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  1. Cena

    Unban ...

    I'm not willing to remove your ban. If you want another admin to look into your request then mention it. But for me, I won't unban you. If the other admin think you can get another chance then you are lucky. But leave me out of this.
  2. Cena

    My Nick is stolen/locked

    Yea there was an update yesterday, so it might be the problem that caused that bug. Good to hear everything is fine now.
  3. So from what I understood, someone else logged in to your account?
  4. Cena

    Anthony~Vz's Mod Application

    You can't apply for map assistant. Only Mod/Admin. Change your topic title @Anthony_Vaz.
  5. Cena

    FPS Limit Race Server

    I would say keep it as it is, as intelz said, some prefer 100 and some 60. You can change ur fps limit from F1 > Settings. Don't see a reason to change it to 60 for everyone.
  6. Cena

    nice block

    Who is blocking who, I can't understand in this screenshot
  7. Cena

    Old atachments are not working

    Map names? If we have it in server, we can give it to you if u r the real author, If we don't have it in our server or u r not real author, then we can't give it to u OR you can't have it.
  8. Cena

    Accidental perk purchase

    @Ywa Wait for Ywa then. It won't take long no worries.
  9. Cena

    Accidental perk purchase

    Nope, is it really necessary to get refund?
  10. Cena

    BoNd's Moderator Application

  11. Cena


    Sorry, declined. You do not meet the requirements (Last ban should be 3 months old). Better luck next time.

  13. Cena

    Rate the song above you!

  14. Cena

    Ban or mute Camel

    I will mute him.
  15. Cena


    Accepted Make sure to join our VTM and Discord!