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  1. Berg

    Community ownership

    Best boss you could imagine, stay safe brother!
  2. Berg

    moroccan toxic

  3. Berg

    Flamer and racist LaurDani

    Muted for 1 day
  4. Berg

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Lisa simpson flying!!!
  5. Berg

    Map Event

    Berg Race - Destination Mix - [SH] Endless Runners Shadow ft. Lolicon
  6. Berg

    Unban app

    You have violated one of our most important rules millions of times: No insulting/provoking. I can provide soooo many screenshots of you insulting like crazy the last months. Your punishment is well deserved, you should have been banned a long time ago already tbh. You have nothing to do here if your only goal is to insult people and grief the gameplay of others, like you do to the ones you claim are "corrupt", like me - only playing and participating in races to ram me and after u (unlikely) succeed a ram you just go and spectate cause you fullfilled your only intention to ruin others experie
  7. Berg

    jobbysdady Blocker

    This is not really blocking, you both are racing and everything looks fine.
  8. Berg

    unbann request

    Unbanned, expect a much rougher punishment next time.
  9. Berg

    V4POR (Patya) Blocker

    I muted him for being toxic, i have talked to him about that, and about the fact that he was trying to block here and in other cases. Simply, i have warned him about this and if it turns out he will continue blocking/insulting, punishment will be much higher. Locked
  10. Berg

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    The original Never the Same map is 99% luckbased, the remaining 1% is knowledge of holding W button.. Also Core marker maps are 90%+ luckbased, if ur lucky enough to get the speed pickups your skills might play a role for competing. Other than that, coremarker maps were just made for the sake of fun, not for competing, so i wouldnt include these maps if i were the one deciding, especially when its a Race event. NTS is already in Mix events so why bring it to a Race event I agree with the rest u said though.
  11. Berg

    Mix Clan War #5

    Time flies by
  12. Berg

    NiceMikes' administrator appliciation

  13. Berg

    IsGh's Mod App

  14. Berg

    Jamaica Moderator Application

  15. Berg

    Mod application

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