussion because your pride has been shot down. Keep insulting, you miserable bug to me. edit: he ran away as he would in game. xD
  12. Btw let me say something: before the /top (infinite number) command was deleted, there was a glitch that worked on my pc. Writing /top 500 for exemple would show all the fuckin top times, and would make a lag (depending who use it) and I used this glitch several times... and guess what? 100% duel won!!! now tell me lag isn't an advantage. Hahahaha... it's exactly the same for those who got 200ms ping. So I know what I'm talking about. Now can you talk respectfully and say some (REAL) arguments? Or you not done yet with that kid's behavior?
  13. I will never shut up, I know I got some support, you are no one to talk like this and be disrespectful, you just an angry kid and you don't have a brain to understand simple things. You just keep repeating the same fake arguments, meant only to save your kid's pride. I destroyed more laggers than I even won DDs. I'm talking for those who are suffering from that, ofc laggers won't fix their lag, cuz it's an advantage for them. I barely read your shit man, I prefer discussing with someone clever who's not afraid to speak the truth even if it goes against himself. You'll never have that kind of courage.
  14. Yea and he agreed himself, even if everybody knows he isn't racist (isn't that funny?) But how could we explain that he's way more mature than the people that posted in this topic? As he's leaving he could insult everybody but he doesn't, he stays classy and respectful, so why do we still see hate, insults and sarcasm here (even before my 1st post). Yoshi cuz yo think admins don't insult and don't make mistakes? That would be ok, the problem is they don't accept to make mistakes, apparently Reese did accept, it proves he's more mature. That should be a big lesson for at least 50% of admins AND people here. It's nice to make rules and draw the line, but there is no effort made in understanding the community and sometimes there are explanations behind some behaviors. But as the application of law made in a totally blind way (not talking especially bout reese) discussing becomes impossible, and even sharing an opinion may appear as an offense.
  15. Yeah I know I'm just showing 'em who's the master as I never did and never will submit to anyone If they had good isp, they would be on our side. But I understand that in 2017 it could be a bit shameful to have such lags! + realizing that they're handicap for the servers... I feel sorry for them, cause in fact they must be pitied more than us ! I just came to express myself in a free and peaceful way about that lag problem that Reez talked about, and what do I (we) get in return? Insults and hate... That shows how you just can't share opinions, and how even admin (that don't have the balls to insult me directly) can take advantages of a wild pathetic hater coming out of nowhere... but who would ban him if he was in our position. To me it's not about equality, it's about "we are the laggers so we need to find excuses to keep playing on the server, and to make normal-ping players look ridiculous" ...like war has began, pathetic. Anyways, you stayed gentle and classy till the end Reese, congratz for that, you should be an exemple for them.