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  1. Kreator


    Well if you read the topic properly, since plane/boat cps are 9/10 based on luck, i bet you will get declined with that map. Edit: Kreator [NTS]Thundersteel
  2. Kreator

    Cenation "CnT|"

    Damn, i wanted to make an application, but since i dont meet the requirements, i realized im not fit for the team.
  3. Kreator

    Thanks to everyone!

    I bet you were the only one laughing about it
  4. Kreator

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    Kings of Mix: Kreator Paid 2,000 GCs Dubby Paid 2,000 GCs Jap Paid 2,000 GCs Selim Paid 2,000 GCs Roukas Paid 2,000 GCs I will perhaps add others soon.






  6. Kreator

    Pictures of thyself

    Better late than never @tyfusjap
  7. Kreator

    LikeMikes' moderator appliciation

  8. Kreator

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    Not necessarily, people always tend to not see the difference between blocking/ramming (not talking about anyone specifically), so it was more of a statement. But yeah im up for ghostmode, then nobody will be able to ruin your good run no matter what, then its totally up to you as driver.
  9. Kreator

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    You wont be able to avoid ramming, accidentally nor intentionally, if we wont have Ghostmode
  10. Kreator

    SH tournament #1

  11. Kreator

    DJ|Tommy blocker MIX

  12. Kreator

    Mekuar's Moderator Application

  13. Think with your head before you do it, I have flood in my profile, and this is not prohibited ...

  14. Kreator

    SH tournament #1

    Kreator Why would the fourth get prize in overall counting? 1st: 25000 gcs 2nd: 15000 gcs 3rd: 5000 gcs Or something like that instead
  15. Kreator

    Mix/Race map event #3

    Name: Kreator Map: nts marathon 3
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