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  1. GoldBerg

    Pictures of thyself

    Is that brah tanlines on your shoulders?
  2. GoldBerg

    Toxic and blocker boyka

    Then do a seperate topic about it, or you can talk about it ingame or in private. This topic is for this specific case, and the relevance about this case in particular
  3. GoldBerg

    Toxic and blocker boyka

    Those who isn't involved aren't supposed to post, especially when it's irrelevant stuff
  4. GoldBerg

    Unban please, i learned my lesson.

    Please don't post if you're not involved
  5. GoldBerg

    outlan ban appeal

    I have to go by the rules, and this is clearly hate speech, insulting and provoking. I can't judge if it's the drugs that speaks or if it's you, on the other hand i think noone, neither you, got surprised you got banned. I can't really see the reason otherwise to type such things as "fuck you sand niggers" repeatedly if not trying to get reactions. I know you're fooling around, but there are limits. I'll keep you banned for a week
  6. GoldBerg

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    KoM: Berg Jap Laca Selim Witchy Backup: Haze trhrd
  7. GoldBerg

    Jamaica Moderator Application

    Maybe you should get more patience, let the time decide if you're fit enough for admin. I can see this is your 4th application in a short period. You're welcome to make another application atleast 3 months after your previous application, otherwise we will not even bother discussing the application. Locked
  8. GoldBerg

    berg not this again :D

    To clarify, Panzer accused me of "groundkilling" him in a normal lowjump SH map. Then i did the same as you can see in the video, then he went nuts. Also to clarify, i dont care about this kind of minor "issue", like groundkilling. Everyone is allowed to have their own playstyle, im fine with that.
  9. GoldBerg

    berg not this again :D

    In this Video is where everything began. Then Panzer provoked/insulted me, Venomous and Matoosh. Panzer literally turned his own words against us, claiming we "provoked him". I didnt type a single word that can be percieved as provoking, once again, you are making things up Panzer. Lying like this will cost you much, i will keep you banned in 2 weeks from today. Next time you should think twice before you act like theres no tomorrow.
  10. GoldBerg

    #1 Race Tournament

    Berg Pwned race 1
  11. yo man unban me pls

  12. GoldBerg

    Koolaid Admin Application

  13. GoldBerg

    Admin App

  14. GoldBerg

    mod/admin app

  15. GoldBerg

    I Wanna be Mod

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