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  1. Adressing the ABUSE in Mr.Green

    He did and we spoke about it. You are being an "annoying" person towards him. He have every right to mute you for that. I saw the chat. You were annoying to me personally, but I just ignored you and didn't punish you. Not everyone is gonna do the same as me. Besides, its only 15 mins mute.... Nothing in this report is useful. Locked.
  2. Adressing the ABUSE in Mr.Green

    Not enough evidence to prove your point... Will give you time. If nothing to say. Will lock this.
  3. MIX server complaints

    I agree with you. DD is also being bought a lot. I will speak with @Bierbuikje and see if there is something we can do about it.
  4. Mr. Green Merchandise

    Haven't you seen the Finical posts made by Ywa for the last few months? Mr. Green isn't really making any profit (except for Dec and Nov barely made it).
  5. Mr. Green Merchandise

    Yea true that, I forgot about it. Too bad
  6. Mr. Green Merchandise

    I myself don't know how stuff work in EU, US, South America or even India since we have some players from the Asian part, but shipping cost would be included. Idk how much you would pay when you receive it. I will know all of this soon and post the prices. Thats what I told u long ago! I think @neox. made few logos, not sure.
  7. Mr. Green Merchandise

    Yea little amount which is sad. I want to expand MrGreen in more games which hopefully help the situation a little. Also I think you are wrong about donating. Sure not every month people donate, but generally people in this community to donate. Take a look here.
  8. Mr. Green Merchandise

    As mentioned above, we didn't want to make everything so "awesome" and then the majority says no we don't want to buy that. It would be waste of time for the people who would design it. So far the votes are nearly the same as well....
  9. Mr. Green Merchandise

    I am glad to hear that! Let us know when you are done with something! We will try to make it as cheap as possible. Not known how much it would cost yet.
  10. Mr. Green Merchandise

    I didn't say the first, but I said I think Maher would. He even voted "Yes"
  11. Mr. Green Merchandise

    You didn't know? I said it very clear on the chat
  12. Mr. Green Merchandise

    He only wanted to give it a try. We will do more "professional" merch if the votes did show a positive results (We will ofc post our final merch here).
  13. Suggestions for Mr.Green community

    You can suggest that here. This topic is for the community to involve in different games and events to do under the name of "Mr. Green". Not MTA.