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  1. Cena

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    You idiot driver
  2. Cena

    Mr.Green Gaming İnstagram Page

    How long is the giveaway available?
  3. Cena

    How is everybody doing?

    F4. Welcome back and hope you enjoy. I do remember you.
  4. hey bro are you here


    1. Maher


      Charlie Charlie are you here

    2. nevernotatall


      omg byebye posted 

    3. Cena


      Yea he did!

  5. Cena

    Custom paintjob tutorial

    You can check this link out! http://cby.hu/pjtester/
  6. You are online again, interesting!

    1. BadPing


      We be quarantining!

  7. Cena

    russian toxic

    I banned him.
  8. Cena

    Tournament 2v2

    I don't play csgo. You can do it. Just make topic and post in discord #csgo. Just like you did for MTA event I will announce it for you as well, but you can manage everything
  9. Cena

    Tournament 2v2

    Guys, in case you can't find the tournament following my steps. Then go to Main Menu > Options and Enable "Cross-Platform Play" Then follow the steps of my main topic again. What
  10. Cena

    Tournament 2v2

    Hi guys, I have made a new tournament 2v2. Please invite your friends. It will be for fun tournament. It will be during Friday 27th March at 19:00 (7:00PM). Click on the time to convert to your local time. Also join our discord for rocket league tournaments and updates by mrgreen! Our discord: https://discord.gg/UqVHHhk To find the tournament follow these steps: Start your Rocket League game > Play > Tournaments > Find tournament then click on 2v2 at the top and then search for "mr. green" and you will find it.
  11. Upload it yourself xD
  12. Cena

    Lets see who are the real racist

  13. Maher

    🤣احلى محمد

    1. Cena


      احلى ماهر

  14. Cena

    White screen

    F1 > Settings > UI settings and use the old radar (mini map).
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