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  1. Cena

    Punishment Unfairly

    You were not explaining the event. You were insulting even tho I told you to stop and I ignored you for some time. Be a man and accept your punishment. Don't go in-game and insult me and act innocent...
  2. Does it happen only in our server or any MTA server?
  3. Cena

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    No I didn't delete, but no time to game.
  4. Cena

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    Looks very nice, I miss the game
  5. Cena

    Blocker Bring

    @Bring Don't block Kash again. Ram him while you are racing instead. If he blocks you. Then record it as well. I hope you know the difference between ram and block. Anyway, it will be just a warning for now.
  6. Cena

    Shooter must be better on Mr Green Community

    I don't think we should stop someone from playing the way they want. I know I ground kill too, but imo our server is more for fun rather than making tops. If you can't enjoy your time and have fun with friends and only want to make tops. Go to any other try hard server. The server is open for everyone and I don't want to control anyone's game play at all. Everyone is free to decide the way they want to play. Laggers are an issue, but we can't do much about it. But again its a fun server not try hard. Doesn't really bother me that much. Sometimes it does, but not always
  7. Cena

    Mr. Green Zombie Survival

    2012 if I remember correctly
  8. Cena

    Mr. Green Zombie Survival

    @LuCkEr- would give you a more accurate answer, but as far as I know yes it is more likely to be open by summer.
  9. Cena

    TFT Tournament #2

    Well, I don't think we have teams of 5 over here or even 4. Lets see how many people join this TFT. If enough we can make 5v5 after this TFT by 1 week.
  10. Cena

    TFT Tournament #2

    So you are in?
  11. Cena

    TFT Tournament #2

    Since some of you guys wanted TFT event again between us. So here it goes. I didn't decide what rewards are yet, but I am thinking of giving RP for the 1st rank this time, but its not sure at all. For now lets see who is interested to join. We will play in EUW. So make sure you have an account there and its all good to go. We will play on Saturday 11th of July. Enough time for all of us to see this topic and make up our mind. It will at 19:00. Click here to convert to local time. I have highlighted the important information. Please make sure to read it.
  12. Hello guys, so this is our financial report for the first 6 months of 2020. Thanks to everyone who contributed with every cent of their own. It really matters a lot to me and shows me that we still have players who don't wanna see this community dying. Most of the work with the community have been done thanks to @AfuSensi, but lets not forget our other developers who also helped us out and still helping us (@LuCkEr- @Mihoje @Haxardous). Also our server managers who are contributing a lot as well (@GoldBerg and @Lejorah). Hopefully the other half of 2020 will be better financially. Enjoy your summer vacation everyone! Month Income Server Expenses Other Expenses Jan-20 € 78.28 € 55.00 € - Feb-20 € 48.03 € 55.00 € - Mar-20 € 143.97 € 55.00 € 23.78 Apr-20 € 92.25 € 55.00 € 70.00 May-20 € 59.83 € 55.00 € 30.00 Jun-20 € 128.68 € 55.00 € 43.26 Total: €551.04 €330 €167.04 Remaining: €54 Other expenses could be forum renewal, developers payments, server advertising and anything similar to that. Don't forget that we finished 2019 with €167.90 and I already paid for July 2020, so our current balance is: €166.90 while July is paid for already. Thanks to everyone one more time!
  13. Cena


    Me neither. Would love to know the purposes of clubs as well!
  14. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    Kings of Mix wins the 5th clanwar of Mix with 81 points. Assist of Skills are 2nd by 73 points. Good job everyone. Clan owners PM me in discord for your rewards and your team members.
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