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  1. Sorry, that's all I got
  2. Well clearer rules would be nice, as players don't want any God-like master mod who changes opinions depending on the player he's friend with or not. Just delete the fucking report thread tho. I think you should allow spam binds like it was before, even if it's insulting... that way it'll be fair, for everyone.
  3. Finally ma good dolphin can go back to the holy ocean
  4. Finally received my new babe, and she's a beauty! Hand-made in Canada, it'll djent af  :wub: :wub:


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    2. AleksCore


      shit is lit



      Not bad wessy

    4. TheMoose


      it's probably a vibrator, or a dildo recharger

  5. (Would be funnier to add each answers to the whole thing, like below) So i decided to hold a camera and recruit an assistant who was
  6. 23yo today, Imma enter one of the best years in my life :) everything starts here


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    2. TheMoose


      Fuck yeah! Just 46 yrs more till ur 69!!

      wtf cock

    3. DubStep


      Happy Birtday We$ :D

    4. WesEdit


      thank y'all mates, 1 year closer to the 69th!

  7. Just make a drug deal platform, certified MrGreen, you gonna be rich.
  8. wes fap u!

    1. Maher


      The cumshooter lal

  9. CTF is shit but still deserve to stay, as long as MH is restored!
  10. someone unexpected:
  11. asked @TheMoose to presiding over the orgy
  12. OOH MY SONN...
  13. A fat black wet pussy and
  14. So you're against the fact that community can communicate and interact with server and staff, suggest maps they spent much time on in the only goal of having fun in a server they like. "nobody needs your maps"... I'm sure all map makers will appreciate , so you think that's how staff should treat his community? Curbing creativity in order to keep control on everything, make players vulgar numbers on the list, like... to keep the distance. All that in order to make it evolve in big company, playing-in-big-leagues-like feeling... omg I'd rather play now before it turns into Hollywood shit...
  15. Yeah but besides that, it works cuz the shit is already pro. How can you compare this to MrGreen lmao, that's absolutely not the same shit. You don't drive a small boat as if it was Titanic, and don't lead a state as if it was a firm. + here they actually needs our maps (and so do we) so you can't tell community to shut up and at the same time keep feeding on it.