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    1. Kreator


      I never talk to u, i can talk about you though. Be ready for that. And stop avoiding your mute

  2. Kreator


  3. Kreator


    Berg Laca Buttplug
  4. Kreator

    Fake Kreator report.

    I mean i personally dont care too much, its just cringe someone wants to steal someones nickname with colorcode and the whole kit. That just proves either lack of fantasy or desperate fan behaviour. If the "judicial" system says otherwise, i dont know, in that case im fine with that. I actually dont know the rules about stealing nicknames, so dont take my word on it
  5. am not a chat guy anyway....

    my horn do its JOB

    and ramming is allowed


  6. Kreator

    muted as always for no rasion

    Ok, people seem to get too interested about whats going on, so i guess i have to reply this magnificent topic already. My conclusion of this topic, if we just count this topic, is that Gold is abuser who continously provoke and annoy players. Job is the angel, barely talk to players and hes pretty much always innocent. Taste it for a bit. I actually didnt want to spend my time defending something that doesnt exist, especially when Job is involved. Job never tell the truth or the whole story, just like this topic. Very one sided. This guy has continously provoked me ever since i started on this server, obviously HE is the one having issues with me, and tbh, i CAN NOT tell why. In fact, he never backs up his claims or "points" when he opens his mouth. Its all from lying, provoking to this kind of bs topic. This punishment of 30 days (or 3 months as i actually would like to) is obviously not only judged by this specific situation. I have been nice towards Job that i havent muted him earlier, cause of his repeatedly annoying/provoking behaviour, not just against me. So ill keep the story short where all these things started happening.When Job came back to MrGreen about a year ago i told him asap that i didnt want any kind of fight or trouble with him. He started off nicely by leaving me alone, not ramming me, not provoking me or anything. We could even laugh at times if something funny happened. Then some months ago Job insulted Sandy saying "fuck you polish fuck" or something like that, i muted Job (i was doing my Job hehe) and immediately after that (in same context) he started trying to ram me and just block my way. Ever since that, Job have been on my ass day after day, more and more. At first i tried to ignore him and just leave it. But things got worse. So i decided after some time to treat Job exactly as he treats me. I have been (kind of) provoking him back by acting exactly like he acts to me, with that being said, being disrespectful, laughing at me if i fail, being icecold and just care about myself, being narcissistic. At the beginning when i just tried to ignore this Asshole i couldve muted him for months already. But i didnt. I tried to actually genuinely give him an honest attempt to look good in my eyes, but hes so hateful it even scares me. This guy has no self conscience, no empathy, no balls, no brain and no arguments. So its completely dangerous and naive he can even still play at MrGreen. The server have been very peacefully and enjoyable since i muted Job, thats a fact. I will not unmute you, i will make it 3 months, you really deserve more, but im nice. Locked Edit: People like MoroccanJob gets special treatment cause they over and over again show same behaviour, we admins arent robots, we can read situations and make patterns. This punishment is well measured.
  7. Kreator

    League of Legends TFT

    Me West
  8. Kreator

    SH tournament

    Berg Shadow/Lolicon's map, i dont remember the name Edit: rember>remember
  9. Kreator


    So how do you mean we should trust you? When you use your PC competence as a weapon towards many innocent humans, cuz in fact, many people gets to suffer, why wouldnt you be able to do it next time you disagree or something you just dont get along with? I see this all too sudden to believe its even a honest attempt to get unbanned. You didnt show (afaik) any regret so far, so i agree with that MTA dude telling you to wait with your appeal. A DDoS isnt just a break of our rules, it forces everyone timing out, and thats an big issue, as we all (even you as it sounds like according to your topic) want Mrgreen alive. This isnt raising the average playerscale at all. Edit: Its sad to see u doing all this shit, you have been such a good soul for Mrgreen over the years.
  10. Kreator

    Civan`s Admin Application

  11. Kreator

    Admin Application Rare

  12. Kreator

    unfair ban

    Ok i will trust you guys who played with him, which i never did except this time. I will unban you. It looked suspicious from what i saw, but i actually dont know that map so i cant really judge, i just saw everyone else than you going around the objects while you went through all of them.
  13. Kreator


    Well if you read the topic properly, since plane/boat cps are 9/10 based on luck, i bet you will get declined with that map. Edit: Kreator [NTS]Thundersteel
  14. Kreator

    Cenation "CnT|"

    Damn, i wanted to make an application, but since i dont meet the requirements, i realized im not fit for the team.
  15. Kreator

    Thanks to everyone!

    I bet you were the only one laughing about it
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