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  1. Toxic behavior zzSHANKSzz

    These are the same screenshots r0ck posted. I already have taken a decision.
  2. Admin report

    So instead of reporting the player, you reported the admin. I do not see stig doing anything wrong except for 1 thing (which I said why in the end). You could simply ask any other admin. I know you do not like stig that's why you reported him. However, you reported that player to stig, but not reporting Maina for some reason, because I can see he replied (insulted) back to Shanks. Anyway, I will mute 3 of you. Maina and Shanks for insulting. r0cK for supporting one side and not being totally fair. I will give an official warning to Stig, since its not his first time I see him saying "I am not the only admin online".
  3. Blocker

    Maybe you are right, but I can't really take your words that seriously and honesty compared to the shitty history you have. Maybe you just allowed those other 2 players to pass, but you didn't for steam. I still think you should be marked or banned.
  4. Blocker

    If Sandy wanted to go back. He should stop and give way to other players to move or press B and then spawn again when players have moved. 10 secs going back and forth? Maybe Steam is lying as usual but we can't know that now from the screenshots and we only take actions according to the screenshots/videos. My suggestion for admins to mark/ban Sandy for some time.
  5. i cant buy gc

    Add ur visa card to ur paypal. Make a paypal account and then u would see "add card" option or something similar. Then add ur visa card info and thats it.
  6. You already earn 20 GCs when you win a RTF if you are talking about RTF. 20 GCs is much. What bothers me are 2 things. Firstly, players who finish the race in NTS after the 5th ranked doesn't earn anything. Few years ago it used to be 2 GCs if you finished the race, but not anymore for some reason. I would like to see 2 GCs for finish a NTS map. Secondly, When the time is over in CTF and both red and blue team is tied. None of the teams earn GCs while if 1 team won they get 10GCs, so if the both team ends up tie. I think both teams should get 5 GCs. What do you guys think about it? @Bierbuikje you might wanna read it too.
  7. Forum logo

    I like the first one in the top. The current one feels so weird as you said.
  8. I read the first line only. I do agree that players with 250 ping and such are free to play, but unstable ping is the problem and when I do find one myself. I try to either /k him or /blocker for some time, but we can't really ban people for that reason. We can kick too but not ban.
  9. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Guys, this isn't a topic for discussion. Please keep it clean. Yes I saw the report Maina did, I will check it out later when I can.
  10. OOPS

    I couldn't login yesterday from my iMac. Edit: Nvm its good now.
  11. And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    Idk whats the difference between these 2 words, but here what you told him. You just never stop. (Not to him only) I can't count how many times I have muted you Sandy, but I remember last time it was 14 days mute and you asked me after few days in the chatbox to unmute you and I did it hoping you would stop, but you just do not stop, so I believe 30 days suits you well.
  12. InHum6a

    Login there first then ingame. http://mrgreengaming.com/greencoins.php
  13. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    You could add it a little in the front of the checkpoint... Now if I got a pakcer, dumper... I will need to go back to get sweeper and I will ruin other player's race for sure just to get sweeper. Anyway, I can see you reuploaded it. I will let any other map assisant check it, but I am pretty sure someone else other than reese will report this map again.
  14. Post your funny pics

    Wlcum to Egypt sir xD