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  1. Goldberg

    Slayer insulting v2

  2. Goldberg

    Slayer insulting

    If i see him insult again or if you catch him doing it, let me know cuz i will mute that guy for a long time.
  3. Clan name: Kings of Mix Clan creation date: 04/28 - 2014 Where do you want the tag/role?(Discord or Forums. You can request both): Both How many members are in your clan?: 16 active members, 11 members on hold Members you want us to give them the role/tag: Dubby, Zuikis, Selim, Jap, r0ck, Haze, Witcher, Average, Trhrd, Chickenbutt, neox, wonas, Galiza, ME If i forgot someone or if you dont want to "participate" feel free to confront me.
  4. Goldberg

    Perk idea: JUMP

    Yeah, like the ordinary SH jump.
  5. Goldberg

    TopTimes on the web

    Yeah, you just simply type /tops <any amount> . I think there's a toptime table somewhere on the Forum but that one sucks as you have to search by maps who made the tops on it, so i'll recommend u to use /tops 8 ingame.
  6. Goldberg

    Perk idea: JUMP

    Great idea with a flip perk! That wouldn't be pay2win in any way, so that's a big yes from me.
  7. Goldberg

    Perk idea: JUMP

    I agree with you on that.
  8. Goldberg

    Perk idea: JUMP

    I was thinking and analyzing my thoughts for a bit and my conclusion from that is to add something like a Jump-perk. So basically we will add the perk to the shop, that perk will be usable in all gamemodes of the Mix server and will only be usable once per map, just like the reroll perk. I know, sounds crazy doesn't it? But think about it for a bit, it wouldn't be OP in my opinion, it can bring more entertainment to CTF for example where you can outplay people by being able to jump. It can be usable in NTS to avoid rams for example. Whats negative about this perk?: Well, it may cause some shortcutting in some maps, but hey there are already thousands of shortcuts in our Mix maps isn't it? Edit: I forgot to say, feel free to share your own suggestions and thoughts about this kind of perk
  9. Goldberg

    Ping Limit Request

    For everyones sake, keep it in English guys.

    1. Goldberg


      What's that reffering to? :clown:

    2. BlueYoshi97


      They are from Skellefteå, which is where you live, iirc (but I might be confused with ChickenButt).

    3. Goldberg


      Ohhh sorry lol i couldn't really connect them to Skellefteå cause you from NL sent me this xDD Now when i read the title properly i see, lol.. :thanks:

  11. Goldberg

    Remove the Shoutbox?

    Agree with Mosh. Eventually oldies will click into mrgreen sometime to see whats going on nowadays, if the shoutbox disappears they kinda get forced to make a topic if they wanna say hello. I'm never using the shoutbox myself but i think it's good it exists. I would consider spamming in the shoutbox the same as spamming in-game or in any topic so i would definitely try to find some sort of solution/action against those forumspammers.
  12. Goldberg

    Pictures of thyself

    There you go girls!^
  13. Goldberg

    Hello Again

    Is it possible to add an laughreaction?
  14. Goldberg

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    Im happy to see ma boiz rektin ur dirty asses
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