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  1. Why I can't multiple choose gamemodes Allow multiple answers @Matoosh
  2. Evil

    bro i want to talking with u about some thing

  3. Cena

    Please Take Care of About Them

    Why reporting in the wrong section Moved.
  4. Cena

    Mr. Green 13th Anniversary discounts

    The new rates are up! Enjoy it while you can. It will last till 19th of Sep 23:59
  5. Cena

    Mr. Green 13th Anniversary discounts

    Lol did u bother reading the topic? The offers start 13 Sep...
  6. Cena

    Map Event

    So many NTS maps, what a day full of NTS.
  7. Cena

    LoL TFT

    Do you guys play TFT mode in LoL? If so, you guys wanna play it together for some GCs/VIP rewards? Tell your friends about this topic because it will probably die and get lost Or do you guys prefer normal mode? I personally like TFT more, but we will see what the majority wants.
  8. Cena

    Map Event

    There will be a map event on 16th of Sep with double gcs reward + 50% of discount in GC shop (F6). So for this day, everyone can suggest a map. The maps that will be suggested will start from 00:00 on 16th of Sep. If we have enough maps suggested. It will keep going till 23:59 of the same day. Each player can suggest multiple maps, but preferably 2-5 maps max. Good luck and enjoy that day!
  9. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    I know I can Showing off my powers
  10. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    I can be. I am owner of the community where this clan is created, so I am kinda owner of every clan
  11. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    But I accepted him to KoM already
  12. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

  13. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

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