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  1. Okay there is a weird problem, I tried to undo the deletion to review it, but I can't. It just says the map already exist. @Bierbuikje @SDK any help/idea?
  2. Mix/Race event v2

    All maps have been added so far for both Race and Mix. @BlueYoshi97, share it with ur race players friend, please.
  3. MrGreen Youtube channel

    Okay, so basically the freecam is bugged. We can't get it back
  4. Blocker

    Its not really clear, Selim. However, I will warn him.
  5. Mix/Race event v2

    Mix/Race Event ••• Dear players, previous event was successful so we decided to set up another event. Concept is the same as last time, you the players decide what maps we play during this evening/night. You can choose from [SH], [NTS], [RTF], [CTF], [Race] and [DD] maps ••• Form Ingame nickname: Mapname: [SH]... [NTS]... [RTF]... [CTF]... [Race]... or [DD]... (only one map allowed per player) ••• Rules Only one map per player allowed during this event. Only valid forum accounts will be counted in, fake ones will be ignored. Maps will be played in the order people voted, first comes first served, so be quick ;-) (We might change it a little) ••• Day and Time The event will be on 28th of October (28-10-2017). *The format is (Day-Month-Year) Click here to see when the event will start (auto converted to your local time).
  6. MrGreen Youtube channel

    If it is too necessary, I will see if I can get it back. Need to ask Bier first.

  8. MrGreen Youtube channel

    Ofc! Anything related to MrGreen would be welcomed! Edit: Also I have finished another ETS2 video today finally (took me a lot since I was busy irl). I will upload it tonight!
  9. MrGreen Youtube channel

    If you can do that by urself go ahead, so far it is only me who keeps recording and its not that easy (at least for me) to get a nice shot while recording. It takes me a lot to find a good clip(s) after a whole day of recording.
  10. Admin abuse

    I have spoken with @Bierbuikje. The ban will stay. No action taken against Stig.
  11. Login Problem.

    Login here: http://mrgreengaming.com/greencoins.php
  12. pls help

    Login here: http://mrgreengaming.com/greencoins.php
  13. MrGreen Youtube channel

    Why? I did not abandon it and I am still doing videos. I just can't keep recording all by myself 24/7. Thats why I asked for contributers. It might also make others happy by seeing their clips in MrGreen videos in our channel. In fact I am editing a 3rd video rn and I am almost done with it (Most prob will be uploaded tonight and it is also about ETS2).