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  1. Cena

    FounDer annoys and curses everyone

    I can't understand anything and I tried to use google translate with few ones and it doesn't show any insult.
  2. Cena

    Sandro - Not ready !

    Not really worthy to report. By the time you report him and an admin reply he prob would be kicked from an admin/mod ingame.
  3. Cena

    FounDer annoys and curses everyone

    I do agree. I even banned him 3 days for that, but I need proves @DarkSlayer I can't take any actions without screenshots or videos.
  4. Cena


    Accepted Make sure to join our VTC AND our discord server: https://discord.gg/hXbrqmU
  5. Cena

    change system

    I moved the topic. You created it in the wrong section.
  6. Cena

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    This isn't a reporting topic. Wish him good luck or state your point of disapproval and thats it. No need screenshots and such...etc
  7. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Also scripting. I don't script. We don't have active scripter nowadays.
  8. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Exactly, not worth it.
  9. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    This requires a little bit of scripting I believe. Which I can't do xD Unfortunately I do almost everything manually. If I do add CTF map for example. KoM and CnT will be in red team and same to the blue team. I can't make you guys separate.
  10. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Friday's clanwar result: FaP vs Cenation FaP: Assntittes: 4+5+1+5+3+5+4+2 RNQ: 3+5+2+5+5+1+3 Cock: 2+1+1+4+3+3+3 Cockolate: 3+3+2+4 Gnappo: 2+1 With total of 82 points. Cenation: Cena: 5+4+4+5+1+1+10+10+10+1 Flo: 1+2+5+5+5 Nibje: 1+1+3+3 With total of 77 points. _______________________________________________________ Saturday's clanwar result: Team Yoshi vs Cenation Team Yoshi: Shrug: 3+1+1 Yoshi: 2+5+3+4+5 Nee: 1+3+10+2 Mad: 5 Nick:3+1+3+4+1 With total of 57 points. Cenation: Flo: 5+4 Stig: 4+3+5+3+2+2+4 Cena:2+5+1+1+10+5+3+5 Nibje: 1+1+3+5 Skynet: 5+1+5+3+10+1+3 With total of 102 points. _______________________________________________________ FaP vs Kings of Mix Kings of mix: Mercury: 5+4+3+3+3+3+3+5+10+10+5 Goldberg: 4+3+3+1+5+5+3+5+5 Dubstep: 3+5+4+5+1+1+1+1+2+4+2 Chickenbutt: 2+5+1+4+1+1 Jap: 5+3+2+4 Total: 145 points FaP: Assntittes: 2+5+3+3 RNQ: 1+1 Cockolate: 1 Cock: 2 Gnappo: 1 Total: 19 points _______________________________________________________ Cenation vs Genesis Cenation: Nibje: 5+4+1+4+2 Stig: 4+1+10+2+5 Skynet: 2+5+4+1+3 Flo: 1+1+2+2+4 Cena: 2+3+1+10+5+5 With total of 87 points. Genesis: Nacho: 3+5+1+3+5+3 Leriat: 3+5+5+5+10+4 Natsu: 3+1+1+1+3 P0l: 3+3+3+5 Geomix: 5+3+1+1 With total of 82 points. _______________________________________________________ Final results are: 1- KoM 2- FaP 3- CnT 4- Genesis 5- Team Yoshi 6- The Ultimates 7- Infinity 8- GucciGanG 9- Defenders _______________________________________________________ This clan war was more fun to active clans rather than skilled clans. I made some mistakes in the rules, but this was our first clanwar so I couldn't know. I will have some rules changed for the next clanwar. Mainly it will be increasing the 5 players limit to ~7. Adding ~3 players extra. In case the main player couldn't come. There will be no more voting 2 for the next clanwar. In that way we make sure each clan will play 3 different maps for each game mode (NTS, SH, DD and RTF). I will also make it that every clan fight the other clan at least once before getting qualified/disqualified. Instead of 1 fight and if you lose you are out. It will be different. You will have a chance to fight each clan once before deciding qualifying or not. _______________________________________________________ Please if you have any other suggestions for the next clanwar. Post it below so everyone can see it and react on it. Thanks to everyone.
  11. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Thanks to everyone! It really makes me feel better. At least I know I didn't spend my time for nothing. I promise for a better one in the future. I will post Friday's and Saturday's results today. The winning clan will get 10k GCs per member. 2nd clan which is FaP will get 5,000 GCs per member. 3rd clan which is CnT will get 2,500 GCs per member. So FaP, KoM and CnT need to PM me ingame when they see me online! (Only the 5 members who participated).
  12. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    102 CnT and 57 Team Yoshi. @BlueYoshi97. I will make a better post for yesterday's and today's games tomorrow with personal points and stuff like that...etc Today is last day of clanwar. I hope everyone enjoyed and I promise to do it better next time. I had such bad rules since it is our first time. Have a good day.
  13. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    So far the points are 77 for CnT and 82 for FaP. Didn't count the last round of NTS yet. The video is processing and can't see who finished. But generally you guys won.
  14. Cena

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Tmw, 6:30 PM GMT+2. Team Yoshi vs the losing team between FaP ( @TheMoose) and Cenation. Then. The winner between Cenation/FaP vs KoM at 8:00 GMT +2. After that we will have Genesis vs the winner between Team Yoshi and whoever they will face at 9:30 GMT +2. It might sound confusing, but hope it is clear. Just ask me if there is a problem understanding what I said.
  15. Yes, Cena. I will be joining later again. What is your ingame name?