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  1. Matiasz

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    It's Race.
  2. Matiasz

    Team name

    hacker! }:->
  3. Matiasz

    Team name

    Team name: Team name Owner: Matoosh Member list: • xdTURBOmax How to join? 1. "I know you and I think you are enough nice guy" packet → 750 GC to join the team and 500 GC per week. 2. "I don't know you but I think you are enough nice guy" packet - 1500 GC to join and 500 GC per week 3. "Omg. I don't know you and I don't like you but you pay GC for team" packet - 2500GC to join and 1500 GC per week Our motto is "We don't care. We don't need you." I invented it a moment ago, heh.
  4. Matiasz

    Thanks to everyone!

    Title of thread sounds like you wanted say 'good bye' XD Thanks Cena, LETS MRGREEN GREAT AGAIN!
  5. Matiasz

    Assist Of Skills

    You can check other player stats (and tops) by yourself. Tops: https://mrgreengaming.com/mta/toptimes/player/17786/ Stats: https://mrgreengaming.com/mta/stats/17786/
  6. Matiasz

    Mix/Race map event #3

    ...I cant play in friday. Sorry
  7. Matiasz

    Mekuar's Moderator Application

    Good luck, Mekuar.
  8. Matiasz

    VIP system!

    sell gcs for some guy and buy vip, hehe
  9. Matiasz

    Rate the song above you!

  10. Matiasz

    Rate the song above you!

  11. Matiasz

    Rate the song above you!

  12. Matiasz

    Suggestion: Skill & Leveling System.

    I know that Cena and other developers make difference or similar level and rank system. I hope I give you some new ideas. Leveling system XP required is dependent from XP rewards. What I mean? The system should be enough hard (to get high level) but not too hard. I think max level should exist for start system. Example 50 level. How long we should play and how often to get the maximum level (50)? Month? Three month? How high level you should get if you will be play one or two years? I read article about levels formula, you can read here. I took formula from there and changed for myself. I decided that level 1 is start level (not 0 lvl) 100 * (level^2) - (100 * level) We have then: Level XP required 1 0 2 200 3 600 4 1200 5 2000 6 3000 7 4200 8 5600 9 7200 10 9000 11 11000 12 13200 13 15600 14 18200 15 21000 16 24000 17 27200 18 30600 19 34200 20 38000 Unblock options: It's a lot of options which we can add to unblock if you have enough level. What level is required to unblock the option? We can discuss about it. Options: Private messages (some low lvl) Horns Skins Buy vehicles and modify them Perks (other level for every perk? I'm not sure about this option, I mean 'perks') Buy maps(?) Join to team Create a team (high level) Transfer GCs and others options... Rewards: At start I want say that premium account will exist in future, so I suggest give them 120-150% more XP than normal account TOP10 ( no rewards if the top has empty places! ) Place XP dependent from played time (map) 100> 100>x>50 >50 1ST 1000 500 250 2ND 900 450 225 3RD 800 400 200 4TH 700 350 175 5TH 600 300 150 6TH 500 250 125 7TH 400 200 100 8TH 300 150 75 9TH 200 100 50 10TH 100 50 25 Checkpoints: It's good idea for Race server but no more than 5XP for 10 checkpoints and on the MIX should be disabled. Be honest, it's all examples. We can more discuss about how many you get XP as reward if level system (XP required) will decided by mrgreen crew . Ranks: I'm hesitant. I think it's good idea but I don't want it as player. I'm old man and I prefer only levels instead ranks but... If it will be added, I do nothing. However, skills/ranks what you made is suitable for Race server. Should we decided for other ranks on Race server and MIX Server? I think so. In addition to your ranks I suggest add special ranks for people who made maps or helped server in different way. ---- I can forgot about sth. I didn't have enough time to develop the thread. Let's discuss! Enjoy!
  13. Matiasz

    Suggestion: Skill & Leveling System.

    Okay! Idea of leveling system is great! I gave this suggestion in official thread. I think it's too more xp for some things. It should be like (in my opinion): Finishes - 30XP Wins - 10th 5XP, 9th 6XP, 8th 7XP, 7th 10XP, 6th 15XP, 5th 30XP, 4th 45XP, 3rd 60XP, 2nd 75XP, 1st 90XP Kills: 10XP per kill (DD, DL & SH) RTF: 80XP Tops 10 (only for make top, not like give XP for tops per month): 1ST - 1000XP, 2ND - 900XP, 3RD 800XP... and minus 100XP for next lvls. I don't agree that should be XP for start map. Levels → It should be rising xp, not static. Example: Level 1 → 100 XP Level 2 → 200 XP Level 3 → 400 XP Level 4 → 800 XP Level 5 → 1500 XP Level 6 → 2600 XP Level 7 → 4200 XP Level 8 → 6400 XP Level 9 → 9300 XP Level 10 → 13000 XP I would like to add things you can unblock on the some level. Example: You can: write message on 1 level; buy maps on 5 levels; buy PJ on 8 level; create team on 10 level etc.
  14. Matiasz

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Give a possible to disable sound after start /duel
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