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  1. PUBG funny moments

    Here is a little video of me and some friends having a good time on PUBG
  2. MTA Christmas event!

    Damnit cena you could choose 3 better days for this, christmas time means alcohol...
  3. Race mix = race SH?

    I honestly see no problem with the superjump script. But i'm thinking of a limit of those maps, like we wont accept more than 5 maps as it will take over the whole server, and we need our rotation, atleast in my opinion. I also think same thing about the DM maps, we should have a limit for those aswell and go back to the rtf roots.
  4. Seasons

    I saw this after i did my topic, i like it!
  5. As we've got many teams on mrgreen MTA network i suggest to add clanpoints, for example: For each win, let's say i win in the name of KoM, the whole KoM team achieve points, like 5 points for each win, or/and 2nd and 3rd place. It's not really a problem people make new teams when they get tired of their clantags or whatever the reason may be, but i would say a scoreboard for teams would definitely attract people to be proud of their team. This is not an important option, it's just for the entertainment. And NOT necessarily add some sort of reward for the team that achieve most points. If this would be something popular and maybe in progress i would suggest it to be an all-time scoreboard which means the points of each team doesn't refresh necessarily. Feel free to develop this suggestion
  6. Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery

    So where do i donate? Is there any steps i gotta follow or how does it work?
  7. I really dont see a reason to delete them aswell, those maps has been a reason that i gained interest in the mix server long time ago. I buy those maps sometimes and people claim to like it. So peoples opinion is not a problem, and the map itself is neither a problem, no bugs, no impossible checkpoints, just as Accident said, some skills and u will do good. And i see on Let's go baby why you think there's long between cps, at one spot there is quiet far between 2 checkpoints, but thats just at one spot, its a part of the fun imo. There would be a problem if the map would consist of these far checkpoints 100%, now its just at one spot and the luck plays a role, which i think is fun.
  8. Jap moderator application

    very good band indeed, Windir GL
  9. behe's Moderator Application

    Good luck broderino
  10. *Official Event Mix Server*

    I had sex while you had this event.

    I can understand when people like Bier share opinions about ctf, it's one of those guys who plays mix once a month and can actually enjoy it, cuz its not his living. For us who plays mix (atleast some of us) frequently its just cancer. Once you guys start playing frequently you'll realize that its just kinda waste of time. According to what people vote for ctf is the most hated mode, thats just facts. I can't really agree on that. How could the rounds be long enough? DD mostly get replayed 3 times and usually each round takes about 3 min. A CTF round usually take 3-4 min to finish also.

    If so many pretend to like CTF why does it never get played again? Just answer me on that one. Only thing i think CTF is good for is if i want a brake a short while for like taking a snus, going to toilet or whatever. And no i dont enjoy this mode, but i dont care if its a gamemode or not, i just think its strange most of you living in a lie pretending ctf to be loved by everyone and gets replayed, thats just bullshit.
  13. Show your car

    A little introduction to my car.. Inside it^^ Beautiful day in Sweden
  14. Admin application

    Fell asleep 7, woke up 2
  15. Admin application

    U don't mention any names? Anyways, like some other guys said, you're completely fit for the job in my opinion, ur one of the nicest guy i've ever met on internet, if you think something is corrupt or wrong you tell us, i appreciate that. You have everything an admin needs. You're not afraid of taking responsibility of anything, you got eyes in your neck so to speak which is good. You're friendly with everyone and most of all ur ready to help if someone has a question. Now every noob will steal ur application.. Good luck rockyrina you deserve all the best!