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  1. Cena


    @GonzalezoI removed your forum ban. I will remove your ban ingname later today. I need your serial.
  2. If you want your old account back. PM me with any information regarding that account (Like username or email) and I will look it out for you. Then we will be sure if its gone or not.
  3. Cena

    Unban Me :D

    Thank you. I removed it.
  4. Cena

    Unban Me :D

    Read this topic and edit your topic and follow the format.
  5. Cena

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    Check again in 1 year
  6. Cena


    He is banned for a reason, not to make an unban request.
  7. Cena

    Dead Frontier/Dead Frontier 2

    Never heard of them, are they on steam?
  8. Cena

    Community ownership

    Thank you all for the beautiful words. I really am speechless. I will definitely be around, but I can't own a community in which I am not active in it anymore, specifically in the last 3-4 months. I simply don't have time to game anymore or be around. I didn't want to leave the community or give it away, but it will be better with Afu as an owner. He will able to provide services and features as an owner now which I was not able to do. The community will be better with him in charge. I will stay around and help Afu with what I was working on. Which was few other projects for the co
  9. Cena

    Community ownership

    Thank you ❤ I won't, need your help though Thank you! I never seen you writing a long post before thank you Dubby, you deserve all the best. You are a good friend of mine too and always have been my little brother Thank you Kneelzy, we did indeed have a great time together. No worries we will game again together one day for sure ❤❤❤
  10. Cena

    Community ownership

    Hi guys. I have been in this community since 2012 and active since 2014. I did a lot and did my best for this community. Not everyone was happy with my decisions, but I definitely did what I thought is best by that moment. I have been admin, map manager, server manager since 2015 till 2018. I took my ownership then in 2019 and it is Oct 2020. Almost 2 years doing my best and trying to host events and planning new servers and projects for the community. These projects are still in progress and I will be reviewing them and manage them. @AfuSensi will be taking over with the community
  11. Cena

    Map Event

    Mix: DD Lets Spin NTS Never the same
  12. Cena

    Map Event

    Race: @cby choose 2 more race maps in my name Mix: NTS - Cenation III DD - Looney Toons
  13. Cena

    Map Event

    You can request 1 more map for each server.
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