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  1. You get GCs now for finishing a map which is testing. No tops and achievements tho. Only GCs. Done by @KaliBwoy.
  2. Cena


    I did tell Andrex to refuse totally pornography pictures. You said no one warned you before @Laca. Here I am telling you it is not allowed. @Patya I didn't check these maps myself yet. I will take a look into them. GTA SA is 18+ but in this community when you register. Terms and conditions which no one reads I assume, we do accept players only when they are 13+ which means we have players who are under 18. Idc if they know about porn or not, I am not gonna be a source for them to see pornography in Mr. Green. Its a new rule.
  3. Join date for stats have been fixed by @KaliBwoy. For those asking for noname at team. We are working on it. So just be patient please.
  4. You shouldn't minimize the game if you are playing its only in DD as well.
  5. Cena

    Subject Of Prohibition ( Banned)

    Okay consider this a warning. I take advertising seriously. If you want a friend to play with you in another server, do it in F3. No need to ask the whole server. I will remove your ban.
  6. Cena

    Subject Of Prohibition ( Banned)

    I have no clue what both of you are saying. You joined the server and told everyone to play in another server. You should have thought about your actions before you do it.
  7. Cena

    Subject Of Prohibition ( Banned)

    https://imgur.com/a/hqXWBEF The screenshot says it all.
  8. Cena

    About Anthony~Vz

    @AnthonyVazquez Anything you got to say?
  9. Cena

    andrex97 Application

    Accepted. I will contact you for further information.
  10. Cena

    GreenCoins Donation

    GreenCoins Donation GreenCoins donation have been off since last August 2018. As most of you know. We are working on it and it will available as soon as possible, but in the mean time if you want to donate to get some GreenCoins, all what you need to do is Forum PM @Cena (me) OR Contact me on Discord (Cena#1101) and let me know that you have donated by mentioning your name and amount you donated. Donate to Mr.Green by clicking HERE The exchange rate is the same. 1 Euro = 1,000 GreenCoins.
  11. Cena

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    I will keep you guys as a substituted in case someone failed to come, so be ready at any time according to the times I announce.
  12. Cena

    andrex97 Application

    @tehslim you are talking so much without any screenshot or video to prove your words. Totally useless what you are saying. Kash is an easy example? You are totally mistaken. He do get punished when he get reported with a proof. If you do have screenshots/video. Do another topic and say what you want about andrex there. Leave this topic clean.
  13. Cena

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    Looks like it.
  14. Cena

    POLL Superjump discussion

    You are never 100% serious
  15. Cena

    POLL Superjump discussion

    Keep it and remove it are according to what I see. Same amount of votes. So modifying it is best solution. Isn't 15 secs too long ?