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  1. Cena

    naajak banned by Cena

    I don't remember why either, but its since March 2020. I removed your ban.
  2. Cena

    Venom's admins ap

  3. Cena

    Moderator application - Hemix

  4. Cena

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    We already have map managers. Thank you.
  5. Cena

    Moderator application

  6. Cena

    Map Manager Application

    We already have map managers for race. Thank you.
  7. Cena

    Sarooshad's admin Application

    Denied. Not active enough on forums.
  8. Cena

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    You are already a developer I will close this topic.
  9. Here we go with out financial report for the first 3 months of 2021!! As usual thanks to everyone who helped the community with every cent they have. It means a lot for me and the community as a whole. You are the reason why the community is still online (even though we don't have the best servers out there). Luckily we do have few developers who are working into making things better for all of you. These people are also helping the community, but instead with money. They are helping with their coding knowledge. Other expenses on March was forum renewal (Every 6 months
  10. Cena

    Suggestions for Mr.Green community

    Thank you. I didn't know about Valheim. Will give it a look, but priority now is getting our website back on lol Minecraft we have a vanilla server over there. No one to handle and manage it sadly. We are going to have our Gmod servers back on. Hopefully they be successful next to our MTA servers. TF2 ik nothing about still either way need someone to handle and manage it. Same issue with Minecraft. Will do my best to get more servers for Mr. Green, but in the same time trying to focus on what we have. They are not the best servers currently sadly
  11. Cena

    Bridge Fix

  12. Cena


    The ban was 1 hour and he appealed it? He should be banned for appealing 1 hour ban
  13. Cena


    If you can take a screenshot of your screen as well then post it here. In case you are still facing the issue.
  14. Cena

    unban req

    I removed it.
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