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  1. Berg

    Weedyman punishes me

    Try again.
  2. Berg

    I should get Unban in Mcserver mrgreen

    Moved to ban requests
  3. Berg

    Panzer's unban request

  4. Berg

    its teaming allowed?

  5. Berg

    Unban req

  6. Berg

    unban REQ

  7. I can see ur a Finn with those bottles in the background.
  8. Berg

    Remove [Admin] Dubby And Nick_026

    You have to be some kind of megatroll above our level in another universe, cause i cant read your personality, or if i should laugh or cry.. I'll lock this since its obviously loose claims without evidence, and not even a description in your article..
  9. Damn, im the only racing Swede and all my friends are Poles n Russians basically
  10. Berg

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    KoM|Berg (hope i can make it on 26th)
  11. Berg

    moroccan toxic

  12. Berg

    Flamer and racist LaurDani

    Muted for 1 day
  13. Berg

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Lisa simpson flying!!!
  14. Berg

    Map Event

    Berg Race - Destination Mix - [SH] Endless Runners Shadow ft. Lolicon
  15. Berg

    Unban app

    You have violated one of our most important rules millions of times: No insulting/provoking. I can provide soooo many screenshots of you insulting like crazy the last months. Your punishment is well deserved, you should have been banned a long time ago already tbh. You have nothing to do here if your only goal is to insult people and grief the gameplay of others, like you do to the ones you claim are "corrupt", like me - only playing and participating in races to ram me and after u (unlikely) succeed a ram you just go and spectate cause you fullfilled your only intention to ruin others experie
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