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  1. Cena


    email can't be changed Login with your email for filipas5314
  2. Cena

    help meee

  3. Cena


    Idk you are supposed to tell us, the profile you are using now to post in here doesn't have any backup from yesterday, so that means you are using another account ingame and we need to know which account is it.
  4. Cena

    help meee

    Interesting, did you try to log out and login again from F6?
  5. Cena

    player Race blocker

    @race what did u tell me few days ago... players ruin your game and then you ruin their game? I will keep this as a warning this time. Next time you will be marked.
  6. Cena

    ClanWar 2 Scoreboard

    Yes as draw, because KoM and RV would have played more than all other clans which is kinda not fair imo. Also idk if CnT vs KoM will happen.
  7. Cena


  8. Cena

    ClanWar 2 Scoreboard

    Btw @KneeLzy. I don't think you should count the rematch points. Just my opinion but looks good!
  9. Cena


    Also @HITMAN25, if you get reported again for any reason. You are kicked from CnT It is punishable because he is not racing and still ramming which means he is ruining other players gameplay (as stig said). About the edit part, I like it too! Make MTA YouTuve video! @YeItsMe xD
  10. Few more updated Trashmaster have PJ now. Example, see below: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There is a new command. Try /currentrecord Thats what you are supposed to see. Record resets every 30 days. Soon we will merge server record of Mix and Race together, so you wouldn't need to press F2 to get GCs. You get 50 GCs every 1 player who joins. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ hdwheels have been added. Check @assntitties topic for more explanation about what these do. A picture is below as well: To view those wheels. You need to disable the BTwheels in F1 > Settings first. To change the wheel color you need to change the car's secondary color from F6 > Modshop. Hope everyone likes these new stuff! (Credits go to @Mihoje @assntitties and @Noam)
  11. Cena

    Gony insulting me

    Next time /ignore. I will give him a mute.
  12. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    I hope everyone enjoyed the clanwar. I did my best for everyone. Sorry if I failed someone I will be hosting another ClanWar by the beginning of 2019 most prob. In this case, I would like everyone to tell me something that he hated about this clanwar so I can rearrange it next clanwar and make it better.
  13. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    Final clanwar results between Revolution and Assist of Skills: ForzaFerrari: 5+5+4+5+4 points AssNtittes: 2+3+1+5+5 points YeBuddy: 5+2+3 points 330i: 1+3+2+1 points Total 56 points ___________________________________ Mekuar: 4+1+1+1+3+3 points Kneelz: 3 points Selim: 1+1+5+5+5 points Witcher: 5 points Skyline: 3+1 points Total 42 points Congratulations AoS.
  14. Cena

    New HD and colored orginal wheels for server

    I did disable my wheels from F1 settings
  15. Cena

    New HD and colored orginal wheels for server

    @assntitties u sure it works? I just tried it out and couldn't see anything