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  1. Matoosh

    Lets see who are the real racist

    Can you tell us which sentences are racist? I don't see any racist sentences.
  2. gimme rep

    1. Matoosh
    2. Matoosh


      Dzięki cebulka @jack123

  3. Matoosh

    muted 14 days for CAPS ..

    Who are you? At least tell your ingame nickname Use
  4. Matoosh

    Top/least favourite race mappers [BETA]

    i would like to see sth like it for mix.
  5. Matoosh

    Jamaica Moderator Application

    ? You wrote in two posts that it is your 5th application and you say it isn't your 5th app lication now. I had to check it and it's your 5th application for mod.
  6. Matoosh

    What is your favorite gamemode? + stats

    Here → https://mrgreengaming.com/mta/toptimes/map I got all maps from there.
  7. Matoosh

    What is your favorite gamemode? + stats

    26.02.2020 Type Code Maps Percents Never The Same NTS 756 38,03% Reach The Flag RTF 279 14,03% Shooter SH 287 14,44% Destruction Derby DD 653 32,85% DeadLine DL 13 0,65% Race Race 2909
  8. Matoosh

    Rate the song above you!

  9. Ywa looks similar to Elon Musk


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    2. Ywa


      Haha. :') 

    3. Maher


      Oh the blonde Elon Musk! 

    4. Dubby



  10. Matoosh

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Stop spamming in Mekuar's thread, @Pokemoon @nevernotatall
  11. Matoosh

    Rate the song above you!

  12. Matoosh

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Good luck, Mekuar. Are you prepared to leave Infinity?
  13. Matoosh

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    You can always make temporary teams and divide original team to them. Heh
  14. Matoosh

    JUST X25

    It could be abused.
  15. Matoosh

    let rammers get punished.

    I don't agree (if it will works on both servers). I agree (if it will works on only race server. However, I don't think I can decide for race server. I don't play there.).
  16. Matoosh

    MTA Login

    Use gui to sign in F6 > Login tab > sign in
  17. Matoosh


    500mb? lel :v
  18. Matoosh

    [Poll] CoreMarkers Magnet

    How long it's working?
  19. Matoosh

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    Team Name xdTurboMax Matoosh xdTurboMax Matoosh xdTurboMax
  20. Matoosh


    kek, change background of text/images
  21. Matoosh

    Jamaica Moderator Application

    Read thread which Sandro posted. I think yoy shouldnt be mod if u cant even read.
  22. Matoosh

    MrGreen CSGO: Tournament!

    I'll use wh
  23. Matoosh

    [Idea] Monthly race tournament [Race/Mix/Web]

    It's only make sense if all would be automatic.
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