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  1. Cena

    Event maybe?

    Hey guys, want some map event again and double gcs? There haven't been any events for MONTHS. OR you want something different this time? Something simple I can do and doesn't require a developer Lemme know or if you want map event but with some modification than usual (like you have suggestion to do it better). Also let me know. If nothing and just want normal map event as usual. I will go ahead and host one next weekend, but let me know today what you guys want.
  2. Glooz


    Zohar - Angel.mp3

  3. Cena

    Kashio's Admin Application

    He isn't even applying for MTA. Ofc you don't know him!!!
  4. Hello! I will start posting financial report every 3 months from now on. Income Server expenses Other expenses July and August were the worst month I ever experienced with Mr. Green (Financially speaking). Very low donations. However, the old donations covered up these 2 months, but it did effect our balance badly. It went down fast and it is low now. I hope we can recover from it together. Thanks to everyone who is putting every cent into this community. It really is appreciated and because of you the commun
  5. Birkaç dosya bilgisayarıma iniyor, acaba onlardan yanlış olanı mı gönderiyorum anlamadım?

  6. Ben haritam bittikten sonra "farklı kaydet" e tıklıyorum.

  7. Acaba  yanlış bir dosyamı gönderdim? Yoksa ne yapacağımı söyleyebilir misiniz?

  8. Ama harita yükleme çok uzun sürdü, ve o kadar uzun sürdü  ki bende siteden çıktım.

  9. Sonra da yorum yok dedi ama ben yine de gönderebildim.

  10. Önce oyun türünü yazın dedi.

  11. Pardon yanlış yazmışım.

  12. Harita gönderirken önce başına oyun türünü yazın dedi.

  13. Cena

    Venom's admins ap

    @Venom2013 Can you tell us why you think you fit for the job, and why we would want to accept you?
  14. As far as I am aware. That is already how it works. It brings the least played map and adds it to the vote.
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