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  1. New reaction types

    I just made your day cringe by upvoting your post
  2. Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    Edit: changed clanphoto
  3. Mr. Green Merchandise

    Yeah he did, i think also Dubstep made one long time ago, but for some reason the pics dont appear when i try to show them, apparently the posts are to old or something.
  4. Mr. Green Merchandise

    Ye thats why i would like a new KoM logo
  5. KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    Dear gw, if you wouldnt nag as much as you do i would invite you long time ago. But since you (still after i told you 3 times to not nag about it) didnt wait patiently, i will say no. If i get interested in you in the future i will let you know, but till then, please dont nag about stuff.
  6. POLL Superjump discussion

    That's exactly what i wanted to to when i was MM. Limit the superjump maps, but at the same time limit DM maps on RTF cuz thats same principle. RTF wasnt meant to be DM,same as shooter wasnt meant to be removed by the superjump script.
  7. DubStep's Moderator Application

    Goodluck you totally deserve it
  8. Kings of Mix "KoM|"

  9. Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    List updated and rules copied to this topic in case it was mazy having 2 topics.
  10. PUBG funny moments

    Here is a little video of me and some friends having a good time on PUBG
  11. MTA Christmas event!

    Damnit cena you could choose 3 better days for this, christmas time means alcohol...
  12. Race mix = race SH?

    I honestly see no problem with the superjump script. But i'm thinking of a limit of those maps, like we wont accept more than 5 maps as it will take over the whole server, and we need our rotation, atleast in my opinion. I also think same thing about the DM maps, we should have a limit for those aswell and go back to the rtf roots.
  13. Seasons

    I saw this after i did my topic, i like it!