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  1. Cena

    Problem with mapupload

    I just tested it. I received the email. Idk why I haven't received yours.
  2. Cena

    Problem with mapupload

    Then you have not set the plugin probably. I can help you in discord step by step if you want. Otherwise I will just help you here. Make sure you have followed the plugin steps as well, they are pretty clear. Restarting also works a lot. Don't ask me how it just works lol I haven't received anything. I might have a problem with that, will check it soon. Btw my discord is Cena#1101 If you have it then add me there. So I can get you your account back. Otherwise, just send me a forum PM here with your old account information if you remember any.
  3. Cena

    Problem with mapupload

    You even created an account for this particular problem? and you even called your account mapupload! WOW
  4. Cena

    Any ideas?

    Dubby wanted to do it. I think he wouldn't mind if you can assist him (Like choosing maps and such). @Dubby interested?
  5. Cena

    Rate the song above you!

    You need to rate the song above you and then you post a song so the other person can rate. You are only rating without posting a song.
  6. Cena

    DD Tournament.

  7. Cena

    DD Tournament.

    All times in this community are ALWAYS announced in NL time since thats where the server is located...
  8. My Mr. Green tags through out the years, if I missed any let me know! 






    I joined some different clans as well but was only for fun/few days. 

    1. Maher


      Your ign was Nibje too

  9. Cena


    I gave rewards already + 3 days VIP for each.
  10. Cena

    DD Tournament.

    Cena Rise of the Kali
  11. Cena

    Tournament poll

    We don't even have DL maps LOL
  12. Cena


    When is it?
  13. Cena

    Tournament poll

    Why did you change your vote, Ulas xD
  14. Cena


    Race players don't support it either, I have asked many times if they want ghostmode in race, I got a big as NO from everyone. Do a poll and ask everyone in this community and lets see what they want. Create the poll and the topic under MTA sub forum, not here.
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